Types of Biometric Technology , 5 Ways to Make it Work

From past few years, the usage of biometric technology is increasing vastly worldwide. In simple words, it is a modern technology that can be used to identify any person through evaluating his/her distinguishing biological traits. We all know that every person in the world is unique so it is easy to identify anyone in the world through physical traits.

Biometric is a combination of two words “Bio” and “metric” while Bio means life and metric means to measure. We can identify any person through his earlobe geometry, hand geometry, fingerprints, DNA, retina, voice waves and signatures. Because these are the things that everyone has different from each other. The fingerprint is the oldest form of biometric technology which has been using in the every field of life right now. Today, we are going to talk about the types of biometric technology and the ways that can help you to make it work.

Why Use Biometrics Technology?

Biometric is the safest way to secure the data and identify the humans. One of its type “fingerprint” is coming with latest smartphones. So no one will be able to unlock your device without your permission. Another great reason to use the biometric technology is that it can help in securing from frauds and identity theft and frauds. This technology is 90 times better and efficient than the traditional security methods. Almost every third big company, institutes and governments organizations are adopting this technology. It has the ability to deal with the present, the past and future individuals in high speed.

Biometric Identification:

This form of biometric technology can be used to determine/confirm the identity of a person. We can do the biometric identification of a person through his/her fingerprints, voice waves, taking a photo of his/her face and DNA.

Biometric Authentication:

It is another form of biometric which is also known as verification. We can us to determine the resemblance of a person by comparing his/her data to the reference biometric template. For example, you have a smart card, and your data is already stored in the database of Nadra. So they use your data to verify the identity of your son/daughter or wife.

Types of Biometric:

There are several types of biometric as I said above. These five type of biometric technology can be used for identification and verification. Let’s get started!

1. Fingerprint:

biometric in voting

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) of Pakistan is using fingerprint scanning to identify and verify the citizenship of Pakistan. This type of biometric technology is portable and cheap in setup. You only need a small camera or device to capture the image of a fingerprint and store it in the database. Setting up a security password on a device can be break easily. So it is highly recommended to secure your smartphones with a fingerprint lock.

2. Voice:

voice recognition

Voice is another type of biometric which is also known as a dynamic biometric. Every person in the world got a unique voice pattern. Voice recognization can be used to create the speech patterns by mixing the physiological and behavioural factors. This form of biometric can note, test and lock the data device. Then the only person will able to access the data which has the right tone which was recorded. Voice recognization Softwares use the fundamental frequency, nasal tone, inflexion and cadence for speech verification.

3. Face recognition:

Face recognition

One of the cheapest types of biometric technology is Face recognition. This technology is mostly used in smartphones to lock and unlock them. As every smartphone comes with a front selfie camera, so it is easy to set up face recognition of any phone. It compares and analyzes the pattern of a human face for verification and identification.

4. Iris:

eye scanning

Also called a retina scanning, It is one of the most trusted biometric forms. It verifies and identifies the people through the unique pattern in the area of the ring-shaped part of the eyes. It is easy to use, unique and 99.9% accurate. You can also set up it using a picture. Many of UK’s airports are using this technology to identify the travellers.

5. DNA:

DNA biometric

DNA is also a way to identify and verify the person. The resulting DNA gives are 100% unique because of a 0.10% part of every individual’s body in unique to them. But DNA is a costly process, so no one prefers DNA is small cases. A person is physically required, and a physical sample of that person is also required to conduct a DNA test.

Usage of Biometric Technology:

Biometric technology is helping us in every field regarding security. Many of the organizations and companies are adopting it to make their work easier. Let’s take a look at some fields where biometric technology is helping us at the moment.

1. Biometrics and Border Security:

Biometrics and Border Security

As we all know that our beloved country Pakistan is in the condition of war. Pakistan is in dangerous from both inside and outside enemies. So Pakistan has decided and implemented the Biometric verification system on borders, SIM verification and identity verification. By using this technology, we can decrease the number of crimes in any country.

Even if you want to get a new passport, they will take your pictures, signatures and fingerprints to store your information in a database. This step by the government can stop a high number of crimes and frauds. Similarly, to get the national identity from NADRA, you need biometric verification to verify yourself. They will take the pictures, signatures fingerprints of your all fingers to verify you. After this, NADRA can grab your information anytime through your fingerprints.

Before the introduction of the biometric system in Pakistan, people used to register unlimited of SIM cards not only in their own names but also on other people. At that time, you only need a NIC of someone to register a SIM and later you can use that SIM card anywhere in crimes and illegal activities. But now after the introduction of biometric technology, nobody can activate a SIM card without fingerprints. The number of crimes is decreasing vastly after this step by Pakistan’s government.

2. Biometrics in Banking:

Biometrics in Banking

Biometric technology is also playing a significant role in banking. Bank of America introduced a fingerprint feature recently. Now the users can use a fingerprint scanner on their Android/iOS devices to sign in their mobile banking account. Another great use of biometrics in banking is that customer can now verify the transactions by placing a finger on the small scanner screen instead of entering username and password. This biometric technology is currently available in few countries including Japan and UK.

3. Biometric Attendance:

Biometrics in schools

It is important to change the traditional ways to attendance to biometric attendance now. Some of the institutes and companies have already adopted this technology, but most are still using the old ones. No one will be able to cheat the teacher and boss once after giving attendance through the biometric system. It can also be used for checking-in library books in schools and colleges. This system will increase the attendance of students, teachers and employees for sure. Sindh government is also planning to introduce the biometric attendance system in their schools.

4. Biometric and Shopping:

Biometrics in shopping

Shopping has been revolutionized and one of the most important parts in it is biometric technology. Some of the banks are planning to start mood detection and emotion detection biometric services to sell products. An online shopping giant Ali Baba has already started selling through biometric service named “Pay with Selfie”. What a user need to do is just click on the“Buy” button through their app and click one selfie with your beautiful smile. That’s it! Mastercard also launched the same service in Europe and planning to expand it soon. This technology use face detection to place your order.

Biometric technology in shopping will undoubtedly improve the user experience and security. Many of banks such as HSBS and Bank of America have already replaced the mobile banking passwords with biometric systems.

5. Biometric in Voting:

biometric in voting

Election commession of Pakistan is plaining to implement the biometric system in voting soon. Many of the nations are highy turning to the biometric voting system to conduct the fair and credible election. Pakistan has also started biometric verification machines for elections on trail version. These machines will verify the voter identification at every voting station through NADRA database and it will be helpful in avoiding frauds and illegal practices.

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