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Top 10 Best Free English Dictionaries You Must Try.

Well, No one is perfect in the universe. The case is similar with those who claims are to English experts. You must need some English dictionaries to translate some complicated words if you want to learn English or even if you are expert in English. English dictionaries can also help us whenever we need to communicate with other languages people.

There is not only a one perfect and accurate way to learn English. You need to do many things at the time to store this international language in your brain. A dictionary can be one of the perfects things you can keep to improve your English. It can help you in defining the words you even didn’t hear before. English dictionaries can also be your helper whenever you visit the country where English doesn’t work too like China. So In these countries, you can use the free English dictionaries to translate the words from their languages to English and vice versa. Today, I am going to equip you with the top 10 best and free English dictionaries of all the times.

Top 10 Best Free English Dictionaries:

The trend is now almost changed. No one needs to carry a small dictionary book in the pocket anymore. Because it’s a world of smartphones and PCs. Hundreds of digital English dictionaries are available there on the internet to help you in building skills in many languages. Below are the 10 dictionaries to translate from different languages to English.

  1. French to English Dictionary.
  2. German to English Dictionary.
  3. Spanish to English Dictionary.
  4. Chinese to English Dictionary.
  5. Urdu to English Dictionary.
  6. Bangla to English Dictionary.
  7. Hindi to English Dictionary.
  8. Russian to English Dictionary.
  9. Beltway to English Dictionary.
  10. Arabic to English Dictionary.

1. French-English Dictionary:

French-English Dictionary 1

French-English Dictionary is the best option to translate French words to English and vice versa using an Android device. It is 100% offline dictionary with the options of verb conjugator, phase translation, audio pronunciation, flashcards and Vocabulary Quizzes. It has everything that you need and that every app should include for free. The French-English dictionary has over 492,000 free entire and for more, you can buy the premium version of the app. But what I think is that the free version of this app is pretty enough to communicate with French people. Also, the app has over 6,400 French verbs conjugations, phrasebook with categories that can help you in communication like asking directions etc. You can also use the online phrase translator of the app if it is not available in the offline categories.


  1. 492,000+ free offline entries and free conjugations 6400 plus verbs.
  2. Search engine to find things more quickly.
  3. Both online and offline phrase translator.
  4. Gives you the ability to add your own entries.

Download French-English dictionary.

2. German-English Dictionary:

German-English Dictionary 1

One of the best English dictionaries I ever tried to learn the German language is German-English Dictionary. It is also developed by the developers of above French-English dictionary with same features. German-English dictionary also offers phrase translation, flashcards, verbs conjugation and much more for free. In this dictionary, over 370,000 offline entries are free and you can buy the premium version for more offline entries. It also has the conjugations of 6,650 words and different offline phrasebook categories.


  1. More than 270,000 free offline entries and 6,650 verbs conjugations.
  2. Includes a search engine to find any word easily.
  3. Both online and offline phrase translator.
  4. It has the ability to translate your mails.

Download German-English dictionary.

 3. Spanish-English dictionary:

Spanish-English dictionary 1

Not too much popular, but still one of the best English dictionaries to communicate with Spanish people. You can easily translate any Spanish words to English and English word to Spanish using this dictionary. It also comes with the both paid and free versions. There are total 686,000 offline entries in the app and in which over 460,000 are available for free. It also has the online phrase translator and offline database of phrasebook with many categories. More on that, You can use the quick search option to get the results fastly.


  1. 460,000 free offline entries and 6,400+ verb conjugations.
  2. It has 20 different offline categories for translation of conversations.
  3. This dictionary also has the search engine for finding anything on the app.
  4. Text to speech pronunciation.

Download Spanish-English dictionary.

4. Chinese-English Dictionary:

Chinese-English Dictionary

To learn and communicate with Chinese people, Chinese-English dictionary is 100% suited and suitable for Android and offline use. You can search the millions of Chinese words with English meaning, pronunciations and much more using this dictionary. The app also shows the words suggestions related to your search. It also has a free analyzer to analyze the advanced Chinese sentences. Just like the above dictionaries, this amazing dictionary also got the flashcards for self-learning.


  1. Thousands of Chinese words with English meanings and examples.
  2. Show you the words suggestions and your search history.
  3. The app has a free analyzer and many flashcards to learn Chinese.

Download Chinese-English Dictionary.

5. Urdu to English Dictionary:

Urdu to English Dictionary 1

Here we come for the Pakistani people. Those Pakistanis who are travelling to the foreign country or want to learn or improve English vocabulary then Urdu to English Dictionary is the one stop app for you. It is available both online and offline. To use it offline you just need to download the data for one time. Urdu to English Dictionary comes with the thousands of words with authentic meanings for free. It also has English to Urdu and Urdu to English translator for you which works online.


  1. The app is including thousands of Urdu words with English translations.
  2. Urdu keypad which will help you in writing the Urdu language.
  3. Gives you the ability to share meanings with your friends on social media.

6. English Bangla Dictionary:

English Bangla Dictionary 1

English Bangla Dictionary is a free offline app in which you can search thousands both English and Bangla words. This app doesn’t only work as a dictionary but it is also good for learning Bangla language. You can use the online translator of the app to translate English words to Bangla and Bangla words to English. The auto suggestion option of the English Bangla app gives you the best word suggestions according to your interest. Moreover, it also has the pronunciation, voice search, antonyms and synonyms features.


  1. This app allows you to search any word directly from the web and it doesn’t need an internet connection.
  2. You can also backup and restore your data.
  3. Use the voice search option if can’t write.

Download English Bangla Dictionary.

7. Hindi to English Dictionary:

Hindi to English Dictionary 1

Hindi is the first tongue of India and India is the second most populated country in the world. It means Hindi is also one of the most speaking languages. However, you must need to learn English if you want to survive in India nicely. Those Indians who want to learn English, Hindi to English Dictionary is a good option for them. It is small in size and has the good number of words(up to 200,000). It is available for offline with words suggestions, English to Hindi section and vice versa for translations, Hindi keypad, Test section to learn Hindi and much more.


  1. It is small in size and you can even store it on your SD card.
  2. The app also has the Hindi keypad.
  3. More than 200,000 English/Hindi meanings in included in the app.

8. Russian-English Dictionary:

Russian-English Dictionary 1

Russian-English dictionary has more than 55,000 translation articles and it doesn’t need an internet connection to operate. The app is lite in weight and its size in no more than 7 MB. You can easily see the history of your recent searches in Russian-English Dictionary. It has words spellings, text to speech module, context word search and much more. The app allows you to translate any English word to Russian and Russian word to English easily.


  1. You can see the history of you all times in this app.
  2. Add most wanted words to your favourite tab.
  3. You can use text to speech feature of the app for free.

Download Russian-English Dictionary.

9. Dictionary Linguee:

Dictionary Linguee 1


One is the most rated dictionaries on Play store Dictionary Linguee is now available for free. It’s not only a perfect dictionary for Beltway to English but also the specialist in any cross-language translation. It supports Beltway to English, French, Spanish, Chinese and many other languages. The dictionary is designed by over 350 world class lexicographers. It is completely offline and you just need to download it for once. The features it included is the editorial dictionary, translation search, quick search, pronunciations and much more.


  1. You can translate Beltway to almost any popular language including English, French and more.
  2. It auto shows the translator just after writing few alphabets of a word.
  3. Use the quick search option of the app to find your wanted meanings.

Download it for free.

10. English Arabic Dictionary:

English Arabic Dictionary 1

With more than 750,000 words and articles, English Arabic Dictionary is the largest hub for learning the Arabic language. It has the Offline pronunciation for Arabic to English, French and many other languages. The app allows you to install and add more languages to it.  English Arabic Dictionary comes with English to Arabic translation features, image search, words suggestions, synonyms, antonyms, thesaurus, backup and all the other features that you need to learn the Arabic language.


  1. Offline pronunciation for many languages.
  2. More than 750,000 free offline entries.
  3. You can also install more languages to this app.
  4. Using this app, you can translate words directly on any website.

Download English-Arabic Dictionary.

Above are the ten free English dictionaries which can help you in translating some specific languages to English. Dictionary is a useful tool which can help you in various situations. They can help you in expanding your knowledge. The above 10 dictionaries can be helpful for you when you visit some other countries and your local language and English doesn’t work there. Then you can pick out your Android device from the pocket, open the dictionary and start communicating with them. However, Oxford Dictionary is one of the best and all in one dictionary for all languages. It can help you in translating almost every popular language to English.

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