How to Secure Facebook Account from Hackers

The world’s number 1 social media site Facebook is now a part of our everyday life. It is one of the primary sources to interact with our friends and family. So it is very important to secure Facebook account from anyone who can damage it. If your account gets accessed by strangers then it is going to be a big headache so you should take this matter seriously to protect your Facebook account. In this article, I will reveal some important tips that you can apply to secure Facebook account from hackers.

How to Secure Facebook Account:

Recently a Facebook account of my friend got hacked by someone and he lost his pages with million of likes. That’s why I decided to make a guide to aware you how you can secure Facebook account from strangers. Due to lack of security hackers have many options to harm you financially by conciliating your Facebook account. Everyone has very personal or private data on Facebook i.e. messages, chats, mobile phone number, email address, pages, groups and a lot of other information.

There are some essential and fundamental things that to protect and secure Facebook account from hackers. These steps are going to take your only a few minutes.

1) Apply a Strong Password:

In protecting and making your account secure, the first and the foremost step is to select a very strong password. A strong password would have a combination of small and capital letters along with numbers and special character as such %islamAbAd#and $ShOut92&. Avoid using common passwords like your mobile number, name and any other personal information.
If you want to change your Facebook password, go to Account Settings > General > Password.

2) Don’t Forget To Add Your Mobile Number:

Never forget to add your mobile number as it is essential to access back to your account if something wrong is happening with your FB account. If you have added you mobile number, you will get as SMS from Facebook related to the situation. If you have not added your mobile number yet, please go to Account Settings > Mobile add your mobile number. Confirming mobile number is one of the most important ways to secure Facebook account from hackers.

3) Avoid Opening Your Account on Other Computers:

Using only one device can be a better option to make your Facebook account more secure. If you will open your Facebook account on more than one devices such as from your friends PC or phone then your account can easily be hacked as your session is activated on IP address of that device. Only use the devices of your those friends/relatives who are trusted. Never save your password and login detail on other devices to protect your facebook account from them.

4) Never Click Spam Links:

This is one of the major problems with the new users who don’t know how the web actually works. They click on spam links in Facebook messages which are sent by known users. These links possibly have phishing software and scripts, which instantly get entrance to your Facebook password and email. So first cautiously watch the links and only click links which are clear and noticeable.

5) Activating Private Browsing Options:

This is a small tip that helps to make your Facebook account more safe and secure. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, enable the private browsing” option and it’ll protect you from hacking attacks. This option is also available in Google Chrome, open your Facebook account in a “new incognito window”. The browser will detect it automatically and you can enjoy safe and secure Facebook browsing.

To enable secure browsing manually, Login to your Facebook account, go to Account setting > security and enable secure browsing option from here.

6) Enable “Login Alerts”:

It is the another great option to secure Facebook account from hackers. By activating login alerts no one will be able to log in your Facebook account without your permission. When someone tries to log in your Facebook account from unrecognized devices, then it will ask them for a security code that will be sent to your mobile number.
If you want to activate this option, go to Account settings > security, edit the login approvals and enable it.

Facebook has done a lot of work regarding protection of your data from hackers and you just need to activate some default security features. to enable those features, go to the Settings > Account settings > security and activate all the security options from here to completely secure Facebook account. I will recommend you to enable at least 3 options from security i.e.  Login Alerts, Login Approvals and Trusted Contacts. The trusted contacts are those people who can help you in recovering your Facebook account.

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