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TrackR Allows You to Track Your Car Using SmartPhone

Thanks to the technology which is inventing new things every day to make our lives easier than ever. Do you know that now you can track your car using smartphone?. Yes, you can, Now you can track your car using smartphone and a small device. In past, People used to install GPS system in their vehicles to track it. But GPS system was very expensive and not everyone was able to afford it. Now you don’t need to worry about this because there is a way to track your vehicle more nicely without spending too much. Recently, I was searching a tracker for my uncle’s car and I found TrackR.  So today, we are going to talk about that.

TrackR – Best Device to Track Your Car Using SmartPhone:

TrackR is a tiny device that enables you to track your car using smartphone easily. This coin-size device is created by a California-based company. TrackR will also inform and ensure you that where is your car right now. Unlike the GPS system, In trackR, you don’t have to pay monthly subscription and installation fee. It is the world cheapest and game changer tracker for vehicles.


TrackR device

How does it work?

You might be thinking that how to use TrackR. It is very simple and few steps method to start tracking your car using smartphone and TrackR. This tiny device was basically designed to track and find the things Phone, Purse, wallet and pet. To make the TrackR full functional, you have to download their app, connect it to your device and start tracking your device. Simply it works like this when another TrackR user comes within 100ft of your lost vehicles, you’ll receive a GPS with the “Last seen of your vehicle” on your smartphone. You can hide the TrackR device anywhere in your car like under the seats, in care gates and anywhere else. Imagine that you have lost your car and TrackR is already fixed in it. Now what you need to do is open the TrackR app on your smartphone, click on the “lost item” icon and the app will show the last exact location of your car.

Step by step installation:

  1. First of all, Buy the TrackR device from their website. They will deliver it within 1 month.
  2. Now place/fix TrackR device with the vehicle/item you want to trace.
  3. Download the TrackR app on your smartphone from play store or iTune and connect it with your device.
  4. Now you can use this app to find your lost items within seconds.

Price and stores:

TrackR will cost you only $29(Something about 3000 PKR in Pakistan). Is it not cheap? $29 is the one-time price, you don’t need to pay a single penny after this. You can buy it directly from the company website. In Pakistan, you can buy it from, and any online store but they will cost you a bit more than its original price(Between Rs 4000 and Rs 5000).

This tiny device comes with a double-sided adhesive, so you can use it not only in your vehicles but a tonne of other places. Even you can trace your kids with the help of TrackR. But keep in mind that this device relies on Bluetooth technology, so it works only within 100 ft of your smartphone. It doesn’t have satellite tracking capabilities. The app will inform you in the only case if another TrackR users pass within 100 ft of your lost item.

Other GPS Car Tracker Systems in Paksitan:

There are few more car tracking systems available in Pakistan that you can pick in any case. Below is the list of few best GPS car tracking systems in Pakistan.

1) CityTrack:

citytrackCityTrack is the Pakistan’s best local vehicle tracking system and company. They offer vehicle tracking system, fleet management system and bike tracking system. they also provide web based real time vehicle tracking service. By purchasing they service, they will fix their tracking system on your car. If you lost your vehicle then you can call them anytime 24/7 and they will tell you the exact location of your car. You can contact them for further info and prices.

Visit their website.

2) iTrackCar:

itrackcarThis car tracking service in Pakistan will cost you only Rs 500 per month. Just like the TrackR, they also offer a small device that you can hide anywhere in your car. It is one of the best  SMS WIFI enable, Stolen Vehicle Recovery System in Pakistan. The tracking system will send you a Quick SMS, if the device finds something wrong with your vehicle. It can show the details like vehicle distance travelled, driving/stopped time, vehicle last known location and much more about your vehicle.

Visit their website.

TrackR searches for your lost items automatically and they app will ring your smartphone(if the device finds your lost vehicle/item) even if your phone is on silent mode. I will recommend you to go with the TrackR. But if you face problems with TrackR then you can go with any of one above services.

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