Top Quality Pakistan Exports Products in 2016-17

Exporting is the backbone of any country. Because the export market plays a significant role in keeping the economy stable of any country. Our country Pakistan is also generating a good revenue from exports. Pakistan is currently a member of World Trade Organization(WTO) having multilateral trade agreements with many countries. We also have agreements with China and  South Asian free trade area that is helping is in making billions of dollars. As per a report, In 2016 Pakistan raised over 18.7 Billion dollars by exporting the goods to all over the world. Today, we are in to talk about the top quality Pakistan exports products.

Historical Statistic:

China is the Pakistan’s best friend and biggest business partner. Below is the list of top Pakistan export products to China with respect they import from they world(in millions).

top exports

Pakistan Exports Products List:

1) Rice:

rice 1

Pakistan is well known for exporting the high-quality rice to many countries. Pakistan exports different types of rice like Irri 6, basmati, super kernel to Oman, Jordan, China, UAE, Russia, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. The rice export of Pakistan is more than 300 million US dollars now. We are currently exporting more 700,000+ tonnes rice overall and 353,675 tonnes to China.

2) Kinnow:


One of the top Pakistan export products is Kinnow. Pakistani fruits are very famous all over the world just because of its taste and exceptional quality. Currently, We are exporting Kinnows to over 15 countries of the world including Singapore, Netherland, Malaysia, UK, Russia, Kuwait and Qatar. The revenue from Kinnow exporting is expecting to cross the digit $200 million dollars this year. 350,000 tonnes kinnow will be exported to other countries this year.

3) Cotton:


Cotton is the Pakistan’s top exporting product at the moment. It is our white gold of exporting. Pakistan is also famous for producing and exporting Spun Cotton, Raw Cotton and cotton fibre. Cotton is helping us in generating the major amount of GPD. Pakistan has the cotton exporting agreement with China, USA, Germany, France, UK, Russia, Italy, Span and many other countries. Revenue of Pakistan from cotton is $2.5 billion yearly and it is 13.2% of our entire exporting.

4) Mango:

mango 1

Pakistan is producing the best & most delicious mangoes. It is the king of fruits and helping the Pakistan in making over 50 million dollars by exporting it to all over the world. Pakistan is capable of producing and exporting many varieties of mangoes such as Chaunsa, Sindhri and Anwar Rattol. Pakistan will export 100,000 tonnes mangoes this year to US and other big markets.

5) Clothing:


Miscellaneous textiles, worn clothing and clothing accessories together give us the revenue of $5 billion, and it is more than 20% of our total exports. Clothing category includes worn clothing, Miscellaneous textiles, crochet clothing and Knit clothing. Our clothing products are popular in USA, UK, UAE, Malaysia and many other western countries.

6) Leather:


Pakistan is producing leathers and animal guts products from a long ago in large quantity. Our leather export is 3.7% of our entire exporting. The leather products of Pakistan includes jackets, shoes, bags and pants etc. The annual revenue of Pakistan from leather and animal gut products is 700.6 million US dollars.

7) Marble and Natural Items:

Pakistani Marble and Natural Items

Pakistan exported over three metric tonnes marble and natural products to other countries. Pakistani marble is famous all over the world and uses in almost every country. They take about 3.5% part in our entire export market and play a significant role in the GDP of Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan is exporting the Marble, Granite and other popular natural items. The annual revenue of Pakistan from marble and natural items is about $900 million.

8) Medical Apparatus:

Surgical instuments

Giving the revenue of 350 million US dollars, surgical or medical apparatus is another main exporting product of Pakistan. We produce the larger quantity of surgical instruments and export them to many countries such as UAE, African countries, Oman, Germany, Span, USA, Franse and UK. Exporting medical/surgical apparatus is 1.8% of our entire export market.

9) Football:


Sialkot Pakistan is the world famous city for producing sports products specially Footballs. Pakistan export Footballs for FIFA and all the other main events in the world. Pakistani sports products revenue crossed the digit $136 million last year. The income from Football export was $64 million of $136 million. Sports products are the total 2% of Pakistan’s exporting market.

10) SeaFood:


Pakistan is an area of hot waters and Fishing is one of the most benefiting professions here. Pakistan is also exporting fresh fishes, prawns/shrimps and other seafood to many countries like Afghanistan, Russia, Nepal and China. The expected revenue from seafood export is to reach the number of 350 million US dollars this year.

Above are the top 10 Pakistan exports products that are helping us in generating the billion dollars revenue every year. Pakistan is making about 18 billion US dollars annually by exporting goods to other countries. Now let’s take a look at Pakistan economics indicators.

Pakistan Exports Products Chart:

Pakistan Economics Indicators:

Overview Last Reference
Growth Rate of GDP 2.7 percent 16 Dec
Unemployment Rate 5.9 % Dec/15
Inflation Rate 4.94 % Mar/17
Interest Rate 5.75 % Mar/17
Balance of Trade -336061 PKR Million Mar/17
Government Debt to GDP 66.5 % Dec/16
Markets Last Reference
Currency 105 Apr/17
Stock Market 49785 points Apr/17
Government Bond 10Y 8.98 % Apr/17
GDP Last Reference
GDP Growth Rate 4.71 % Dec/16
GDP Annual Growth Rate 4.71 % Dec/16
GDP 271 USD Billion Dec/15
GDP Constant Prices 11777594 PKR Million Dec/16
Gross National Product 12465443 PKR Million Dec/16
Gross Fixed Capital Formation 1647268 PKR Million Dec/16
GDP per capita 1143 USD Dec/15
GDP per capita PPP 4706 USD Dec/15
GDP From Agriculture 2206357 PKR Million Dec/16
GDP From Construction 287569 PKR Million Dec/16
GDP From Manufacturing 1513752 PKR Million Dec/16
GDP From Mining 331853 PKR Million Dec/16
GDP From Services 6584437 PKR Million Dec/16
GDP From Transport 1479021 PKR Million Dec/16

Pakistan is working hard to generate good revenue from exporting products. The above Pakistan exports products are based on the International Monetary Fund’s Economic Outlook Database. The expected revenue of Pakistan by exporting goods will cross 40 billion US dollars in 2018.


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