Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers & Blogs List 2017

Blogging is a billion dollar industry and one of the most growing professions. Many blogs around the world are making thousands of dollars. Students are also coming into this industry just because of its popularity. Some of them get success in this field while some do not. Pakistan is also getting a good name in the field of IT, Freelancing and blogging. Today, We are going to talk about the top 10 Pakistani bloggers and blogs.

Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers:

Pakistan is producing a large number of bloggers. There are many top Pakistan bloggers who are making thousands of dollars through their blogs. These top Pakistani bloggers are not only making thousands of dollars but also the inspiration for youngsters who are struggling in this field. Below is the list of top 10 Pakistani bloggers & blogs by their ranking and analytics.

No Blog Blogger Local Rank Global Rank
 1 syed balkhi   2642 US 2,373
 2  Aamir Atta 83 PK 10,668
 3  Mustafa Ahmed 13,129 In 66,037
4  Taimoor Asad  5224 PK  8494
5 Hassan Ahmed 15,167 PK 409,009
6 Bilal Ahmed 39,956 Ind 201,933
7 Mohsin Ali 27,140 PK 790,512
8 Allbloggingtips Ammar Ali 9,927 PK 624,528
9  Ali Raza 11,737 PK 454,654
10 Muhammad Faizan ali 24,406 IN 106,134



Syed balkhi, one of the top 10 Pakistani bloggers, entrepreneurs, public speaker own this blog. It is WordPress tutorials based blog which is popular not only in Pakistan but in entire World(one of the highly ranked blogs in the USA). Its global rank is 2,373 while in the USA its popularity in on number 2,642. Syed balkhi is now managing his blog from the USA because he moved there recently. You can learn almost everything about WordPress from this blog. This blog is making more than 20k dollars per month. The simple design of can help you in learning more easily.



Owned by AAMIR ATTA, is the most popular tech blog in Pakistan. This blog was founded in 2008, providing the tutorials and IT related news. Its global ranking is 10,668 and in Pakistan, it is at 83 positions. The receive over half million unique visitors every month that can help them in making over 6,000$ monthly. Propakistani is one of the top 10 Pakistani blogs with respect to earning and visitors. This main earning source of is Google Adsense.



It is another popular Pakistani blog which is owned by a Pakistani entrepreneur Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai. He is the first Pakistani blogger who registered his blogging company by the name of STC Network. The global rank of is 66,037. This blog is based on blogging tutorials that cover every corner related to blogging. According to the rumours, his blog makes nearly 9k $ a month. Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai also owns many other blogs that are helping him in making some extra money.


RedmondPie is owned by Taimur Asad and got 4th position in the list of top 10 Pakistani bloggers. The global rank of this blog is 8,508 and it makes almost 10,000 US dollars a month. Taimur Asad provides tech related tips and tricks in his blog. He started in 2008 and it is now one of the most popular blogs in Pakistan and USA.



It is also a blogging related website owned by Hassan Ahmed Awan. He lives in Islamabad and involves in blogging from past few years. He writes articles on his website about Blogger, WordPress, online earning and SEO. The Alexa ranking of his blog is something near to 37,000. As per a report, he makes about $4000 through His main source of earning is Google Adsense and Buysellads.



Bilal Ahmed is another top Pakistani blogger who owns He started this blog as a part time job but now it is his full-time work and he is making nearly 7000$ through it every month. His blog cover things about blogging, social media, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Internet and computer. The global ranking of his website is something about 15000.



This blog is owned by Mohsin Ali Waheed who is very well known in Pakistani blogging community. He also owns and these two sites are his primary source of earning. His blogs cover It related tips & tricks like blogging, SEO, freelancing and online learning. Mohsin Ali Waheed makes about 2000$ through his blogs.



Ammar Ali owns the and he shares content about web designing, WordPress, Blogger, SEO and much more. His blog is not only famous in Pakistan but also popular in other countries like USA, UK and Russia. Ammar Ali makes about $4000 from his blog every month. He is an intelligent guy who is an inspiration for other youngsters.:



As it is evident from its name, this blog is own by Ali Raza who is one of the most respectable bloggers of Pakistan. His blog has a wide range of articles about Facebook advertising, Google Adwords and other online marketing tips. Due to his blog, he got hundreds of customers from all over the world which is helping him in making our $2000 a month. The Alexa rank of his website in Pakistan in something near to 8600.



The Alexa rank of this site in Pakistan is 8500 and Syed Faizan Ali runs it. He also writes the tutorial about SEO, Blogging, WordPress and much more on his blog. With a large number of visitors, he also owns some other blogs. He is making $2000+ from his blogs every month. He started blogging a few years ago and now he is in the top 10 Pakistani bloggers.

There are also many other Pakistani bloggers who are making decent money online. But these top 10 Pakistani bloggers become an inspiration you other too. If you want to become a professional blogger, then you can follow any of those Pakistani bloggers to learn about this field. If you think that we are mission some of the best bloggers on this list, then let us know in the comment section below.

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