Top 10 Best Facebook Games to Play With Friends 2017

Video games are now the integral part of our lives. More than 75% of Americans play video games to get relax. Facebook, not only the world’s largest social media platform but now also a gaming portal. Did you ever hear about best Facebook games before?

I’m sure if you are a smartphone user with login Facebook account then you must know about the Facebook games. These games are the real sources of downtime pastime.

Top 10 Best Facebook Games:

The feature is not really old-aged but the majority of Facebook users are now killing their time playing best Facebook games. The milestone is achieved in last 5 years only. Surprising thing is that 100% of Facebook games are free of cost including those which are paid offline.

Playing the best Facebook games will never let you feel alone. This is why because you will be playing them with none other than your friends.

I personally find Facebook games more addictive as compared to PS and PCs games. We do care about our every single reader that’s why I recently a brief list of best racing games for PS4 and top 15 slender man games.

The facts that I love about Facebook games are that you don’t need to configure the game setting and you’ll always be online while playing them. However, you may see tons of games that all claims to be the best Facebook games, this is confusing.

This is the main reason I’m gonna share the top 10 best Facebook games that you can play with your friends. By reading this article, you’re not gonna miss any astounding Facebook game.

1: FarmVille 2:

Farmvalle 2

Designed by none other than Zynga, the most popular games developer company. They received 12% of Facebook total revenue in 2012. Farm Ville 2 was recently beaten by Candy Crush Saga but now it’s back to the track. It’s an agriculture game and you need to sow the fields. FarmVille 2 let you raise animals,  create and nourish the farms along with your friends. They are actually trying to show the village life in the entire game. It is one of the most addictive and best Facebook games.


    1. A verity of healthy baked gourmet goods is included in the game.
    2. Free of cost, easy to play.
    3. Request your Facebook friends to help you in farming.
    4. Plant the healthy food and contribute to making your country best for the living(Just in game LOL).
    5. FarmVille 2 hits more than 1,000,000 users every week.

2: Cookie Jam Blast:

cookie jam blast

You probably didn’t know about this game before. But it’s one of the best Facebook games I ever played.  It’s a candy crush type game having a lot more possibilities. Complete the tasks, collect limited airships and earn rewards. Developers have included tons of new puzzles in the game. It has the feature of shaking up the board that candy crush doesn’t have.


    1. More than 5 new modes are added in the game recently.
    2. You can use the shake up option by matching the 4 jelly bees.
    3. Compete your friends and make more rewards.
    4. You can spin the wheel every day and win up to 10,000 coins.

3: Criminal Case:

crinimal case

If you are adventure lover, have a smartphone in hands and still not playing Criminal Case then you’re in dark. It is a detective game and you need to find the evidence for a murder case. Criminal Case can play a significant role in improving your sense of humour. You may find it a bit disturbing due to many hard missions but I love playing it.


  1. Solve and investigate many hard cases and push criminals to the hell.
  2. Invite & play to your friends to solve the cases together.
  3. The game is completely free, however, you can buy new tools, energy etc through your credit card.

4: Deer Hunter 2017:

deer hunter 2017

I’m talking about the 2017 version of Deer Hunter, Initial one was released back in 2014. It is a horror + hunting with real life experience. You have to kill the killer & monster animals. Is it not amazing? Develop and line up your shooting skills and kill them perfectly.


  1. This game is free to play but you can buy more items through your Google Wallet.
  2.  Deer Hunter 2017 is not recommended for the kids under 15.
  3. You may face a bunch of advertisements in the game.
  4. Compete with your friends and win trophies.
  5. Win rewards, collect firearms and perfect your weapons for better shooting.

5: Sandstorm: Pirate Wars:

sandstorm pirate wars

Developed by ubisoft.comSandstorm: Pirate Wars is a multiplayer game for both Facebook and Android users. It’s a real time-fighting game and you have to destroy the pirates and mutant scavengers. Sandstorm: Pirate Wars is a combination of fun and tense to explore. It’s one of the best Facebook games that I love to play with my friends.


  1. Kill and destroy the pirates from all over the world with your RPG.
  2. Upgrade your fleet once after completing every single mission.
  3. Challenge your friends, consider them as a pirate and beat their ass.
  4. Sandstorm: Pirate Wars gives you the ability to create your own powerful war weapons.

6: Avakin Life:

avakin life

A virtual world or real life game with more than 5 million active users every month. Avakin Life let you meet new people, dress up, decorate your home and do every single thing that you want to do in your normal life. The game is best recommended for those who are unable to fulfil their dreams in actual life.


  1. A game having the high number of possibilities.
  2. It’s a virtual world type game where you can do everything that your MOM doesn’t allow you to do in real life.
  3. Create your own avatar and meet the people who are playing this game.
  4. Go to the dance club and enjoy.
  5. Avakin Life allows you to chat with people inside the game.

7: ZBlitz (Zombie Blitz):


It’s a hunter game in which you have to attacks of zombies to save the world. ZBlitz is basically a casual shooting game and you can play it with your friends just because of its multiplayer mode. The game was launched on 1st October 2014 and still one of the most popular & best Facebook games. ZBlitz (Zombie Blitz) is not available in offline mode. The only way to play it smoothly is through the Facebook web.


  1.  ZBlitz (Zombie Blitz) is the no 1 FPS game on Facebook till now.
  2. Play with your any Facebook friend as a partner and kill the zombies together.
  3. Enjoy with friends simultaneously through the game’s PVP mode.

8: Birdland Paradise:

bird land paradise

A bit different from other Facebook games, In Birdland Paradise, you can breed the birds. Make fun with beautiful parrots, amazing cockatiels, Eclectus and many other birds flying in the game. The spinning wheel is making the game more excited. You can spin it once a day to breed any of your pet bird magically.


  1. The game is easy to play. Everything is well explained in the game tutorial.
  2. Set and decorate the aviaries with the help of beautiful forests, mountains, waterfalls and other eye-catching themes.
  3. Request your Facebook friends to play with you, so you both will be able to take care of the birds together.
  4. Breed the birds nicely, earn rewards and unlock new opportunities.

9: 8 Ball Pool:

8 ball pool

Personally, I’m addicted to this game from past 1 year. 8 Ball Pool is a virtual pool game with millions of active players. Moreover, you can compete with friends, play with random players from all over the world and participate in tournaments to win rewards. The game is developed by Miniclip and one of the most played and best Facebook games. You can also play it as a guest without logging your Facebook account.


  1. Play with your friends, bet them, beat them and earn coins from them.
  2. The game is free to play but you can also buy the credit to upgrade your things.
  3. In 8 Ball Pool, you can refine your expertise using the practice area of the game.
  4. Spin the ring once a day to win up to 10000 coins.

10: Mighty Party:

mighty party

The last game I’m listing here is none other than the Mighty Party. It is a ninja type fighting game letting you beat the players from all around the world. You gonna find Mighty Party superb and the most addictive fighting game once after playing it. It’s also simple, one click will push you to the battlefield and required only 3 minutes to win. You can compete with your friends to win rewards and unlock the new ninjas.


  1. Well, tactical, the game is easy to play and the battlefield is fast-paced.
  2.  Unlimted avatars can be unlocked with their own powers and weaknesses.
  3. You can power up your gameplay characters by spending the coins you earned.

I hope you will enjoy playing these best Facebook games. The list is not based on top-ranked games, It is based on the games that are best to play with your friends on Facebook. May be the game you loved to play is not included in the list. But don’t get mad at me, Just comment your favourite game in the comments section below. You may now need to install Facebook Gameroom to play games on Facebook.

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