Top 10 Best PS4 Racing Games 2017

I keep talking about video games because they are the best source of entertainment. This time, I decided to tell you about the best PS4 racing games. The  PS4 has a variety of awesome games. It is the world’s highest selling gaming consoles. Over 50 million Ps4 consoles have been sold till now. With the hight power processing and constant connectivity, PS4 is the most powerful gaming console of all times. Playstation 4 also offers the height level and quality racing games. Today, I selected the top 10 best PS4 racing games for you.

Best PS4 Racing Games 2017:

I personally love playing PS4 racing games because the graphics they give us are extremely HD. Several hight quality PS4 racing games have been launched in 2016, and they are trending in 2017.  Below is the list of most popular PS4 racing games of all times.

1) Dirt 4:

This incredible car racing game will be launch in June 2017. It started once in 2016, but the user experience was too bad at that time. So the company has decided to re-launched the Dirt 4 again with improvements. Now its going to be one of the best PS4 racing games of all times. The game is developed with the help of real-life drivers to give it a realistic look.


  1. In Dirt  4 game, Your player will have access to a tool named “Your stage”. This tools will help you in learning the stages in robotic nature.
  2. There will be more than 50 awesome and breathtaking cars available in Dirt 4 such as Audi Sports Quattro S1 E2 and Ford Fiesta R5.
  3. You can play it in four different countries and thousands of various routes including Australia, Sweden, Spain and Michigan.
  4. In career mode, you can unlock the car licences for free by increasing your winning percentage.
  5. You can enjoy free rides, smart challenges, play-time challenges and challenge your friends in Dirt 4.
  6. Challenge the players from all ver in the world in monthly and weekly competition and beat them.

The size of Dirt 4 for PS4 is 45 GB and it will cost you about 43 dollars.

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2) Gran Turismo:

Designed by Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo sports is going to be one of the most popular PS4 racing games. The first version of this video game was released in 1997, and the new one for PS4 will be launched soon in 2017. Gran Turismo was never released on PS4 before. So the company has decided to launch it for Playstation 4 for the first time.


  1. The company is introducing the world first online championship which is certified by the Federation International Automobile.
  2. Challenge the players from all over the world on their ages, locations, interests and driving manners.
  3. Create your own dashboard, where you can compare, manage and control your races and career against other drivers.
  4. They offer the best guidance to improve your driving skills.
  5. Gran Turismo sports will come with over 140 beautiful cars, 27 different tracks and 19 countries from all over the world.

The price of Gran Turismo will be 60 US dollars, and the size is 14 GB.

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3) Micro Machines World Series:

Another racing game for PS4, Microsofts and Xbox which will be launched on 23 June 2017. It is the 2nd game after Micro Machines V4 which was launched in back 2006. It supports 12 players at a time so 12 different players can play it at a time in the battle area.


  1. Micro Machines World Series is coming in entirely new and full HD graphics.
  2. You will have access to 12 different vehicles, and every vehicle comes with own weapons and features.
  3. It has the support for 12 players at a time, and four players can play on the same screen.
  4. The company is introducing the new battle arena in which you can play with your friends and distract them.

The size of this game will about 16 GB(not 100% sure), and it will cost you about $24.

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4) Wreckfest:

Wreckfest is developed by Bugbear Entertainment and it will be released this year(date is not public). It is the latest game of Flatout series. The company has announced that the game will be available for PS4 and Xbox initially. The first launch of this series was in 2013.


  1. This game is based on old & rusty cars that you can’t find in any of other PS4 racing games.
  2. It has a variety of terrains, tracks, cars and all the things that you want to achieve in your real life.
  3. You can also challenge your friends & players from all over the world the beat them to get the reward in the shape of cars.
  4. It has over 20 different cars with different features and properties.
  5. You can modify your car and its engine in the hundreds of different ways.
  6. The size of this game is 14 GB, and it will cost you 24$ only for PS4.

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5) Assestto Corsa:

Launched in August 2016, Assestto Corsa is another one of the best PS4 racing games. Initially, It was only available for PC, but now it is available for PS4 and Xbox one too. Assestto Corsa is completely based on realism, so if you love realism, then this game is best for you. The number of vehicles in Assestto Corsa is less as compared to other pS4 racing games.


  1. The handling of vehicles and physics of the game is fantastic.
  2. The best control for those, who are less-experienced in racing.
  3. With the limited number of cars and tracks, the Assestto Corsa is entirely based on realism.
  4. The dynamic lighting, exciting environment and realistic surface give the game unique look.
  5. In career mode, you can challenge players from all over the world, participate in events and play multiplayer too.
  6. The company has introduced a new customizable app based overlay system.
  7. The price of this game is $29, and its size is no more than 20 GB.

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6) Dirt Rally:

Dirt Rally was released in December 2015, but it is still popular in 2017 that’s why it got a position in our list. From sound to game graphics, realism is involved in the game. Dirt 4 which will be available from June 2017 got more build ups to Dirt Rally. Dirt Rally is developed by Codemasters, and it is available for PS4, Xbox one and Windows.


  1. Dirt Rally is one of the most authentic and challenging racing game.
  2. It comes with over 40 awesome iconic cars that you can use to participate in the competition.
  3. They also support online play. So you can play online with your friends and create your own racing league with them.
  4. Dirt Rally comes with many routes including forests, hillsides, mountains and desserts etc. including countries like Finland and Sweden.
  5. The size of Dirt Rally is 43 GB, and It will cost you $59.99.

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7) The Crew:

The Crew is the action driving game with a lot of thrilling, exploration and customization. It was released in December 2014 but still one of the most selling PS4 racing games. It is based in the USA and let you redefines your driving expertise. You can also create your own crew of friends and start a mission with them. The Crew is fully customizable racing game.


  1. Covering the thousands of miles, you can drive your vehicle anywhere in the USA without any restriction.
  2. Win the competition and unlock the new cars with new features.
  3. You can also customize your car according to your needs and driving style in the Crew.
  4. You will never drive your car alone in this game. There are thousands of players always next to you.
  5. The prize of this video game is $14.99 and the download size is 14.3 GB.

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8) Driveclub:

Drive club is an incredible and immersive car driving game which was launched in October 2015. The vehicle designed in Driveclub is very powerful and beautiful as compared to other PS4 racing games. It also has the capability to connect you with your friends through PS4 and play with them. It is one of the top high-speed solo racing games that let you join the racing clubs and win competitions.


  1. It has a bundle of 80 cars with over 100 different tracks.
  2. Create and play driving challenges with your friends to earn rewards.
  3. You can participate in racing competition in 5 different locations to unlock the new cars.
  4. You can also create your won team with five different drivers in Driveclub video game.
  5. The size of Driveclucb is around 17 GB, and it will cost you $7 for download and $26 for DVD.

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9) Project Cars:

With more than 50 locations, Project cars aim to provide the gamers best. It was released in May 2016 but still one of the top games. Project cars is a technically advanced game with the variety of vehicles and covering the many locations from the planet. It is developed by the slightly mad studio and available for Windows, PS4 and Xbox one.


  1. It has one of the best graphic and super handling of all the times.
  2. Project cars come with a huge number of cars with different specifications. So can choose any car according to your interest.
  3. In career mode, you can create a driver to participate in competitions and win a reward in the shape of cars.
  4. Play online with your friends and player from all over the globe to check your driving skills.
  5. The size of this game is 18 GB and it will cost you $18.98 for DVD and $29.99 for download.

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10) Need For Speed:

Need for speed is one of the most popular gaming series of all the times. They keep launching their games on an annual basis. This beautiful game offers a five different racing style and much more. Need for speed is one of the most selling PS4 racing games. The video output it is gonna give you is 1080p.


  1. There are five different ways to play Need for Speed such as style, speed, build, crew and outlaw.
  2. Customize, modify and upgrade your car according to your need and choice.
  3. Only 192 kbps internet speed is required to run the Need for Speed PS4.
  4. 38 Gb of the hard drive is required for Need for Speed and this game will cost you $19.99.

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