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Urdu Courses and Books for UPS & Generators Repairing

Learning some technical skills is very important in Pakistan due to the lack of educations and jobs. You can easily step into UPS & generators repairing business once after learning it. And believe me, it’s not gonna take more than 6 months to be expert in this field.

We all know that there is the lack of jobs in Pakistan. Millions of graduate here are unable to find their dreams jobs or even just a job. I just everyone to not rely on or wait for a job. Just start your own business and boom!. If you can spend 16 years to be graduated and still can’t find a job then why you can’t spend few months to learn some technical skills. This post is dedicated for all of over graduated/ungraduated readers who are jobless. Here I’m sharing the best available courses and books for UPS & generators repairing.

UPS Repairing Courses in Urdu:

I always thanks the internet to making things easier for us. UPS is the best alternative to generators that people use to backup the electricity in a battery and use it in the case of load shedding. They are affordable and noise free, so many people prefer to buy UPS instead of generators to operate normal appliances like lights and fans on it.

UPS repairing is also a worthy business and one of my friends(UPS mechanic) is making 50,000+ a month. That’s why I decided to share the best UPS repairing courses with you guys first. Most of the courses I’m gonna list below are free of cost and available online.

1. UPS Repairing, Assembling & Troubleshooting by

UPS repairing is a government organization and they designed this course especially for the youth of Pakistan. The course covers almost every short about UPSs. Consist of 12 lectures, it is starting from the “introduction of UPS” and ending with “how to complete projects”. The creator is this course is certified in commercial and institutional power systems.

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Something more than UPS repairing, this course will teach you how to make 50 to 500 watts UPS. With the help of videos and images, the creator of this course has tried his best to describe how to make a simple inverter. Everything is well described in Urdu. By reading all of his guides, you’ll be able to make 50 to 500 watts generator easily.

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3. UPS Repairing Course by

This is an offline course for the people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The course is paid and it will make you UPS expert with in 1 month. They cover the following seven lectures, introduction to electrical technology, introduction to UPS, components of UPS, battery, making an inverter, installing, maintenance and content.

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4. Course by

The course is created and launched by the government of Punjab for youth to make their career in the mechanical field. UPS repairing course by is available in pdf for free.  The duration of course is 6 months and you have to give it 40 hours at least a week.

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5. UPS Repairing Course in Urdu:

If you are looking to raise your expertise and then visit foreign countries then this course may help you. This is not only a repairing course but also a manufacturing course. The course is offline and classes based on the people of Karachi. It will take your 2 months to become the UPS master and start your career.

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Generators Repairing Courses:

generators repairing course

Generator repairing is yet another successful and profitable business of all the times. Here I’m going to share some best generator repairing courses with you. All of the courses are created by the people who are certified and expert in the specific field.

1. Generator Repairing and Maintenance by SSDP:

Consists of 85 pages and 7 sections, it’s a level one course for those who want to learn generators repairing. But the must have some knowledge of the English language to get involved in this course. The course is created by MTC International Development Pakistan (Pvt.). From the introduction of generators to modules, everything is well described in this course.

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2. Generator Repairing Video by Jamshed Asmi:

Its a 40 minutes generator repairing video by Jamshed Asmi(generators expert). He has tried to show everything practically in this video. By watching this complete video, you’ll be able to fix all the basic problems of your own and neighbours generators.

3. Generator Excitation Book in Urdu:

It’s a complete generator excitation Book in Urdu and available free for download in PDF. This book includes complete lessons on generator engine comprises and rotor turning. Also, the book will teach you to build an attractive generator through electric current which is called “Excitation”. If you truly want to make your career in the mechanical field then do read this book.

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I think these courses and books are good enough to be expert in UPS and generators field. UPS and generators repairing business are at its peak right now. However it’s a one session business, so you don’t have to work the entire year. Just work hard in summer, so you can make enough money to spend all the year. Either if you’re not interested in generator repairing business then do give a try to best mobile repairing books and courses online.

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