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Transform Your Smartphone into 3D Printer Using ONO Smartphone 3D Printer

We all know about the popularity of 3d printing technology and I also told you about this technology in my last article. It is the technology that we use to create the three dimenssional solid objects from digital data/images.  Looking to the popularity of this field, an Italian company has designed a device named ONO smartphone 3d printer that can turn your smartphone into a 3d printer. Is it not amazing?. The earlier name of this device was OLO smartphone 3d printer, but the company has changed it to ONO smartphone 3d printer now. It is one of the most amazing creations of all times.

ONO Smartphone 3D Printer:

This amazing device garnered more than $800, 000 on the first four days on its sale. ONO smartphone 3d printer uses the light of your smartphone display in order to print/create the objects. It works with all the smartphone up to 5.8 Inches in size including iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy A7. OLO smartphone 3d printer(New name ONO) is not a super fast in creating objects, but it could be the best option for those who can’t afford the expensive 3d printers. As per company and users experiment, It can build nearly 1 cm in 46 minutes if you are using it on iPhone 6s.

smartphone upto 5.8 inches

ONO smartphone 3d printer is unique, simple and brilliant its own way. You don’t need any expertise and rocket science to use this device. If you have a 5.8 Inches or larger smartphone in your pocket then you can easily use it to create/print 3d objects and models. The company took more than two years to create this amazing machine.

OLO smartphone 3d printer is small in size and works on A.A batteries. So you can take it anywhere with yourself without worrying about the size and electricity. One of the reasons you should choose ONO smartphone 3d printer is that it is 20 times cheaper than normal 3d printers. Those printers start from Rs 350,000 generally, which is too much expensive and a middle-class man can’t afford it.

Instead of using lasers, DLP projectors and galvanometers like the traditional printers, it uses your smartphone display and light for printing.  ONO smartphone 3d printer is consist of 3 pieces cube. You can also send your 3d models from your ONO app to your friends to print them. This device comes with a large library of images but if you’re not interested in printing those images then you can use the sd scan software like Autodesk to generate the 3d models from pictures.

It uses the bottles of a photopolymer resin just like the resin used in other printers. The resin for OLO smartphone 3d printer comes in eight different colours and they are available in the packs of four colours. The only thing you need to do is wash the object with clean water once after printing it. You can use four different resin type to create objects. It allows you to create hard objects, rubbery objects and durable objects. The weight of ONO smartphone 3d printer is only 1.7 lb and size is 3-x-5-x-2-in.

resin for ONO


The ONO smartphone 3d printer comes with the hundreds of unique and awesome features. I am listing some of the most amazing features of this device below.

1: Affordable:

ONO smartphone 3d printer is cheap in price as compared to other 3d printers. So every common man can buy and use this device. The cost of this device is about $129.

2: Accurate:

This amazing 3d printing device works perfectly and accurately. Even it can reach the 32-micron X-Y resolution. It can convert any flat screen into a 3d printer.

3: Versatile:

It is versatile, Mean it can working on any operation system. No matter which operation system you are using. It supports Android, iOS and Windows. The only thing you need to have a flat screen smartphone with the size of 5.8 inches and above.

4: Simple:

ONO smartphone 3d printer is simple, light in weight and easy to use. It comes with an app that can help you in printing objects. The only thing you need to do is load your image(that you want to print), pour the resin in your device and ONO will do the rest for you.

5: Portable:

The weight of OLO smartphone 3d printer is a bit more than 1 pound. It is designed to work anywhere and in any condition. ONO device basically works on A.A rechargeable batteries so you can take them anywhere with yourself. This device can be easily fit in your travel bag.

6: Social:

You will be happy to know the ONO smartphone 3d printer is also social. It allows you to share your 3d models with you friends in messages, so they will also be able to print it.

Check their website to know about the availability of the device.

ONO smartphone 3d printer also allows you to import your own models in STL, OBJ and .PLY to print them. It also tells you that how much resin exactly you have to use for one print. If you put some extra resin to the device accidently, then you can easily be refilled it to the bottle and use it for a new print. You can also make some money through it by providing 3d printing services.

The above video can help you in using the ONO smartphone 3d printer. The device is made of seven different plastic parts, chip and a motor. They are shipping it to everywhere in the world, so you can buy it anywhere. The ONO app is not available on play store and iTune, You’ll get the app with your device. If you are interested in learning 3d printing as a professional then check 3d printing courses online. 

3D Printing Modals using ONO:

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