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Top 10 Grammarly Alternatives, Grammar and Punctuation Checker tools 2017

Grammarly is the world’s no one tools for checking Grammar mistake, but still, it is not the final choice of everyone. People keep searching for the Grammarly alternatives to get something unique. Error-free writing is one of the biggest factors for ranking articles. There are a lot of Grammar and punctuation checker apps available on the web to help you in writing the error free content. Grammarly is available in both free and paid versions. If you can afford the premium version($29 per month) of Grammarly, then you don’t need any alternative. But if you can’t afford then you can use some of the Grammarly alternatives as the free version(Grammarly) doesn’t have the features you may need.

Top 10 Best Grammarly Alternatives:

Why you need a grammar and punctuation checker? The simple answer is that using an artificial editor, you can improve your writing skills. I’m not going to details that why someone needs to find the Grammarly alternatives as there could be a lot of reasons. Below are the top 10 grammar and punctuation checker tools and the best alternatives to Grammarly.

1. JetPack:

If you’re the WordPress user, then you may already know about this JetPack. JetPack WordPress plugin is well known checking the site traffic and security improvement, but not everyone knows that it is also a spelling and grammar mistakes checker. It is brilliant to have the proofreading right on the editor menu, so the bloggers won’t need to open any third party tools. Below is the simple guide to using this grammar and punctuation checker plugin.

As it is a WordPress plugin, so first of all, you need to install it. After installation, you’ll see the JetPack’s unique icon on the top menu of post editing page as shown in the image below.

JetPack 1

You can configure the tools settings from Users>Your Profile menu to setup that what the tools need to check and what to avoid. For example, if you want the tool to check the

JetPack 2

They can help you in identifying the grammar, spellings and punctuation mistakes from your post and also improves your writing skills. No doubt, JetPack is one the best Grammarly alternatives. All the features of JetPack grammar checker tool are not good as the premium version of Grammarly because it is entirely free.

2. Autocrit:

Have enough budget to buy a grammar and punctuation checker tool but don’t like the Grammarly? Then is the best option for you. It a paid software and doesn’t offer any free or trial versions. The provides a lot of features including cliches, redundancies(the words that can be omitted), passive voice, adverbs and much more. This tools also highlight the words that can be the creep and doesn’t suit your article. Autocrit tool can show errors and recommendations in more than 25 places at once.

When you click on the signup page on the website, it will redirect you to the pricing page. So you have to pay first. However, to check the software capability, you can submit a text file or write your article on the main page and click Analyze my text for free”.

autocrit 1

Well, I think the above picture says everything clearly. Now they will ask you for your email address to send you the free report of your text. Just fill that form and they will send you the report via email. However, I submitted an article two days ago but still waiting for their mail LOL.

autocrit 2

You’ll be able to do everything on the website once after purchasing the monthly subscription. You can copy-paste your articles in the built-in editor of the site. The editor will highlight the every problem it feels in your article. You can see your writing progress with the help of AutoCrit Score feature.

autocrit 3

3. Ginger Spell Checker:

One of the best and same looking Grammarly alternatives is Ginger Spell Checker. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows and as well as in the form of browser extensions. Ginger can almost identify and highlight any type of spelling, grammar mistakes. However, the new updates are only coming for their iOS app.

After installing the extension on your browser, you’ll see a small logo icon on the top right side of the screen. When you click on that icon, a new pop-up editor window will appear. They will ask you to log in with your Facebook or Google+ account. Now you can start writing to know what mistakes you are making.

Ginger 1

The desktop version of the Ginger Spell Checker is also pretty same. Just download it, install/launch it, copy-paste your article and figure out all of your mistakes. The features of this tool are pretty nice, and it can find many issues that other tools can’t. You can use the free version of Ginger for the limited time then you have to buy the subscription.

Ginger 2

4. WhiteSmoke:

Good for proofreading, WhiteSmote is also one of the best Grammarly alternatives out there. It is available for many operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome and Mozilla. WhiteSmoke tools can also be your first choice for grammar and punctuation errors, spelling mistakes and style suggestions. It is a paid software, and they give trail for only 4 days.

Go to their website, click on the Get Now button and enter your email address. They will send you a confirmation link and password for your trail. Click on the link and log in with your email & that password. Now a new page will appear with an editor where you can write, copy paste your articles to check the errors, punctuation mistakes, plagiarism and much more.

WhiteSmoke 1

In trail version, they will only give you the web editor. For browser extension and desktop version, you have to buy the paid subscription. WhiteSmole will cost you $80 for a year.

5. Hemingway:

A bit different and unique from other grammar and punctuation checker tools, Hemingway can help you in improving the readability of your article. This tool will show you that where to place which word. The tool is available in both online and desktop versions. You can use it online without paying a single penny but for the desktop version, you need to pay $20 for one time.

To use this amazing tool, just go to their website and paste your text on the main page there. Now it will show all of the suggestions and corrections by colouring them within few seconds.

Hemingway 1

6. PaperRater:

Working on the base of the computer algorithm, PaperRater is only available online it doesn’t have desktop and extension version. To get the add-free tool, you need to pay them $15 per month. However, you can use it for free with ads. They also offer the plagiarism detection tool. It can be used for free but will show only the percentage of copied content. To find the exact text which is copied from somewhere then you have to buy the paid subscription.

PaperRater can be used easily. Just go to their website, paste your article/text in the editor box, agree to the terms & conditions, click Advanced check button and it will show you what’s wrong in your article.


PaperRater is connected with Grammarly for checking plagiarism. However, In the free version, you can check only five page and can’t upload files too. It is one of the best Grammarly alternatives but not perfect. Don’t rely only on it.

7. Editsaurus:

Editsaurus is a simple, amazing and fast tool to help you in improving skills in English. You can use their editor to write and paste your articles. The flexible and simple nature of Editsaurus forced me to add it to this exclusive list of best Grammarly alternatives. This tool is going to save you from your teacher for grammatical mistakes for sure. Editsaurus is perfect for adverbs, lexical illusions, filler words, commonly misused words, passive voice and pronouns.


If you want to use this tools, go to their website > write/paste your text in the left side editor box and it will show the result on the right side of the screen by colouring the mistakes and suggestion.

8. GrammarBase:

GrammarBase can also be a one stop solution for your article problems. You can use it on their web and also, they are offering a Google Chrome extension. The best thing is GrammarBase is that it is completely free and you can use it anytime you want. More that, you can also use their free plagiarism detector to find the copied material in your text.

The user interface of GrammarBase extension is pretty similar to the Grammarly. It also shows the spelling mistakes anywhere on the web by underlining them. To use the web version, just past your article in the editor box of the website and click Start Checking button.


You can also buy the paid service of GrammarBase and it will correct all of the article mistakes automatically.

9. Spelling Check Online:

If you are looking only for a spelling checker app then this tool is best for you. Because it is free, easy to use and you don’t even need to create an account on it. They also don’t have the desktop version and any browser extension. Spelling check online can also work as words counter for you.

The user interface of the tool is pretty clean. After posting your article in the editor box of this tool, you will have two options now Free Check and Deep Check. By clicking the Free Check, it will search for the spelling mistakes in your article and by clicking Deep Check, It will redirect you to the Grammarly.

spelling check online

10. Reverso:

The last tool I would love to share with you guys is Reverso. It is a web-based proofreading tool which is available for free. Speaking more, It is not only a proofreading tool but also a translator and English dictionaries. Reverso doesn’t have the ability to find advanced mistakes but it can find basic errors perfectly. However, it can check only 600 characters at a time.

To use this spelling checker tool, Just go to their website, write/paste your text into the box and click Spell Check button. It will show the within seconds. That’s it!


First of all, I’ll recommend you to go with the Grammarly as I’m using at from past 2 years and it’s helping me a lot in writing valuable stuff for you. You can also get the Grammarly premium account free for a week. But if you can’t afford or use it than the above ten can be best Grammarly alternatives for you.

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