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Top 5 Best Free VPN for iPhone, iOS, iPad in 2017

Using a VPN is the must. It can help you in protecting your important data and hiding your real location. VPN also known as Virtual Private Network are not only important for Windows and Android but also essential for iOS. Maybe, you are now thinking that why I need a VPN for iPhone as their security is much stronger than any other operating system. You can use a free VPN for iPhone to hide your identity and reach the websites that are blocked in your countries.

Today, I’m gonna share 5 best VPN for iPhone and other iOS devices. These VPNs will provide you with a high standard online security. You can browse the web on shady Wifi networks, access blocked sites and much more.

Best Free VPN for iPhone Users:

There are a lot of companies that are providing free VPN for iPhone users. Getting a free VPN for iPhone can be risky. You must need to do a proper research before choosing one. We checked many of free VPNs and finally listing here the top 5 best VPNs for iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices. Keep in mind that you need to enable the VPN option from the settings page of iPhone to use any VPN. To do this, just go to the iPhone’s settings > VPN and enable it.

1. Opera Free VPN:

Opera free vpn

We all know Opera as one of the best web browsers. But few os if are aware of that they are also providing a free VPN service for iOS. At the moment, they have only 5 locations to connect and the company is working on the app to add more locations soon. You can change your location to Canada, USA, Singapore, Germany and Netherlands. The app will connect you to the closest location by default to give you the fast speed and stable connection with fewer chances to drop. Opera Free VPN also enables you to block the trackers from any website.

How to set up Opera Free VPN:

  1. First of all download the Opera Free VPN for iPhone, launch it and click on the continue button.
  2. Click the Continue button again and then tap the Allow button.
  3. Click Turn on button to on the VPN and choose the country which you want to connect. Now it will take 5-6 seconds in connecting. That’s it!

Download it for free.

2. VPN by SurfEasy:


VPN by SurfEasy is the best VPN for iPhone and one of the highest rated apps on iTunes. It comes with a variety of countries that you can connect for free. Just like the Opera Free VPN, it also has an option to connect by default to get a fast speed. You can use the 250 MB data for free then you need to complete the tasks available on the app to get more data. However, you can also buy the premium version of the app to get the unlimited data plan.

How to set up VPN by Surfeasy:

  1. Download the VPN by Surfeasy and open it on your iPhone.
  2. Now tap the Green button that will appear on your screen and it will automatically connect to the closest country.
  3. That’s it! You can change the country from the top menu of the application.

Download it for free.

3. Betternet VPN:

Betternet VPN

Just open tap and connect to the default location. Yes, Betternet VPN for iPhone is more than easy to use. You can also change the default location and connect to any other region from the list anytime but you need to buy the paid version for it. The premium version of Betternet VPN even allows you to connect with the seven different cities of USA. You can access almost every blocked sites with Betternet VPN with the 0% chances of dropping the connection. This best and free VPN for iPhone includes the UK, Netherlands, France, Japan, Canada, Honk Kong, Australia and Germany.

How to set up Betternet VPN:

  1. Download the Betternet VPN app, Install it on your iPhone and launch it.
  2. Go to the iPhone’s setting page > VPN and allow Betternet VPN from here.
  3. Now go back to the app, click on the skip & connect button and it will take few seconds in connecting.
  4. If you want to change the location, then you need to buy the premium version of the app.

Download it for free.

4. TunnelBear VPN:


TunnelBear is one of the most popular VPNs available for Android, Windows and iOS. This free VPN for iPhone enables you to get connected from many countries including the USA, Canada and Japan. TunnelBear VPN for iPhone gives 500 MB of data per month for free. You can extend it to 1 GB or more by buying the premium version. It is a beautiful, simple and easy to use the app.

How to set up TunnelBear VPN on iPhone:

  1. First of all, download the app from iTunes, install it and open it on your iPhone.
  2. Click on the countries tab from the bottom of the screen and select the country that you want to connect.
  3. Now click on the ON button and it will be connected within few seconds.

Download it for free.

5. VPN in Touch:

VPN in touch

The last free VPN for iPhone in our list in VPN in Touch. To use this VPN, the first thing you need to do is register yourself on their server. The app will ask you to create an account when you open it for the first time. The signup process is extremely easy, you’ll be redirected to the main interface of the app once after signing up. VPN in Touch will give you the 1 premium weak for free and after on week, you need to extend the subscription by paying them. This app really worth, Do give it a try and you’ll love it.

How to set up VPN in Touch:

  1. Download the VPN in Touch app, Install it on your iPhone and launch it.
  2. The app will ask you for registration. Click on the Install Profile button and create an account.
  3. Now the main interface of the app will appear. Select the location and connect the VPN. That’s it!

Download it for free.

The above five VPN provider are offering free VPNs to the iPhone users. You can face some ads in the free versions of those apps. The speed of your internet maybe slows down a bit while using the VPN. Those VPNs can help you in accessing all the blocked content in your area. Let us know if you know about some more Best and free VPNs for iPhones and other iOS devices.

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