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PC games are getting updates with new interesting and experimenting things. As the Graphic cards are getting more powerful, the games are coming with more realistic features. PC is the only platform where the game can be personalized on your own taste. That is the only reason you can’t compare any gaming console with PC. If you just bought a gaming PC and looking for a best and light horror game then this article might help you. Today, I am going to share Slender Man game download, which is one of the best horror gaming series of all times.

Slender Man Game Download:

Slender Man game is a horror game series which was launched in June 2009 for the first time. You must need to have a brave heart if you want to play this game because the game is just a bunch of horror scenes. Basically, the game is based on Urban legend and available in both 3d(most recommended) and 2d version.

Slender Man game 1

What you need to do in this game is just handle a slender man with creepy fear. For your information, Slender was is not a real character, it was just created in a photo contest and ended up with freaky scary game series. The game is focusing on a minimalistic approach and it doesn’t have any weapons to fight. The slender man is seen very tall and thin with much longer arms. There are many versions of the Slender Man Game Download available. Let’s talk about few of them.

1. Slendrina Must Die – The Cellar:

Picking the dark corners of the houses, Slendrina Must Die – The Cellar is one of the scariest game in Slender Man Game Download for PC series. Just like the Crime case for Android, you need to find some paintings from the home to unveil some secrets. The real game will start after this. Your gameplay character will be thrown into the dark creepy place and you have to face all the challenges here & leave that place.


KOGAMA SLENDER is the 2nd edition of Slender Man game download series. In the game, You need to collect some specific pages around the trees in the jungle then a Slender Man will appear and summons your soul. Basically, your gameplay character in KOGAMA SLENDER game will be a small boy/girl playing, wandering and collecting papers around the woods and suddenly a Slender Man will appear. The real journey will start after this.


That one is a bit different from other games of the series. It is not only a collecting papers or dropping in the dark room. SLENDER WOODS is a puzzle type horror adventure game. Your game character is a guy who is tired of this life, so he leaves the city in search of peace. You’ll be lost in a dark room somewhere. Then you have to find out the flashlight first and then find a way to get out of the house & move toward underground tunnels. Play the game right now to learn more.


SLENDER THE ARRIVAL is the most famous version of Slender Man game download series. The size of this game is about 555 MB and you don’t need a really powerful system to play it. In the middle of the night, Your gameplay character will arrive at the friend’s deserted home. Here she will hear some voice from the backyard of the house shouting out for help. The myths of the SLENDER THE ARRIVAL game is fantastic. It is an extremely horror game showing a good example of flawed execution.

Slender Man game 2


Yet another horror game in which you need to survive for a long time. You’ll be in a forest at night just having a touch in hands with no company or anything else. Well, let me tell you something about the touch you have. It is your only companion but has a very limited battery time left. So you need to figure out yourself that where to use it and where not. Somewhere in the forest, the Slender Man will appear suddenly and the real terror will begin.


With a really perfect start, player of the game needs to find themselves in the Jungle alone just having a video camera with flashlight. And then the actual journey begins as usual after the appearance of Slender Man himself. There will be no sound in the forest other than the wind and the moments of animals in the background. You need to survive in the creepy environment of strange voices, freaky sign and other horror things.


THE CURSED FOREST is the 7th edition of Slender Man game download series. The game controls and gameplay of THE CURSED FOREST are not good as compared to the other versions of the series. This game is also based in a forest where you gameplay character will be chased by a Slender Man. You will be alone in woods with a single flashlight. The game also allows multiplayer mode.


Slender Mystery Camp 3d is the first 3d edition of Slender Man game download series. In this game, you need to collect the 8 pages from a dark spooky place. Not over here, after collecting all the paper, now you have to escape from the bloody Slender Man too. The game is including some things that don’t make any sense like the palm trees. Gameplay and controls of Slender Mystery camp 3d are pretty good.


With extremely low graphics, In Slender Micro you have to collect the 5 papers instead of 8 papers and face the 16-bit Slender Man. Slender Micro is an inspiration game of Slenderman 8 pages. Slender The Arrival is also developed by the same designers. You need to find some secret messages on 5 papers before Slender Man catch you and kill you. The game is full of scary background much and footprint voices.


If you want to kill the Slender Man, then this version of Slender Man game download series should be your first and last option. You need to find and collect 13 different energy cells from the unknown locations of the game. Remember! there is no map in the game. But this time you will be equipped with a laser gun, not a flashlight. You can use this gun to finish the game of Slender Man.


One of the most scariest games of Slender Man game download series is Slendytubbies 2. In the game, you will see some creepy and scary creatures looking at your every single move. The size of Slendytubbies 2 game is 280 MB which is not really large in size and you can play it on normal PC. The game includes 8 different location with the difficulty level from 1 to 25. You can manually choose any location and difficulty level.


Just like the other editions of Slender Man game download series, You need to find and collect 8 papers to get the secret messages before the killer Slender Man find you and kill you. But Slenderman Daybreak is in the daytime and you don’t have/need a torchlight. You may face some technical issues while playing the game related to mouse cursor and the ending of the game is not too good as expected.


In Slender Winter Edition, you are going to be lost in a big forest full of faceless creatures hiding behind the trees and trying to kill you. You need to kill them and washed them from the forest if you wanna escape and win the mission. At the end, the sleeping monster Slender Man will wake up and now you need to find the way to leave the forest without looking back.


This one is pretty different from the other versions of Slender Man game download. In Slendytubbies, the Slender man is not going to appear himself. He will get into the body of some harmless child bodies. It is also a night based game and you will have one flashlight.  These childish bodies can appear from anywhere and start screaming you. The sound is the game is too noisy. So don’t play it with sound if someone is sleeping in the home.


Standard in quality, Slender The Nine Pages is one of the most rated game in the series. As per the survey, it is the most scariest game of the Slender Man game series. The entire game is based in a basement of the house which contains some rooms and huge corridors. Most of the room are empty and some are locked with woods. You need to get out of that basement as early as possible. But the problem is that you player get tired too early while walking.

Slender Man Game Download Free for PC:

Download from Mobogenie.
Free download from Mediafire.
Download from Rockybytes.

Above are the 15 most popular versions of Slender Man game. Most of the games in this series are based in Jungle where you need to collect some papers and then get out of the Jungle saving yourself from Slender Man. While very few of them comes with a different ideology. There are few more versions of Slender man game series available that you can check out from here.

Slender Man now officially available for Android too. In the Android version of the game, you need to collect points while saving yourself from that long Slender Man. Even you can challenge your social media friends to play with them and beat them. Download it from here for Android.

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