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Top 5 Reasons Not to Buy the Infinix Hot S3

Recently, Infinix has launched its latest flagship smartphone, Infinix Hot S3. And you will see the craze of buying the Infinix hot s3 smartphone because of many reasons. And why not? It is one of the best budget smartphones of early 2018. However, just like other smartphones, Infinix Hot S3 has some cons which have to be considered before making the purchase. Moreover, If you are about to buy used one, then do these things before paying.

Infinix Hot S3

If you are the one who wishes to buy this Infinix Hote S3, then this post about the budget-friendly smartphone is precisely for you. In this article, I have presented some of the amazing key points of the smartphone which are the top 5 reasons why you should not buy the Infinix Hot S3. One thing I love about this new model by Infinix is that you can update its Android version easily.

These are just my opinion about the Infinix Hot S3 Smartphone. If you do not agree with the points then it is absolutely fine.

Top 5 Reasons not to buy Infinix Hot S3(Problems in Infinix Hot S3):

1) Plastic Body:

On the front side of the phone, we find 18:9 display, which is a very good thing. But on the back side, the phone has a plastic build which feels really bad.

There are many other brands who are offering the metallic build at the low price. And in 2018, Infinix should have provided the metallic unibody build.

If you have already used a metallic phone then this phone will disappoint you.

2) Only 720P Screen:

Though the phone has 18:9 Screen but it only supports 720P. We are living in 2018 where we get 4K Display. And infinix should have provided at least 1080p of the screen in S3 Smartphone.

Many other smartphones(Like Honor 9 Lite) in the same price bracket provides the full HD display. If you have a habit of watching the videos in 1080p then Hot S3 will disappoint you.

3) No Display Protection:

The Xiaomi Redmi Y1 comes with a gorilla glass protection. But this phone comes without any display protection like Gozilla Glass Protection or Dragon Glass Protection. If you are the one who usually drops your phone then Infinix hot s3 is not for you. If at all, you have purchased the smartphone, you should always use the phone with the flip cover or any case.

If you want to root Infinix hot s3 or any other android phone then you should use Towelroot APK for rooting.

4) Average Rear Camera:

People are in a misconception that the Infinix hot s3 is a camera-centric smartphone. In reality, it is not a camera-centric phone but it is a selfie-centric phone. The selfie camera of s3 is simply superb. But the 13MP rear camera is worst on the phone. The camera performance in the daily light is quite ok. But the camera performance in low light is pretty bad.

5) No USB Type C:

Infinix Hot S3 is not supported with USB Type C. As there is no USB type c, there is no fast charging support. The phone has a massive battery but they should have provided the USB type c for fast charging. It will take a lot of time to charge the Infinix hot s3 using the micro USB cable. And the data syncing through the USB cable will be very slow.

6) Hybrid Sim Tray Slot:

The Infinix hot s3 comes with hybrid sim tray slot. It means you can’t use both the sim cards and memory card, all at the same time.

7) No IR Blaster:

If you have used a Xiaomi Phone which has an IR blaster then you will be disappointed after buying the Infinix hot s3. Because Hot S3 lacks the IR blaster. You cannot control TV, AC and other home appliance with the Infinix Hot S3.

8) Slow After Sales Support:

The Infinix hot s3 is a new brand. And it very few support centres. If you face any hardware or software issue with the phone, then you have wait for a very long time for your phone to get repaired. You will also notice the speed issues when playing games. I tried the Clash of lights S2 and the speed was pretty slow.

Final Verdict on problems of Infinix Hot S3:

I hope this post will help you understand the cons of this new model introduced by Infinix. All of your doubts regarding the reasons not to buy Infinix hot s3 might have cleared. If still, you have questions regarding the Infinix Hot S3 then mention them in the comments. If you want to check anything else on this smartphone or still have any doubt in mind, then you can check its FAQ.

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