Top 5 Ways to Easily Make Money on Fiverr

Earning online is not a surprising thing anymore. I launched my services recently on and Yes, It’s amazing. Fiverr is now the most popular trend/platform in world’s freelancing industry. Every freelancer who is not able to get jobs on sites like Upwork and now trying their luck on Fiverr. Most of the freelancing gurus also prefer the newbies to start their career on Fiverr as it is easy to make money on Fiverr as compare to other sites.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a cheap freelancing marketplace where you can buy and sell you services starting from $5. The site was launch in 2009, and since then we saw its rapid growth. has completed more than $400 million transactions till now. Fiverr cash secret is an Android app which can help you to make some extra bucks on Fiverr.

Why Choose Fiverr?

The reason is pretty simple, every random person with basic knowledge can make money on Fiverr. You really don’t need to be a professional to try out It provides equal opportunities for everyone like you and me to sell services on it. Below are the few quick points that are well enough to choose Fiverr over the other freelancing sites.

  1. Most of the Freelancing sites force you to get paid via Paypal. We all know that Paypal is not operating in many countries including Pakistan. But in Fiverr, you can get paid through Payoneer. Also, you can even buy other services from your earned balance.
  2. Tired of delivering orders and still many in pending? Just go to the settings page of your Fiverr, turn on the vacations mood and take rest for some days.
  3. It costs nothing to sell something on Fiverr. They just charged 20% commission from both buyer and seller.
  4. Fiverr is a great place of protection for the purchaser, If you are not satisfied with your seller, only report it and get your $ back.
  5. The user interface is also easy. What you need to do is just create a GIG of your service and start selling.
  6. The new referral feature of Fiverr allows you to invite friends and make $5 by their purchases.

How to Get Started?

To get started and make money on Fiverr as a freelancer, the first thing you need to do is create an account, then GIGs of your services. A GIG is actually a statement which shows your buyer that what you are selling for and for how much.

1) Create Profile:

how to join fiverr

  1. Go to the and click on the Join button from the top right side of the screen.
  2. Now enter your email address and click continue. You can also sign up using your social media accounts.
  3. Enter your username and password now and click Join button. Kindly note that your username should be unique.

You are on Fiverr now. Go to the settings of your Fiverr account to update your profile like image, bio and expertise.

2) Create GIG:

How to create Gig on Fiverr

Well, after joining Fiverr, Now you need to create your GIGs for service to make money from Fiverr.

  1. Click on the Selling tab from the top menu, Select Gigs, then Create a New Gig.
  2. The first thing you gonna see is Overview, Here you can write that title of your service, then select the categories. For example, if you are offering the WordPress bugs fixing service then select WordPress in the category. Write the tags for your service now and click Save & Continue.
  3. Pricing tab will be appear now, here to can fix the rates for your service between $5 to $995. You can also set the different rates for different packages like small bug fix for $5, complicated bug fixing for $20 and complete site review for $100. Below the pricing tab, you can set the extras offers other than the packages. So the buyer can add then to the cart if they are interested.
  4. The 3rd tab is Description & FAQ, the most important part to rank your GIG. Here you can write the 1200 characters description/explanation about your service. Also, It allows you to add the Frequently Asked Questions at the end to avoid misunderstanding.
  5. 4th tab is all about requirements. As it is clear from its titles, in requirement tab you need to write and upload everything that you will need from clients. Like if you are providing WordPress services then you do need a WordPress login from the client. Click Save button now.
  6. Make and upload eye-catching into images/video for your service and publish your GIG. That’s it!

If you really want to make money on Fiverr, then you must need an attractive Gig. Never copy a single word from any one. Create the high-quality, unique image for your service showcase; It can attract the high number of customers. Share Gigs on social media once after publishing it to get some positive impressions.

Payment Methods:

payment options on fiverr

Fiverr offer three options for payout: Paypal, Fiverr, Bank transfer. Most of the Freelancer on Fiverr prefer to use Payoneer as their default payout out option because Paypal doesn’t support many countries. Bank transfer is added recently to Fiverr, and it is also not supporting many countries at the moment.

1) PayPal:

PayPal is the most popular payment solution to get paid from Fiverr. It is a way faster as compare to Payoneer and Bank account taking 1/3 days to verify payments. The minimum amount you can withdraw through Fiverr is only $1. Fees on every single withdraw is only 2 percent. But to get paid via PayPal, make sure that your both Fiverr and PayPal are created on same email address.

2) Payoneer:

The second recommended option for international sellers and first for Pakistanis is Payoneer. If you have the Payoneer card, then you can use it to withdraw money from your Fiverr account anywhere in the world. The minimum amount you can withdraw through Payoneer is $20 and take about 6-7 days for confirmation. Withdraw fee is same as PayPal but you can pay an extra fee t get paid faster.

3) Bank Transfer:

Its a new introduced method by Fiverr and now supporting almost every country. The minimum amount you can withdraw through bank account is $5o with $3 fee for every transaction. Bank transfer also take 6-7 days in payment clearance.

5 Top Ways to Make Money on Fiverr:

There are hundreds of services that you can sell to make money on Fiverr like funny video recording, dancing, wishing birthdays blah blah…. But below are the five most trending services that can help you make much more money on Fiverr.

  1. Logo designing.
  2. WordPress designing.
  3. Data Entry Jobs.
  4. Marketing.
  5. Writing and translation.

Logo designing is the most selling service on Fiverr till now with thousands of active GIGs. It is something which cost $o to start. What you need is some expertise in graphic designing and a software to design logos. Recently, a European company hire someone from Fiverr for a logo and then paid him $300,000.

Either If you are not expert in graphic designing. Then you can also try 3d logo designing service. You don’t need any professional expertise to start 3d logo designing service. There are many paid and free 4d logo design PSD files that you can download and replace any logo with them.

Example Services:

  1. Professional logo designing.
  2. Log mock up creating.
  3. Converting logo into 3D.
  4. Minimalist logo.

2) WordPress:

WordPress error solution and WordPress site setups are the two main services regarding WordPress that can help you make many bucks online. I started my career on Fiverr as a WordPress site designer. WordPress service is always earning money and most of the Gigs starting from $50. Officials from FIverrs said, “Almost after every three minutes, An order related to WordPress is delivering”.

What Can You Offer Related to WordPress:

  1. WordPress site designing
  2. Website speed up.
  3. Errors/bugs fixing.
  4. Site migration.
  5. SEO.
  6. security setup.

3) Data Entry:

Don’t have any professional expertise? Don’t worry, be a virtual assistance and make money on Fiverr through data entry services. E-commerce owners, webmaster, bloggers and business owners are always looking for the energetic people like you to complete their small task that doesn’t need any professional expertise.

It can be updating schedule posts on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, uploading pictures on websites, updating products, email management keyword research and much more. It takes a lot more time and hard work as compared to another service on Fiverr.

What Can You Offer in Data Entry:

  1. Products uploading.
  2. Images uploading.
  3. keyword research.
  4. web research.
  5. Virtual assistance.
  6. Excel data entry.
  7. Data mining.

4) Marketing:

If you’re a Hell active on social media and got some expertise in marketing then its time to make money on Fiverr. Digital marketing is one of the essential parts for business promotion and it has thousands of active customers on Fiverr.

If you have a facebook page with a large number of the audience then you can start your traffic providing services. Giving people a marketing advice can also be a good way to make money on Fiverr but it does require professional expertise with the marketing background.


  1. Providing web traffic.
  2. Social media sharing.
  3. Website SEO.
  4. Social media manager.
  5. Email marketing.
  6. Local marketing

5) Writing & Translation:

Content writing and translation is one of the trending and hottest services on Fiverr right now. If you are a writer and have the potential to write deliver at least 6000 words a day then it is the right time to get started on Fiverr. One of my friends is in writing industry and making $1000+ a month only from Fiverr.

You can offer writing and translation, both services at a time to get some more attention. You can offer 500 words article for $5 but then increase your rates once after gaining the popularity.


  1. Resume/CV writing.
  2. Blog posts.
  3. Products descriptions.
  4. Translation.
  5. proof reading.
  6. Rewriting.
  7. Summary writing.

Fiverr Alternatives:

1) Freelancer:

Offering the million of projects, is the best alternative to Fiverr. It’s a bit different from other freelancing platforms, In you can compete with other freelancers to prove your skills and earn rewards. It is the world’s second largest freelancing marketplace with over 20 million registered users. The number of jobs posted on is more 12,401,000.

2) Upwork:

One of the largest platforms for high-level freelancer and big projects, Upwork has worked for every type of expert individual. It has many categories like expert-level engagements, entry-level engagements, pay per project and pay per hour etc. Founded in 2003, the annual revenue of Upwork is more than 1 billion US dollars. There are over 3500 well-known companies and 1.5 million individual freelancers making money from Upwork.

3) GigBucks:

GigBucks is a true alternative to having every service you are searching on Fiverr. Unlike the, the gig limited is only between $5 to $50. It is free to join and you can post any of your services here for free too. The site is not popular till now and it has only about 30,000 active users. 70% of the registered users on GigBucks are freelancers.

4) FiverUp:

Fed up of Fiverr? try FiverUp now. It’s almost similar to the in everything from the interface to services. You can offer your services here from $5 to $100. The best thing about FiverUP is that it doesn’t have any Withdraw limit. It’s a local type website with only 10-15 thousand users and 4000 freelancers. There are more than 2000 jobs posted on FiverUp.

5) Tenrr:

A clone and copy of with thousands of active customers. Btw the commission rate of Tenrr is less than Fiverr. Also, it allows you to sell services for only $1 to $10. The interface of Tenrr is also a bit similar to It has about 3000 jobs and 8000 users waiting for you. The number of registered freelancers is much more than the buyers.


One of the best reasons to choose Fiverr is that it is cheap, easy to manage and accept Payoneer as a payout option, which is the best alternative to Paypal.

You can start any service on Fiverr regarding your skills and expertise. It is the right time to create your first gig of Fiverr and try your luck. Keep in mind that nothing comes fast, it must take some time so show some patience and keep trying. If you are totally unaware of Freelancing then do give a try to top 10 best free money making Android apps.

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