Top 5 Free Remote Desktop Client for MAC OS X

The remote desktop client is the software that gives you the ability to control other computers from your system. If you are outside country or city and need to grab a file or anything from a PC that is at your home. Then you can use Remote desktop client/software to get access to that PC from any other system. If you are looking for best and free Remote desktop client for MAC, then this article is exactly for you.

Taking control and accessing one PC/MAC from another PC/MAC is simply known as Virtual Network Computing or Remote Desktop Protocol. Microsoft developed this software for the first time. But now there are many 3rd party Applications and also Apple’s official software available that allows you to control other systems from your MAC.

Free Remote Desktop Client for MAC:

In this article, we are going to list the top 5 free remote desktop client for MAC that allow you to connect to other MAC as well as Windows. Let’s that a look at them.

1) Apple Remote Desktop

Apple Remote Desktop

Apple Remote Desktop is the best option for MAC user to access other systems. It is the free remote desktop client for MAC by Apple that is very easy to install. It allows you to copy and paste files between both systems using simple drag and drop. This is the best remote desktop manager that gives you permission to prevent end-users from viewing the screen while you control their systems with “Curtain Mode”.

Download Apple Remote Desktop from iTunes

Pros and Cons:

  • Very easy to install and setup in MAC devices.
  • You can easily transfer file between both connected devices using drop and drag.
  • It is one of the most secure remote desktop managers.
  • You can prevent the end-user from viewing screen while controlling their system.
  • The application-reporting feature of Apple Remote Desktop is not much impressive.
  • The drag and drop feature of this remote desktop manager is little hard.

2) CoRD


Our second most recommended free remote desktop client for MAC is CoRD. It is a free remote desktop manager available for both Windows and MAC. CoRD allows you to see all session in same windows and it resize the screen automatically. The primary interface of CoRD is very simple, and it can be set up very quickly on your MAC devices. You can connect your Mac with other systems very quickly by just typing the IP address of that system in CoRD.

Download CoRD from sourceforge

Pros and cons:

  • It is light weighted and totally free.
  • Very easy to set up and connect.
  • You can connect to other systems very quickly by using CoRD.
  • You can see all the sessions in the same window.
  • CoRD is outdated and no new updates are coming from past few years.

3) Microsoft Remote Desktop for MAC

Microsoft Remote Desktop for MAC

Microsofts developed this remote desktop and it is available for both Windows and MAC. It’s a free remote desktop client for MAC that allows you to connect to any system from anywhere. The management system of all remote connections from the connection centre is very simple in Microsofts remote desktop. Even you can connect it to multiple monitors or projectors very quickly.

Download Microsofts Remote from iTunes

Pro and Cons:

  • You can enjoy high-quality videos and sound with Microsofts remote desktop.
  • Very simple to connect with other systems.
  • Connect it to multiple monitors and projectors at a time.
  • It provides secure connection.
  • You can connect it with Window 8 from your MAC.
  • The old version of this remote desktop manager don’t work properly and insecure.

4) TeamViewer


I am personally using TeamViewer from last many years, and it’s working great. You can get access to any system from your MAC in just a few seconds by using TeamViwer. It is a free remote desktop client for MAC which is very easy to use. TeamViewer is used by more than 1.3 billion systems worldwide. TeamViewer allows you to transfer files in both directions. It is probably one of the best remote desktop managers out there.

Download TeamViewer from iTunes

Pros and Cons:

  • Transfer files in both directions using TeamViwer.
  • It can be easily used as an RDP client for MAC.
  • TeamViewer works with MAC, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • TeamViewer also supports online meeting and collaborations.
  • Very easy to use.
  • You will not get all the features in free version.

5) Royal TSX Remote Desktop for MAC

Royal TSX Remote Desktop for MAC

It is the last most recommended free remote desktop client for MAC. Royal TSX is the best remote desktop manager for professional using OS X. It provides you a free and easy access to your systems by allowing you to open your Royal TSX documents. You can open these documents from any cloud places like iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Download Royal TSX from iTunes

Pros and Cons:

  • Very easy to access and manage your connections.
  • It provides a very comfortable and secure connection.
  • Tabbed user interface.
  • Connecting to the remote machines with RDP, VNC, SSH or Telnet is possible with specific 3rd party applications.
  • It is also available for Windows and Android users.
  • You need to buy the premium version of Royal TSX remote desktop to enjoy all the premium features.

There is a broad range of remote desktop managers for MAC available on the internet. But the list we created includes free and best remote desktop managers. They all are free to download, and you can choose any of above which is best on your point of view. Feel free to ask any question related to this article.

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