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Top 10 Android Apps for Disabled People

People with disabilities are not disabled anymore. There are millions of people around the world with different problems and disabilities in their body. It was hard to survive with that problem in past, but not now. People are utilizing the technology on a right path to help them manage things. Today, I’ve decided to make a list of top 10 Android apps for disabled people.

Some people face the problems of hearing while some may have physical issues. But trying these Android apps will help them use the Android phone in the same way a normal person does.

Top 10 Android Apps for Disabled People:

There is a bunch of apps available on play store which makes a smartphone able for disable people. Developers are sensitive to feel the pain of people with disabilities. Here, I’m sharing the top 10 best Android apps for disabled people. Let’s get started!

1) Bayan Quran:

quran byanAlhamdullilah, we are born Muslim and it is an assumption to recite the Holy Quran on regular basis. It is hard for blind people to recite it as they can’t see anything. Bayan Quran, among the best Android apps for disabled people, is specially designed for them.

Mainly, the app is for both normal and disabled people. But the feature “Quran player” is specially built for those Muslims who can’t see. Anyone can use the Quran player easily by setting up the range of verses. What you need to do is set up the range and the number you want to repeat it and it will start teaching you.

Download it for free.

2) TripTripHurray app:

triptriphurryPlaying your holidays but don’t know how to get started as you are living with any kind of physical problem? Don’t worry TripTripHurray app is there to help you out. It is a travel booking platform targeting the disable people. TripTripHurray app can help you book your tours, accommodation, public transport, hotel, places, or anything related to your trip without mattering your disabilities.

The best thing I love about this app is that It is not limited to a country or area, you can use it worldwide. It provides the information about any city or country where you want to spend your holidays.

Download it for free.

3) Braille Tutor:

Braille TutorHaving a blind baby can be the hardest moment for any parent. But still, you can do the best for him/her by education him/her. The first thing every blind person should do it to learn the Braille language. This is something more than important if you want him/her to survive in this world and there nothing better then Braille Tutor to learn it.

This app can teach your kid  26 different Braille alphabets with pronunciation. The app of free for Android users and it can be downloaded from play store.

Download it for free.

4) Spread Signs:

spread the signWith over 200k signs, Spread signs Android app can help every single deaf person having an Android smartphone. It is must for every deaf person to learn the signs language as it is their only way to communicate with people. Using the Spread signs app, a deaf person can learn many languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and etc. The app is well known for being the world’s largest signs dictionary.

Download it for free.

5) Avaz App:

AvazThis app is specially built for those kids who are affected by autism spectrum disorders, Cerebral Palsy, and other basic speech problems. It helps those specials kids with autism and other disabilities to talk and speak using the special images.

Avaz app has different pictures for different situations to help the children speak in them. It is an AAC app that uses the special symbol pictures and synthesis to create the special messages. Recently, they have changed the complete design of their app to give a totally unique and caregiver-friendly interface to the users.

Download it for free.

6) Text-To-Speech Extended:

text-speechIt is one of the best Android apps for disabled people who can’t talk properly but can write. Even it is a must carry for those buddies too who can’t read or see properly but keep receiving text messages. Using this special app, you can listen to all the text messages you are receiving in your inbox and reply to those messages using your voice.

Download it for free.

7) Keyboard for Dyslexics:

Keyboard for DyslexicsIf you know someone who has been affected by dyslexia then he/she can give a try to this app and believe me, its perfect. If someone is having problems to understand the structure of keyboard then Keyboard for Dyslexics rearrange this characters completely.

It set all the alphabets in a sequence on the keyboard like A, B, C, D, E, F, G, so a person suffering from Dyslexics can easily write them.

Download it for free.

8) Alexicom AAC for Android:

Alexicom AAC for AndroidThis app turns your Android device into an augmentative communication device. It comes with thousands of augmentative communication pages and pictures. With the coordination with AT&T, Alexicom AAC for Android is now offering the special AT&T natural voices output to give the users a nice communication experience.

Alexicom AAC for Android is including Child Intermediate, PicSpeechmaker, Child1, Child2 and many other pages to help the special kids too.

Download it for free.

9) Gabby Tabs – AAC for Kids App:

Gabby Tabs9th app among the best Android apps for disabled people, Gabby Tabs – AAC for Kids is specially designed for the kids. It is easy to use and the best alternative app to augmentative. It encourages and helps the non-verbal kid to communicate properly with anyone around. The app will is not free and will cost you about $10 one time. It also corrects the grammatically mistakes from the pages that are checked and read.

Buy it right away.

10) Samsung LOOK AT ME:

samsung look at meThis app is designed for autistic children to improve their socialization skills and give them a better life. Samsung LOOK AT ME can help your special kid to remember the faces, learn read moods and much more. I love this app because it’s a game type app, so special children can learn things while playing it.

Samsung LOOK AT ME app is designed for the Samsung devices but it is also comfortable with other Android smartphones. Playing it for only 20 minutes a day will improve the social skills of your special kid by 50-60 percent.

Download it for free.

 If you know someone who is disabled, do share this article with him/her and it can be a life-changing moment for them. Those apps for disabled people are well enough to make their lives easier.

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