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Top Ranked Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Medical is one of the most attractive and worthy fields in Pakistan. Even you can call it the mother of education in Pakistan. Every third student here is related to this field in different ways. But only choosing medical is not enough, you need to find/select the best colleges to make you career successfully. There are over 80 of private and government medical colleges in Pakistan that are active right now. Here, I’m going to share the list of top ranked medical colleges in Pakistan.

Best Medical Colleges in Pakistan:

Medical is the profession of saving lives and making hopes. The importance of medical colleges in Pakistan can’t be denied. Because the more good institute you choose, the more good doctor you will become. That’s why I decided to share the list of top ranked medical colleges in Pakistan with you. These institutes provide the best environment, medical equipment, academic quality and highly professional teachers. Let’s get started with the list of top medical colleges in Pakistan.

Top medical colleges in Lahore:

1) University of Health Sciences, Lahore:

University of Health Sciences, Lahore

This medical university is ranked on 2nd position in Pakistan and no 1 in Lahore by HEC(Higher education commission). The teaching quality of this university is 13.12. University of health sciences is recognized centred research of medical education. Over 40,000 students are currently taking education from this university. University of health sciences was started in 2002, and the number of postgraduates from this institute is over 8000. University is placed on number 1 in Lahore as the report of HEC. It is one of the best medical colleges in Pakistan. They offer MBBS, BDS, Pharm D, DPT, Diploma in Family Medicine, Anatomy, Haematology and much more.

2) King Edward Medical University, Lahore:

King Edward Medical University, Lahore

King Edward Medical University Lahore was established in 1860 and ranked on the 2nd position in Lahore by Higher education commission. It is one of the best medical colleges in Pakistan and 4th oldest college in South Asia. Over 20o,000 individuals have been graduated from this university. They offer the degree in Philosophy, Medicine, MBBS and all the medical fields. The teaching quality of this university is 9.50, and the total score is 26.

3) Fatima Jinnah Medical University:

Fatima Jinnah Medical University

Founded in 1948, Fatima Jinnah Medical University for girls in the third best medical college in Lahore. It is connected with Sir Ganga Ram hospital, university of Punjab and Surgeons Pakistan. Over 1500 girls are currently grabbing their medical education from Fatima Jinnah Medical university Lahore. The university is facilitated with more than 13,000 medical books in library, computers, different media systems for lectures, indoor games and much more. They offer the degree in every medical field. It is one of the top medical colleges for those girls who don’t want to study in co-education system.

 Top medical colleges in Karachi:

1) Aga Khan University, Karachi:

Aga Khan University Karachi

Aga Khan University is number 1 medical college not only in Karachi but entire Pakistan. They are providing education in the field of health sciences(Medical), nursing and all the other traditional fields. Thousands of students have been graduated from Aga Khan University Karachi, and over 2000 students are studying right now. Teaching quality of this institute is 33.73, and the total score is 63 is per HEC report.

2) Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi:

Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi

With the teaching quality of 11.53, Dow University of health Sciences is ranked 2nd University in Karachi. DUHS equip their students with undergraduate, postgraduate and every program related to medical sciences. They also offer the degree in MMBS, BBA, MBA, IHM. It was established in 1944, and thousands of students have been graduated from it. The total score of Dow University of health sciences is 34.

3) Zia-Ud-Din University, Karachi:

Ziauddin University, Karachi

Zia-Ud-Din is the 3rd most famous medical university in Karachi and 5th in Pakistan. Founded by Dr Ziauddin Ahmed, It is HEC recognized institute of medical sciences. Established in 1995, they offer education in medicine fields, pharmacy, nursing, biomedical engineering, physical therapy, allied sciences and much more. It is one of the best medical colleges in Pakistan. Thousands of medical persons have got their degree from this university. According to the HEC, the teaching quality of Zia-Ud-din University Karachi is 13.50.

Top medical colleges in Islamabad:

1) Federal Medical and Dental College:

Federal Medical and Dental College

Federal medical and dental college is the Islamabad number 1 government college. It includes the Department of  Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Community & Public Health Sciences and Forensic Medicine & Toxicology. This University is also listed in the international medical education directory. It has over 100 active MMBS students at the moment.

2) Foundation University, Islamabad:

Foundation University, Islamabad

Known as FUI, it is the 2nd most famous medical college in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. FU is ranked on 45th position in Pakistan, and its score is 41.17 by HEC. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral studies, medical science and psychology programs. It is a private university, and its teaching quality is 10.7. Over 5,000 students are grabbing knowledge from FUI right now.

3) Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad:

Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad

Founded in 1987, Shifa College of Medicine Islamabad is on 3rd ranked in Islamabad. It is a private medical university offering the degree in all of medical fields and programs. Its library has the collection of over 3000 medical related books. There is a large number of students studying in Shifa College of Medicine right now. The teaching quality of this university is 7.35.

Top medical colleges in Peshawar:

1) Khyber Medical University, Peshawar:

Khyber Medical University, Peshawar

Affiliated with the HEC Pakistan, Khyber medical university Peshawar is a public sector institute and Peshawar’s No one medical college by ranking. Many other universities in KPK are also affiliated with KMU. Their aim is to provide the best education to those who want to make their careers in the medical field. The teaching quality of KMU is 12.30 and score is 27. There are over 6500 students, 5000 undergraduates ad 300 postgraduates of KMU. It is the 5th most popular and one of the best medical colleges in Pakistan.

2) Gandhara University, Peshawar:

Gandhara University, Peshawar

Gandhara University Peshawar is the 2nd ranked in Peshawar and 10th in the top ranked medical colleges in Pakistan by HEC. It is basically a private institute which is chartered by the Gov of KPK. Gandhara University Peshawar has the department of nursing, public health, dentistry, pharmacology and paramedical technologies. The teaching quality if this institute is 11.24 and score are 23.

3) Jinnah Medical College:

jinnah medical college peshawar

Jinnah Medical College Peshawar is the 3rd best institute in Peshawar, and it is recognized by Pakistan Medical and dental council. They have the department of biochemistry, physiology and anatomy. Jinnah Medical College also facilitates their students with the library, seminar rooms, auditorium, indoor games and much more. Their teaching quality is 8.74

Top medical colleges in Quetta:

 1) Bolan Medical College:

Bolan Medical College

Established in 1972, Bolan medical college is the Balochistan’s no one medical college. Over 5000 students have been graduated from this university till now. Bolan medical college has the department of haematology, medicine, neurosurgery, paediatrics and psychiatry. It is one of the best medical colleges in Balochistan.

2) Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences:

Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences is the 2nd best medical college that produces many doctors every year from Balochistan. They facilitate medical sciences and community & public health. QIMS offer a degree in MBBS, DPT, BDS and other medical related courses. So if you are from Quetta and want to make your career in medical field, then those two universities should be your last choice.

Above is the list of top ranked medical colleges in Pakistan by central cities. Some of those universities are recognized by HEC(Higher education commission). This list will help those students who are looking for the best medical colleges in Pakistan. If you have a friend or relative who is looking to take admission in medical, then do share this articles with him/her.

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