Top 5 Largest Solar Panel Farms in World.

Solar systems are the most trendy and once of the topest ways to produce electricity these days. People are migrating from traditional ways of producing electricity to solar technology. According to some people, solar power don’t have much power and they are pointing out intermittency limitation of solar power as compared to the tradional ways of producing electricity like Gas, oil, water and coil. But the truth is that the solar power technology/PAV(The technology which convert light into electricity) is growing very fastely. Many developed countries like China, Japan and USA are investing billions of dollars in creating solar panel farms. Today, we are going to talk about the top 5 largest solar panel farms in world.

Largest Solar Panel Farms in World:

According to a report, 10% of world’s electricity will be produced through solar/PV systems in 2020. Many countries created largest panel farms that are producing large amount of electricty of their countries. Solar farms are basically a ground-mounted places where thosands of PV panels spans on miles that create electricity/energy. Below is the list of 5 largest solar panel farms in world.

1) Longyangxia Dam Solar Park (China):

Longyangxia Dam Solar Park

Longyangxia dam solar park in china is one of the largest solar panel farms in planet. It is located in the Yellow river-Gonghe County- Qinghai province. Longyangxia dam  solar park has the abilty to produce the 850 MW of electricity. This power is enough to supply the power up to 200,000 houses in china. This farm almost covers the 27 square kilometer area. The project was started in March 2013 and got completed in 2015. Initially, This farm was able to create 320 MW of elctricty but in 2014 they expend the project and they result in 850 MW now. The project was built at the cost of £721.3 millions. China is planing to increase the productivity of this project upto 30% by 2030.

2) Kamuthi Solar Power Project (India):

Kamuthi Solar Power Project

India is also working hardly on improving and solving their electricity problems. In result, They built one of the largest solar panel farms in the world. Kamuthi solar power project is located in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. It is the world second largest solar plant of the planet. This project covers 2500 acres(10 kilometres) of the area.  Kamuthi solar power will produce electricity up to 648 MW which will be enough for 150,000 houses in Tamil Nadu. This farm contains almost 2.5 million individual solar panels. Kamuthi solar panel was built at the cost of 680 million US dollars. India is planning to produce 11,000 MW energy from this project in next 7 years.

3) Solar Star (USA):

Solar Star

USA is working vastly on building solar panel farms. The solar start is also one of those largest solar panel farms. It is the world largest farm in size but third in producing electricity. Located in Rosamond California, solar start is able to produce 579 MW of power. It covers the area of 13 kilometres and contains 1.7 million PV solar panels. The solar star project was started in 2013 and got completed in June 2015. It is a private solar panel farm and owned by BHE Renewables. This project is not only producing the huge amount of electricity but also generated 650 jobs. The electricity this project creating is enough for almost 255,000 houses.

 4) Topaz Solar Farm (USA):

Topaz Solar Farm

The fourth largest solar panel farm of the world is also located in the United state of America. Topaz solar farm is located in San Luis Obispo County, California. It was built at the cost of 2.5 billion US dollars and covers the area of nearly 25 kilometres. This farm is also private and owned by BHE Renewables. Topaz solar farm has the ability to produce the 550 MW energy. The farm contains over 1 million PV panels that us enough to light the 160,000 homes. Construction on topaz solar system was started in November 2011 and start producing electricity in 2014.

 5) Desert Sunlight Solar Farm (USA):

Desert Sunlight Solar Farm

The last farm in the list of 5 largest solar panel farms in a world is Desert Sunlight Solar Farm and it is also located in the USA. It is located in Riverside County, California and covers the area of 16 kilometres. Initially, desert sunlight solar farm was able to produce 300 MW but now it is producing the 550 MW power. Construction was started in Sept 2011 and got finished in earlier 2015. This project is currently supplying electricity to 160,000 homes in USA.  Desert Sunlight Solar Farm is equipped with over 1 million panels.

 Name Country Location Capacity Size(Km2) Year
Longyangxia Dam Solar Park China Yellow river-Gonghe County- Qinghai province 850 14 2015
kamuthi Solar Power Project India Tamil Nadu 648 10 2016
 Solar star  USA  Rosamond California  597  13  2015
Topaz solar farm USA Obispo County, California 550 26 2014
 Copper Mountain  USA  Boulder city  552  17  2015
Desert sunlight USA Riverside County, California 550 16 2015
 Huanghe Hydropwer  China  Qinghai province  500  23  2015
 Quid-e-azam plant  Pakistan  Punjab  400  26  2015
 Charanka solor plant  India  Gujrat  345  20 2015
 Cestas solar farm  France  Southwestern France  300  2.5  2016

Solar Panel for Residential Use:

The solar panel is a most recommended way for resident use. It is cheap in price, best in performance and sound-pollution free. People is USA are fastly converting to solar electric systems. Over 66,440 new solar systems have been installed in USA in first three months on 2017. Also converting to a solar system can decrease the carbon footprint of your home by the average of 35,000 pounds. In normal, you have to plant 88 trees to decrease that much of carbon dioxide.

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