Top 7 Reasons Why LOW CPC Ads for Asian AdSense Publishers

Google Adsense is the highest paying publishing network and there is no doubt about it. When I start blogging, the first thing came into my mind was to monetize my blog with Google Adsense. I asked many Gurus for some tips and they all said to find the high CPC keywords/ads. But unfortunately, It is hard to get the high CPC ads in Asia and especially in Pakistan. Being an Asians, webmasters faces a lot of difficulties and one of them is Low CPC Ads.

What is CPC?

Stands for cost per click, It is the money that Google Adsense gives us when someone clicks the ad on our website. The more high CPC ads you place on your website, the more dollars you will get for every single click.  For advertisers, CPC is the actual amount that they pay for per click on their Pay-per-click(PPC) ads.

For publishers like you and me, CPC is the amount that you get paid for every single click on Google Adsense ads that are placed on your website.

If you are a blogger, always try to get high CPC ads on your website. But If you are an advertise, then always make low CPC ads. Because High CPC ads may not return you the amount you invested on ads.

Low CPC Ads for Asian AdSense Publishers:

Unluckily, we are living in the area, where even Google doesn’t want to put high CPC ads on our websites. Why? There are many factors and we will highlight those factors later below.

Recently, I noticed a huge CPC difference in my two blogs. One of those blogs is ranked in USA, UK and Canada while the second one is dedicated to my local Audience. I was completely shocked; they were paying a $3 per click from the USA and only $0.50 per click on the same ad from Pakistan.

Why low CPC ads for Asian Adsense publishers? This was the question disturbing me all the night, and I finally decided to disclose the reasons behind it. I did a lot of research and finally found the seven possible reasons that are responsible for low CPC for Asian publishers. But first, let me show you the clear difference between CPC for Asian publisher and CPC for other countries publishers.

Difference between CPC for Asian bloggers and others(Example):

Go to any keyword finder tools like Google keyword planner, Ahrefs, MOZ, and Semrush. I am using Google keyword planner for it as my Ahrefs premium account is expired and I didn’t try the method to get the Semrush premium account for free.

I’m using Google keyword planner, so open it and write any keyword in the search bar. I’m writing the keyword “Make Money Online”, click on the locations and write the USA in it. Press Get ideas button.

Google keyword planner

The keyword suggestions page will appear now. See the suggested bit(CPC) for it as I shown in the below image.

Google keyword planner 2

It is 113 PKR cost per click. Now go back change the country to Pakistan and see again.

Google keyword planner 3

The above picture is showing up the average CPC of PKR 41 for Pakistani publisher. It is shocking; there is the difference of 72 PKR per click between Pakistan(an Asian country) and United states of America. Means, If you are from the USA or having the audience from the USA then you can make about 70% more revenue per click as compared to the Asians. I found the same difference in other keywords also.

Top 7 Reasons Why LOW CPC Ads:

After a lot of research, I found the seven reasons for low CPC for Asian Adsense publisher. Google is not actually eating our rights; we are responsible for it. The illegal things we do and our weak policies are causing low CPC Ads. Below are the seven reasons that are well enough to answer your questions about low CPC ads for Indian bloggers.

1) Low Paying Advertisers:

The most understandable reason of low CPC for Asian Adsense publishers is that our advertisers don’t prefer to run high PPC ads. Asian people spend less money online as compared to the citizen of other areas. In fact, the number of companies, who are advertising online in Asia is 60% less than the rest of the world. Even most of them prefer to spend on social media instead of PPC. The low-paying advertisers are the main culprit of low CPC in Asia, especially in Pakistan and India.

2) Extra Clever Ad Placement:

We people are over smart and It is killing us. Wrong placement of ads is equal to low CPC, few clicks and less earning. Always use 1 banner ad block on the sidebar of your homepage, It can give you the high CPC Ads. Simply place ads in the way, it doesn’t annoy your visitors. Never put too many ads on a page, ideally 3 ads on a single page is satisfying. Below are the few key points that you should follow while placing ads.

  • Don’t use the square ads block at the end of the post, Always place a banner.
  • Don’t ever put irresponsive ads at the sidebar of your blog.
  • Never use more than 1 ads continuously in a line. Always put some stuff related to your website between ads.
  • Don’t interrupt your main content with ads.
  • Use ad on the right side of the start of your article. Avoid putting ads block in the middle of the article.
  • Above the article, you can use text ads.
  • Never use ads in the pop-up windows. It will not only decrease your CPC but also visitors.

ad locator

3) Less Organic Traffic from U.S OR U.K:

It doesn’t matter where are you from. What matters here is, from which country the people are visiting your website. Having less organic traffic from western countries like USA and UK causes low CPC. Why? I already mentioned the answer above, People from countries like USA and UK prefer to spend more money online. Advertisers also target the area which can give them the return on investment.

Every blogger knows that a single click from the USA and UK can sometimes give you more than $10. But a click from Asain countries can’t ever help you make more than $1. Low CPC for Indian bloggers is just because they don’t target the international audience. The only way to get the traffic from western countries is choosing the niches they are interested in.

Buying a country wise domain like or .pk can also help you driving traffic from specific countries.

You can use any tool like Ahrefs, MOZ, and Semrush to find out which niche is best for the specific location.  Go to any of those tools write any Niche(keyword) in the search bar and see the result. If it has higher search volume from the USA as compared to Asian countries then it will definitely help you grab some traffic from the USA.

For example, I opened and searched for the keyword “lifetime fitness”. It has 301k monthly search volume from the USA and only 390 from India. So if I go with the lifetime fitness niche, it will help you getting more traffic from the USA.

Less traffic from USA

4) Bad Keyword Selection:

It’s not about ads CPC, it is all about keywords CPC. Having a high CPC keywords with fewer competitions can help you get more traffic and high CPC ads. Choosing the right keyword is also the key to get traffic from countries like US and UK.

Targeting a short tail keyword is also the part of bad keyword selection. Samsung Galaxy is a wrong keyword to target, as it can be ranked by authority sites/blogs only. But you can target something like Samsung Galaxy smartphones under $200. Almost most of us avoid the keyword difficulty, neglecting localization in SERPs and don’t do a proper keyword research before targeting the one. Lemme show you how to find a right keyword using MOZ.

Go to the and search any keyword you are interested in like I searched Gadgets, select your targeted country and press search button. It will show the stats of that keyword like shown in the below picture.

keyword research 1

It is a short tail keyword having 11.5k to 30.3k search volume from the USA(According to Moz) but the difficulty is about 74. So there is nothing wrong in calling it a bad keyword. You need to find a long tail keyword. Now let me try the keyword gadgets for men.

keyword research 2

It has 6.5k to 9.3k monthly search volume and the difficulty level is only 13. So you can go with this long tail keyword instead of only Gadgets. Keep in mind that never depend on a single tool, always search manually too and compare the results on more than 1 tools.

5) Irrelevant Ads:

Ads that are not related to your site niche is another factor of low CPC ads. Most of us want to earn quick money and make blogs without any specific niche. This causes appearing irrelevant ads on your website.

You can block the irrelevant ads from the Google Adsense setting page. First go to your website, right click on the irrelevant ad appearing on your website and copy the link address. Now go to your Adsense dashboard, then Allow & block ads → Blocking options → Advertisers URLs, paste it and click block button. Below is the brief video to allow & block ads categories in your Adsense.

6) Free Stuff or Free Downloads:

The 1st factor for low CPC for Asian publishers above was that advertisers don’t spend too much on ads. Why? Just because we all always looking for free stuff online. We don’t want to spend money, just looking for the solutions to get them for free. Advertisers are well-aware about it, so they prefer to spend less on PPC.

7) Un-Natural Ad sizes:

According to a report, Ad sizes affect earning by 20 to 30%. Having a well positioned, wide size ads can significantly increase your earning. 336×280 large rectangle, 728×90 leaderboard, and 300×250 medium rectangle are the most profitable ads. Below are the few facts about ad sizes.

  • Never use vertical ad banner(120×240), it generates 70% less revenue as compared to large size ads.
  • You can find the best performing ad sizes on the basis of impressions and you can see the impressions from Ad Unit page of your Google Adsense account.
  • Never use a large unit ad more than once in a page.
  • 336×280 banner size is the most effective ad size till now because It won’t disturb the readers.
  • Don’t use 160 x 600 – Wide Skyscraper in the main content. It will look like the unnatural ad and will take a lof of space.


The above 7 are the most reasonable facts that cause low CPC for Asain bloggers. I hope this post you clear all of your questions related to low CPC. If you still have doubt about Google Adsense or CPC, feel free to ask in the comments section. Below are the few tips that you should avoid in your blog.

  • If you Newbie, then ever choose a multiple Niche. Always go with the specific niche, it will decrease the chances of irrelevant ads.
  • Do a proper and profitable keyword research. You can use Google keyword planner, Ahrefs, Semrush or any other tool for it.
  • Always create the Compelling posts to attract more visitors.
  • Avoid using copied, spun content.

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