Top 35 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017 You Must Download

Google Chrome is the only web browser I am using from past five years. It is the best browser, but you can make it unique by adding extensions to it. In simple words, extensions are the small apps that you can install on your web browser to add some extra features. There are hundreds of Google Chrome extensions available that can make your browser more functional. Today, I’m going to share 35 best Google Chrome extensions that you should download right now.

Google Chrome Extensions 2017:

Google Chrome is the most using web browser in all over the worlds. Below is the list your extension that you can add to your Google Chrome right now to make it stronger than ever. Let’s start!

1) Grammarly for Chrome:

GrammarlyGrammarly is the world number one app for bloggers and writer to identify their grammar and spelling mistakes. By adding this extension to your Chrome browser, It will start finding your mistakes everywhere on the web(where you write something) like Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and your website etc. Grammarly can check your grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, word suggestions and much more.

Download it right now.

2) Google Mail Checker:

Google Mail CheckerAnother one of the best Google Chrome extension. You can check you unread messages directly without opening your Gmail account with the help of this Chrome extension. It displays the number of unread messages on the top right side of your browser.

Download it now.

3) Office online:

office onlineIf you are working somewhere in the office, then you do need MS office. Office online extension for Chrome allows you to use software like Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and SwayOnline without downloading them. You can also use all the formatting and layouts of offline office software.

Download it now.

4) Emoji Keyboard:

Emoji KeyboardThe trend of emoji is growing vastly from past few years. People on the internet use it to express their feelings. Emoji keyboard is one of the best Google Chrome extensions that allow you to search, copy, paste and send emojis anywhere on the web. With its auto-input feature, you can paste emojis anywhere without opening the extension every time.

Download it now. 

5) Forest: stay focused:

Forest: stay focusedWell, It is the best Chrome extension for those who are addicted to the internet. It allows you to set the timing you every website to spent time. So you’ll not be able to use that website after the time you set. You can set the different timing for every particular site.

Download it now. 

6) Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio:

Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio logoIf you are the music lover or want to hear Audios online, then this extension should be your first and last choice. You can apply different filters, vocals and sound to any video, audio on the web. What you need to do is download and install this extension on your Chrome, open any video/audio on any website(Like Youtube, Dailymotion), and add different vocals/sound to it with the help you ears extension.

Download it now.

7) Shoptagr:

Shoptagr logoAnother excellent Google Chrome extension for online shopping lovers. Shoptagr allows you to save your favourite products from any online store and organize it at one place. Like you want to buy any fashion product and waiting for a sale then you can save that product on the Shoptagr extension to check later that the sale is either ON or not.

Download it now.

8) Save on Pocket:

save on pocketThis Chrome extension is dedicated to those who are a blogger, writer or love reading. Save on Pocket enable you to save any web content or article you see on the internet and read/watch it later offline. You can save anything within minutes just by clicking on the extension icon. And toolbar.

Download it now.

9) Google Keep:

Google keepJust like the above extension, it also allows you to find and save a web page, images and much more offline. You can sync the saved data later on any platform like iOS, Android and Windows. Just open the web page/image you want to save and click on the extension button at the top right side of your Chrome screen.

Download it now.

10) Gorgias Templates:

Gorgias TemplatesWith the help of Gorgias Templates extension, you can write email fastly. It comes with a variety of different template and shortcuts that you can use in your email message to make it more productive. You can also create your templates using this Chrome plugin. It is one of the most recommended Google Chrome extensions for webmasters.

Download it now.

11) Unlimited Free VPN – Hola”

HolaIt is the best extension for those who want to open the blocked websites in their countries without downloading any software on PC/laptop. Hola provides you with a free VPN that doesn’t need any sign-up. What you need to do is add it to your Chrome, open it and start browsing the blocked sites. You can also use it to hide your identity.

Download it now. 

12) SessionBox:

SessionBoxSessionBox enables you to open multiple accounts of once website at the same time. Like if you have two different accounts on Facebook then you can login both of those accounts at the same time using SessionBox. Now you don’t need to log out your account again and again. Just install SessionBox to your Chrome and enjoy!

Download it now.

13) Adblock Plus:

Adblock PlusThe Internet is full of ads, and you must need a good ads blocker if you don’t want to see the annoying ads while browsing the web. Adblock Plus is one of the best Google Chrome extensions I ever saw. It can block all the ads for you including banners, Youtube video ads, Facebook ads and all the other type of ads.

Download it now.

14) LastPass: Free Password Manager:

LastPassIf you have too many accounts on different websites but can’t remember the passwords for those accounts, then this Chrome extension is exactly for you. It stores all of your usernames and passwords in one place and creates one master password for it. You can also store your secret data into LastPass extension to make it secure.

Download it now.

15) Evernote Web Clipper:

Evernote Web ClipperEvernote web clipper extension also saves notes, images, web pages and much for you. You can also write your own notes and save them using this Chrome extension. It enables you to save anything using a single click. Download this best Chrome extension right now and start making notes.

Download it now.

16) Pinterest Save Button:

Pinterest Save ButtonOne of the best Google Chrome extensions created by the It allows you to save anything from all over the web with the help of Pinterest save button. When you find anything interesting on the internet, just click on the button and it will be saved to you Chrome.

Download it now.

17) Mega:

megaIt is another great Google Chrome extension that allows you to store your data up to 50 GB for free. It is created by the cloud storage service that can help you in storing data within few easy steps. Add this best Chrome plugin to your browser right now and start saving your data for free.

Download it now.

18) Speedtest by Ookla:

Speedtest by OoklaWant to check the speed of your internet? Now you can do it directly on your Chrome browser without opening any website. Speedtest by Ookla allows you to test the upload and download speed of your internet connection. You can also check the loading speed of any website using this Chrome extension.

Download it now.

19) Nimbus Screenshot:

Nimbus ScreenshotOne of the greatest Google Chrome browser I am using from a long long time. With the help of Nimbus extension for Chrome, you can capture the full web page or any part of the web page you want. It also enables you to edit the screenshots. Not over here, You can also record the screen of your web browser using this extension.

Download it now.

20) Any.Do Extension:

Any.Do ExtensionThis Google Chrome extension also allows you to save data from the web offline. You can also share lists and the data you saved with your friends. It also enables you to attach data, files and lists to your extension. Download it right now and check it from self.

Download it now.

21) OneNote Web Clipper:

OneNote Web ClipperJust like the EverNote web clipper it also helps you in saving and organising anything from the web. If you are busy at the moment and want to watch/read something later, then you can use OneNote web clipper extension for it. It allows you to save video clips, images, PDF, web page and much more offline. The best thing about this extension is that you can reach the saved data from your smartphone too.

Download it now.

22) ColorZilla:

ColorZillaIt is one of the best Google Chrome extension for developers and designers who are looking for colours to fill into their projects. This plugin has the ability to get colours from any page and pixel, advanced colour picker, CSS Gradient Generator, analyze the colour of any web page and much more.

Download it now.

23) Notebook Web Clipper:

Notebook Web ClipperThis plugin is also same as the above two web clippers. You can save anything offline from the internet with the help of notebook web clipper. It got the save features as the OneNote web clipper and EverNote web clipper. You can download any of these three extensions as per your interest.

Download it now.

24) Leoh New Tab:

leoh new tabLeoh new tab is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to replace your new tab with a fantastic and good looking tab. You can add a clock, calendars, search engines and much more to your Google Chrome with the help Leoh new tab chrome extension. It enables you to customize new tab in the way you want.

Download it now.

25) FarmVille 2 Buddy:

FarmVille 2 BuddyIt is an official Google Chrome extension for the FarmVille 2 game. The extension allows you to send and receive the gifts from friends directly. A small icon will be added to the top of your Chrome browser by installing this extension. You can use the icon to complete the small tasks like sending gifts, receiving gifts and notification.

Download it now.

26) Spell checker:

Spell checkerSpell checker extension is same as the Grammarly. It checks you grammar mistakes, spelling and symbols while you are writing anywhere on the web. Spell checker got all the feature that you may need to write an error free article. I am personally using Grammarly but you can choose anyone you like.

Download it now.

27) Rapportive:

RapportiveIf you are a LinkedIn user then should install this Chrome extension right now. It shows all the LinkedIn profiles connected with you and recommended profiles as well on the right side of your Gmail account. The Rapportive plugin is currently downloaded by over 10 million of Chrome users.

Download it now.

28) Bitly | Unleash the power of the link:

bitlyYou can say that it is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for blogger/webmasters/Youtubers available till now. With the help of Bitly extension, you can measure, optimize, shorten and track your links. The benefit of this plugin is that you don’t need to open their website to shorten URL.

Download it now.

29) Save emails to PDF:

Save emails to PDFIt is basically a emails converter which is available in the form of Google Chrome extension. You can use it to save and convert Gmail messages to PDF. It allows you to convert and download PDF with only one click. So if you want to save your important emails, download this extension right now.

Download it now.

30) Xodo PDF Viewer & Editor:

Xodo PDF Viewer & EditorYou can use this extension to view, save and edit PDF files quickly. Now you don’t need to download and buy any software because Xodo Chrome extension can work as the default viewer for your PDF files. The user interface to this plugin is very simple and it is very fast as compared to other tools.

Download it now.

31) Darkness – Beautiful Dark Themes:

Darkness – Beautiful Dark ThemesDo you want to change the background colour of your Facebook, Twitter, Google and other websites? If yes, then you can do this with the help of darkness Chrome extension. You can also change the colour of text through this extension. It enables you to apply the dark colour on the background.

Download it now.

32) Pushbullet:

PushbulletPushbullet allows you to bring your Android device to the screen of your Google Chrome. Simply it works as a PC suite for your Android. You can manage your smartphone’s multimedia files like videos/music, images and much more from your Google Chrome. Pushbullet also allows you to see the notifications of your smartphone.

Download it now.

33) ViewedIt – Screen, Voice and Webcam Recorder:

ViewedIt – Screen, Voice and Webcam RecorderIt is a screen recorder for your Google Chrome that allows you to record the screen of your web browser. If you have a cam in your laptop then you can also use Viewdlt as a webcam to chat with your friends. Viewdlt gives you unlimited of storage so you can record unlimited videos. Download this extension right now.

Download it now.

34) Data Saver:

Data Saver by googleThis extension is created by Google that can help you in saving your data. If your browser is using too much your data package then install Data saver right now on your Google Chrome. The Google server optimize the web pages you are visiting which can save your too much data. So what are you waiting for?.

Download it now.

35) vidIQ Vision for YouTube:

vidlqvidlQ vision of YouTube is specially designed for Youtuber to analyze the trending videos. You can get an exclusive report of any video through this extension and apply those techniques to your own videos to get more views. So if you are a Youtube but don’t have vidiQ vision for Youtube on your chrome than download it right now.

Download it now.

These are the 35 best Google Chrome extension that you should install right now to make your browsing experience more productive. If you know about any best Chrome extension that is not included in our list then let us know in the comment section below.

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