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Top 10 Islamic Books Free Download to Learn Islam

Islam is the religion of peace and we all know that. But enemies of Islam are trying their best to show the bad image of our beloved religion Islam. There are many misinformations about Islam that trends every time. But they are not right. We must need to learn Islam to see what actually Islam is. Today, I am going to share some Islamic books free download that doesn’t show anything wrong and includes everything right about Islam. You can download these Islamic books for free to learn more & more about Islam and see its real face.

Top 10 Islamic Books Free Download:

Knowledge is power. It is the world of internet and everything you need is available there. Recently, someone on Facebook asked me that he need some Islamic books that should be available online. Because he wanted to download and read some Islamic book to learn about our peaceful religion. So I decided to make the list of top Islamic books free download for everyone who wants to read and learn about Islam. Let’s get started with the list of 10 best Islamic books free download.

1. A Guide for New Muslim:

A Guide for New Muslim

One of the best Islamic books for those who are recently converted to Islam or want to know about Islam. This book cover all the benefits you will receive as a Muslim. It includes all the aspects of Islam. Written in English, the vision of this book is to provide the basic guide about Islam to the new Muslims. You can easily learn that how a new Muslim person can put him/herself on the path and way of Islam. The best thing about A guide for new Muslim book is that the writer of this book is converted to Islam person. So he wrote everything about his journey toward Islam that you also need to know.

This book covers all the pillars of Islam such as prayers, Hajj,  Hajj guide and Zakat. He also writes the factors that can help us in increasing the one’s belief and implements the Allah commands. It is one of the best Islamic books free download for those who are new to Islam or want to learn about Islam. This Islamic book is consist of 249 pages and can be downloaded easily.

Author: Jamaal al-Din Zarabozo

Download this book.

2. The Lives of Sahaba:

The Lives of Sahaba

Sharing the thoughts and lives of Sahaba, The lives of sahaba book is yet another great choice to read. It is consist of 24 lessons and 570 plus pages covering a lot of things about Islam. The author of this book has tried to share the complete lifestyle and history of Prophet Muhammad SAW. This book was originally written in Arabic language and later translated to English & many other languages so anyone can read it easily. The Author shared that how simply Sahaba spent their lives for the sake of Islam. I am sure that you will learn a lot of new things from this book.

Author: Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhelvi (R.A.

Download this book.

3. Explanation of Important Lessons:

Explanation of Important Lessons

It is a must read book for every Muslim. The author of this book has shown everything that every Muslim and non-Muslim need to know about Islam. It is consist of 18 chapters, many lessons and 384 pages. This book is specially written for those old people who didn’t get a chance to learn Islam in their childhood. It is also good for those who has some misunderstanding about Islam in their minds. The first chapter of this amazing book contain all the basic surahs of Quran with their brief meanings. The writer also tried to explain the clean concept and rules mentioned by Islam. This book contains the brief guides on the topics of Pillars of Islam, conditions of prayers, the conditions of wudhu and much more.

 Author: Muhammad bin ‘Ali Al-Arfaj

Download it.

 4. Program of Studies For New Muslims:

Program of Studies For New Muslims

The book was written in 1974 for the Muslims of America who has converted to Islam recently. The main purpose of Program of Studies For New Muslims book was to teach those people the way of Islam how to live in the way of Allah. From the introduction of Islam to the companions of the prophet, this e-book includes everything.  Program of Studies For New Muslims is a combination of 76 pages and 7 parts. Evey Muslim must have an authentic knowledge about Islam to act correctly. This book will surely change the thought of someone who has the misunderstanding about Islam. This is one of the best Islamic books free download for those who recently converted to Islam and need to learn about Islam.

Author: Mohammed Moinuddin Siddiqui.

Download it.

5. The Ideal Muslimah:

The Ideal Muslimah

Consist of 195 pages and a lot of lessons, this book will teach you that how to become an ideal Muslimah. The Ideal Muslimah book is actually targeting that what Islam and Sunnah defined about the personality of Muslim women. This book was originally written in Arabic language and later translated to English by Nasiruddin Al-Khattab. The book got a comprehensive guide on women’s place in Islam. The rights of the mother, sister, daughter and wife are also written in details. It also has a brief chapter on the lives of early Muslim women. The first chapter of The Ideal Muslimah book is the Muslim’s women relationship with Allah which is really worth ready. This book will really change your thoughts about women.

Author: Dr Muhammad Ali Al-Hashmi.

Download it.

6. Discover Islam:

Discover Islam

Islam is the most popular religion all over the world. Muslims have spread everyone in this planet. There are only a few places in the world where Islam is unknown. The book is published specially for those who don’t know anything about Islam and want to discover it. Discover Islam covers everything about Islam such as races, cultures and nationalities. This book will kick out many people’s misconceptions about Islam and show the light of Islam. The book is a combination of 101 pages and 12 lessons.

Author: Al Jumuah.

Download it.

7. Conditions And Pillars Of The Prayer:

Conditions And Pillars Of The Prayer

This book is briefly explaining the Nine conditions that are required for the acceptance of one prayer. Also, the author has covered the topics of eight things and fourteen pillars that are required for a prayer. He also mentioned many of proofs from Sunnah and other books. This book is simply all about prayers. This book is consist of 15 pages and covers every single thing about prayers. It is one of the best Islamic books free download to learn about prayers.

Author: Muhammad bin ‘Abdil-Wahhaab.

Download it.

8. What Every Muslim Must Know about Purification:

What Every Muslim Must Know about Purification

This Islamic book is explaining everything about purifications. In simple words, you can be called the purification a physical cleaning(body). Consist of 103 pages and many lectures, it covers everything about purification from A to Z. The author also wrote a brief guide on how to purify the extremely sick person in this book. Also, he listed some verdicts regarding tayammum. So if you are one of those Muslims who don’t know too much about purification that this is a one stop book for you.

Author: Abdul Karim Al-Sheha.

Download it.

9. The Hajj: Tafsir Of Surah Ali-Imran Ayahs 96-97:

Tafsir Of Surah Ali-Imran Ayahs 96-97

The book is consist of 12 pages and covering all the information about Hajj. From the history of Kaba to the necessity of performing Hajj, you can learn everything from this book. Tha main content of this book includes the history of Kaba, all the old names of Makkah, Station of Ibrahim, the meaning of Afford’ in the Ayah and much more. You can also check the list of best Hajj and Umrah guides apps for Android and iOS.

Author: Imam Ibn Kathir.

Download it.

10). The Excellence Of Knowledge:

The Excellence Of Knowledge

The last book in the list of Islamic books free download is The Excellence Of Knowledge and its all about the Islamic language. The author also described the difference between beneficial knowledge and non-beneficial knowledge. You can gain a lot of knowledge from the three chapters and 88 pages of this book. The author also wrote briefly about the way and wisdom of Islam.

Author: Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali.

Download it.

These are the 10 most beautiful and beneficial Islamic books that should download right now. They will surely increase your knowledge about Islam.

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