Top 10 Designers for Pakistani Wedding Dresses, Pakistani Suits

Having the prettiest wedding dress is something essential if you’re getting married. Not only to look pretty but also to burn your friend especially if you’re from Pakistan. Pakistani wedding dresses as popular worldwide due to its attractive uniqueness.

Boys are always OK with everything, but girls do care with their wedding dresses and design. It’s a dream of every girl to celebrate fairy tale the marriage like a fairy tale. Having Pakistani wedding dresses and Pakistani dress design can make this dream complete.

Top Designer for Pakistani Wedding Dresses:

The fashion industry is growing every day, A lot of varieties are making it difficult for girls to choose the one. When you browse any website to buy Pakistani suits online, a lot of fancies appear. Fashion is the language of mind but what to do when your mind stops working when seeing a lot of brands and varieties. There are few dress designers in Pakistan, who got special expertise and well known for designing Pakistani wedding dresses. Finding the best Pakistani dress design is now a public issue. So I merged up the list of top designers who are made to make only Pakistan wedding dresses and Pakistani dress design. Download the Fashion Week app on your Android device right now to stay updated about new fashion trends.

1) HSY:


HSY, also known as  Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is one of the biggest names in Pakistani wedding dresses and fashion industry. His designs are like the mixture of trends and tradition. The dresses design by HSY will definitely make you unique and the prices are starting from Rs 1.5 lacs.

Georgette, Jamawar, Silk and Ciffon are the few popular dresses by Hassan Sheheryar Khan. Basically, Hassan Sheheryar Khan belongs to Lahore Pakistan and started his fashion journey back in 1994.

Visit his website.

2) Fahad Hussayn:

Pakistani wedding dress 2

Fahad Hussayn bridal collection is not only famous in Pakistan but also worldwide. This Faisalabadi guy is holding the degree in Textile Designing. The awesome use of variant colours in his design will always shock you. The majority of his Pakistan dress designs carry contrasting colours like orange with pink and red with yellow.

Fahad Hussayn also follows the traditions, cultures, modern and trending designs. He designs every type of Pakistani dress designs but blessed with the special expertise in Pakistani wedding dresses.

Visit his website.

3) Nomi Ansari:

Pakistani wedding dress 3

Pink dress with Embroidery is a traditional type most selling dress by Nomi Ansari. Started his career from 2001, Nomi is now a well-known brand for Pakistan dress design. He prefers to use a lot of colours in his every single design to make something like a magic.

His most popular dress will cost you about Rs 120,000 and take 24 days in delivery. Most of his designs are always covered in the work of zari.

Visit his website.

4) Sana Safinaz:

Pakistani wedding dress 4

Sana Safinaz are the two first ladies on our list who is well-known for designing the Pakistani wedding dresses. Shocked? don’t be, Sana and Safizan are sisters-in-law who established their fashion house many years ago. Mostly they both only focus on traditional and cultural designs. Embellishment thrown is the design for which Sana Safinaz are popular. Sana Safinaz used to cut work, zardozi and zari for their designs.

Visit her website.

5) Zainab Chottani:

Pakistani wedding dress 5

She is a pro when it comes to design the Pakistani wedding dresses. She is in the field of glamour and aesthetics from her younger ages. Zainab Chottani started her career as a bridal designer but now she is covering a lot more from the Pakistani fashion industry. Her collection of Pakistani dress designs is really incredible.

Visit her website.

6) Zara Shahjahan:


Graduated from the National College of Arts Lahore, Zara Shahjahan is one of the biggest names in Pakistani wedding dresses since 2004. Being a Miniature Art expert, her most of the designs are based on pattern and templates styles. Designing fancy and formal dresses for many years, she recently launched her own brand too.

Visit her website.

7) Maria.B:


One of the most demanding Pakistani dress design among Pakistani ladies is Maria.B. The brand is not only popular for Pakistani wedding dresses but also well reputed for formal and pret dresses. Dresses design by her is very close to the Pakistani tradition with some formal workout. Long lehenga with a lot of flares in many refreshing hues could be the best choice for your wedding ceremony.

Visit her website.

8) Karma:


If you are a fashion lover, then probably you heard that name before. This popular clothing brand is now peak just because of its short bridal dress. The cost of the short bridal dress is no more the Rs 120,000 and take 4 weeks to deliver. Sharas, lehengas, gowns and sarees are the popular brand by Karma.

Visit website.

9) Umar Sayeed:

Pakistani wedding dress 9

Expert in designing luxurious and dazzling dresses, Umar Sayeed don’t need any introduction, when we are talking fashion industry. The demand of his Pakistani wedding dresses is increasing day by day, not only in Pakistan but worldwide. This is why because he keeps changing the style of his new designs from the rest.

Visit his website.

10) Asim Jofa:


The last name in our exclusive list of Asim Jofa, who started his career as a jewellery designer in 2003. Later, he established his boutique for Pakistani wedding dresses and now one of biggest fashion giants and certified by CSM. Asim Jofa is not only popular for bridal dresses but also for the part, summer and winter dresses. In 2012, he won the best International Asian fashion award.

Visit his website.

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