PTA Claims to Test 5G in Pakistan By 2020

Well, say goodbye to the slow shitty internet because the 5g in Pakistan is coming soon. 5g(5th generation) internet will be the world’s most fastest and advanced internet beating down the 4g. The service is going to change the entire look of internet market soon. But before going ahead, I must need to tell you that what is 5g and how it gonna change your life.

What is 5G:

5th generation is a technology(internet) that is going to be launch after 4g and overtake it. The technology is not stabilized yet but the companies working on it are trying hard to launch it early as possible. In fact, some of the developed countries have already tried it on the trail basis but not in public. 5g will be the fastest internet service based and working on the IEEE 802.11ac broadband technology.

But to use the 5g technology, you may need to buy a new smartphone. Because the both cheap and expensive smartphone available in the market now doesn’t have support to 5g internet. So the new upcoming smartphone may have it integrated. It could be expensive for you. One more bad thing about 5g internet is that 5g will be overflowing the frequency range which could be dangerous.

The current fastest internet of the world 4g is capable of giving 100s Mbps(Mega Bites Per Second). But the 5g will be offering at least 1 Gbps(GagaBite Per Second) internet. The 5g is still under development but some manufacturing companies have already started creating products for it.

What will 5g Internet Give You?

  1. Increase in bandwidth up to 1000 times as compared to 4g internet service.
  2. You will be able to connect 100 times more devices.
  3. 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps internet speed as per customer demand. So you will be able to download an HD movie within few minutes. Unbelievable!
  4. 24/7 hours network availability with the drop chances on 0.001 percent.
  5. It will be covering 100% of your network.
  6. Will consume 90% less network energy as compared to current internet services.

PTA Claims to Test 5G in Pakistan:

PTA(Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) claims to launch and test 5g in Pakistan by 2020. In the initial stage, telecom users in Pakistan will be able to get the 1-gigabyte speed per second and later will be extended to 10 gigabytes per second. So the user will be able to pick the offer of their choices.

5g in Pakistan will use the ‘millimetre wave’ radio spectrum to carry the high amount of data in higher frequencies. Talking at the In­for­ma­tion Communication Tech­no­­logy in Rawalpindi, the Federal Minister for Information Technology Anusha Rehman said that:

Pakistan to be the first country in South Asia to launch and test 5g in Pakistan. Recenly, Pakistan also won the award of GSMA and now we are ranked third in the list of best telecom operator groups. By 2030, We will be providing atleast 1 mobile tower in every village per hundred users. Government is working hard to make the Pakistan digital.

Launching 5g in Pakistan will help is a lot in development the 5g system networks. Also, it will leave a great impact on the world about Pakistan and webmasters will also take a huge benefit from it. PTA also cleared that the mobile network providers of Pakistan can apply for the 5th generation internet from now. The difference between 4g and 4g will be huge in term of speed. As a report of the world bank, The fast speed internet can rise at least 1.4% of any country’s economic growth.

Keep in mind that the 4g internet we are using in Pakistan at a moment is the slowest 4g of the world. So don’t compare the 5g of Pakistan to the 5g of other developed countries. But still, it will be 100 times more better and faster than 4th generation internet.

First Country to Test 5G services in South Asia:

The proud moment for us, Pakistan will be the first country in entire South Asia to launch and test 5g. And in Pakistan, well-known Zong a china mobile company working in Pakistan as a mobile network operator is expected to test the 5g at first just like they do it with 4g. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is working with Qualcomm to make the things possible. Qualcomm stated that everything we created has the limitless ability to open up the 5g.

“Government of Pakistan will give a chance to every stable as well as new companies to test the 5G in Pakistan.” said Chairman PTA. The chance will be given through a free test license or spectrum. UAE is also planning to launch 5g by 2020.

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