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Top 5 Easy Ways How to Make Money With WhatsApp [A Complete Guide] in Urdu/Hindu

You might be addicted to WhatsApp just like me. Why you don’t utilize this addiction to make some extra bucks. I’m not kidding, there are various ways to make money with WhatsApp.

It is the world of marketing and internet. People are quitting their stable jobs are start their career online. WhatsApp is all about chatting and calling, but still, you can earn handsome amount by using it as your marketing/promoting weapon.

Recently, I saw a guy sharing links in my WhatsApp group regularly. I asked that guy and he said I’m making about $10 a day by sharing those links in WhatsApp groups. I was surprised and started my research without wasting a minute. At the end, I found 5 great ways to earn money from WhatsApp just by spending 2 or 3 hours a day.

You are not gonna buy an Audi or Mercedes using your WhatsApp. But you can make the good amount of money to fulfill your small needs. In this article, I’m gonna share all the ways to make money with WhatsApp that I discovered recently.

5 Easy Ways How to Make Money With Whatsapp:

The theory is pretty simple, You don’t any professional expertise to start with WhatsApp. The more time you spend, the more money you will earn. Lemme explain it!

You are the member of 20 WhatsApp groups with 150 active users. Now what you need to do is share links(Your website, affiliate or anything else) 5 times a day in every group. You will get about 3000/4000 views and it is equal to $3 or $4.

1) Affiliate Marketing (Amazon):

affiliate marketing


I know many guys making thousands of dollars online through Affiliate marketing. And believe me, you don’t need a website to get started with it. Affiliate is a type of marketing in which you get paid(commission) on selling others products.

If you are a part of many Buy/Sell WhatsApp groups with the number of active members then you can make the good amount of money by selling products through the unique links issued to you. I prefer to go with Amazon affiliate program. Starting and getting approved on Amazon is pretty easy as compared to other affiliate programs and their commission rate is high though.

What you need to do is go to the affiliate page, sign up for the affiliation and then wait for the approval. Once approved, go to your account, find the products with good commission rate, get the special link, open your WhatsApp groups and starting sharing those links. Although Amazon shopper can now get 2% cash back without even a credit card.

Once someone buys that product through your link, your Amazon account will be rewarded with commission. If you are the member of 20/30 buy/sell groups with 150 active members in each then you make easily make 3/4 sales a day by spending on 2 to 4 hours.

2) Referring Recharge Apps:

Referring Recharge Apps image


Referring internet users to something is not a full-time job but still, it is one of the best ways to make some extra pocket money. If you want to make money with WhatsApp, then you can give this one a try. There are many apps and website that wills to pay cents when you invite someone to their app and that someone installs it.

Having a WhatsApp with big groups can help you get some more install and sign-ups. I personally tried this method and made about $10 in 4/5 days. Some of those apps pay via PayPal while most of them gonna reward you with the phone recharge.

Getting approved for those apps/website are extremely easy and it doesn’t need any requirements. What you need to have are just a smartphone, internet connection, and active Facebook groups.

You can give try to TaskBucks, Ladooo, Cashpirate or any other referring service. Again, don’t take it as a long-term or permanent job but do it for making just your pocket money. Check out those top apps that pay a good amount to refer friends.

3) Make Money by Sending short-links:

Make Money by Sending short-links image


Shorten links are introduced few laters back and lastly, it became one of the proved ways to make money with WhatsApp or online. It is also known as pay per 1K clicks.

What you need to do is share the links provided on the website in WhatsApp groups you joined. The company will pay you up to $1 for every thousand clicks you get. You can make around $5-6 a day if you spend around 3 hours and going on the right path.

I once tested this method and worked for a day on it. I made around $5 in 4 hours by sharing the links in around 50 WhatsApp groups. Follow the below steps to get started with shorten links and earn money from WhatsApp.

  1. Go to the or any other link shortener site.
  2. Create an account on the website with valid details.
  3. Wait for the confirmation, Now open your account, get the short links and start sharing in all the WhatsApp groups you joined.

The amount they pay depends on the countries of your visitors. If you are getting the clicks from the USA and UK then you make up to $6-7 for every thousand of views. So always try to join the UK and USA groups. You can earn between $100-200 by using this method.

4) Establish Your Own Business:

business promotion


If you are from the field of Freelancing, blogging, online selling oy any other, then you can also use WhatsApp as your marketing weapon to established your own business. What you need to do is target the right audience. Like if you are from the selling business, then you can sell your products using WhatsApp just like you do on Olx. How to do it? lemme tell you!

  1. If you are in the e-commerce business, then you must be the member of big Facebook groups.
  2. Open these groups, search for the people who are always interested to buy products.
  3. Get their numbers or ask them to provide the contact number.
  4. Get around 200 numbers, make your own Buy/Sell WhatsApp group and start selling your products.

Is it not amazing? It’s not only about selling products. You can establish any business and make money with WhatsApp.

5) WhatsApp Alternatives:

make money with WhatsApp alternatives


WhatsApp doesn’t make money itself so they don’t pay the users for anything. Although, it is a free calling and texting app without any ads, so there is no official way to make money with WhatsApp.

But you can try many alternatives to WhatsApp such as Quack! Messenger that can pay you for messaging and calls. Is it believable? yes, It is. They show different banner ads, and video ads while you are doing a conversion. You need to do is just click on those ads and Quack! Messenger will pay you a good amount of money for it.

Urdu/Hindi Video Tutorials:

Few More Tutorials:


This post will help you for sure, if you don’t have any technical skills but need money badly. The secret behind making money with WhatsApp is pretty simple. The more time you spend, the more money you will get in pockets. Here are the few more ways to make money online in Pakistan, do check it. Keep one thing in mind, if you want to make online, you need to be patient even for the months.

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