Ultimate List of Weird Websites 2016-2017

Internet is the best source of time killing and we all know that. But watching video on Youtube is not the only way fresh your mind. There are thousands of weird websites on the internet that you can use to kick out stress and tension. Millions of sites are currently online on the internet so you many face trouble in finding some best weird websites for you and your loved ones. Today, I’m gonna share the weirdest websites of all times with you.

List of Weird Websites:

If you are feeling bored, then you are on a right place because it took my 3 days in creating this ultimate list. I am sure that these sites are gonna make you laugh and you will bookmark them. Let’s get started with the list of weird websites 2016-2017.


cleverbotI love this website because it is the most interesting weird website I have seen on the internet. You can visit whenever you feel lonely and don’t have anybody to talk. On this website, you can chat with a clever bot. You can ask anything here and the clever bot will give you amazing answers. I really love the answers that this bot gives me.

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zombo This website made me laugh hard when I visit it for the first time. According to them, you can do anything on but in real you can’t do anything other than laughing. What you gonna listen is Welcome to, this is, welcome, this is Visit the website and do anything you want, the only limit is yourself.

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zoomquiltHave you ever seen infinite zoom on the internet? It is one of the weird websites you can visit. You’ll see an infinite zoom once after watching this website. Will you believe that you can watch this zooming for years without any break. So what are you waiting for? visit it right now and see this amazing art.

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973-eht-namuh-973It is a test that I never passed but maybe you can. This long name website can blow and mess with your mind. I can’t describe this website in my world. Just visit the website and try to pass it and let me know if you got some success.

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pointerpointerThis website doesn’t let the user do anything. When you move your mouse cursor anywhere on that website a new random image will appear on the screen. Simply whenever you touch your mouse and try to move it somewhere to do something, a new image will appear. Do give this weird website a try and see random images from all over the world.

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6. Endless.hourse:

endlesshorseThe title is enough definition of this website. After visiting this website, you’see a horse created by text. It’s not over here, start scrolling down the website and the house will never end. Visit it right now, start scrolling and let us know if you can see the end of this horse.

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eelslapOne of the weird websites you gonna see right now. In, you will slap the person by moving your mouse cursor. So if you ever feel angry, visit this website and start slapping the person. The only thing you can do on this website is slapping the person with eel. So what are you waiting for? Go and slap him for no reason.

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jodiIt looks like the worst website by its name but in reality, it is the weirdest website available on the internet. When open this website, you will see a black background with green coding type text. The text contains symbols and numbers. Go to the website right now and try to find what this code actually is.

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NooooooooooooooIf you having a bad day then do visit You will see only one wallpaper and one button on this site. Go to the website, click on the button and listen to the weird sound “Nooooooooooooooooo”. Press the button again and again to listen this sound.

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You can call it one of the most weird websites available on the internet. I personally love this art. This website contains an object which keeps falling from the top of the screen to bottom and keep changing colours with light music in the background. Visit this website right now but don’t wait too much because the falling process never gonna end.

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This website contains unlimited doors. When you visit this website, you’ll see a door. You have to open this door and when you open it then you’ll see another door. This process will never end. So if you are feeling bored then visit now and open some doors.

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Want to find someone randomly on Facebook then this incredible and weird website can help you in doing this. Basically, it was designed to find yourself on Facebook but you can also use it find others randomly. You’ll see a dotted screen after visiting this website. When you click anywhere on the screen, a lot of pictures will appear. You can click on any picture to open his/her profile.

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13. Do Not Go On:

Do Not Go On

It is a unique type of website that forces you to make a mistake. You have to visit the website and click on the link “Don’t click here”. A new text will appear now “You just clicked on a place you shouldn’t click on. Please go back peacefully”. Visit the website to practice it right now.

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Open the website, move the mouse cursor and you will the ninja and flex together. By moving the mouse cursor, you ‘ll also hear the background voice “Ninja flex”. Visit this weird website right now.

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One of the best weird websites for those, whose mood if off for any reason. If you are one of them then visit this website right now and it will make your day by funny music and much more. Check it out right now.

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I visit the weird site whenever i feel hungry. If you are hungry too, just go to the website, move your mourse over the jely and start eating. I’m eating it right now!

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If your sad, bored and sad then you can visit to get some hugs. It is one of the most weird sites that adult can visit. You will see girls giving you hugs and kisses by visiting this site. This site also allows you to give hugs to others.

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It is not really a weird site but a comedy site which is 10 times better than premium websites. Tickld makes us laugh and spread happiness  with their funny images and jokes. Visit it right now and start laughing.

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It is another weird and funny website as it looks from name. It comes with thosands of short stories that can make you scared, happy, sad and surprised. So if you are feeling bored, visit it right now.

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I personally love this site. It is also based on mouse moving that allows you to shake the worm. But it is a bit more funny and time killer as compared to the above once. I am sure that you are gonna love it. Wait! Go to the, move the mouse fastly as much you can and see the magic.

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These are the 20 most weird websites of all times that you should bookmark right now. These sites makes me laugh whenever I feel sad, bored and angry. If you found this post interesting then do share it with friends.

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