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How to Promote Facebook Page for FREE Complete Guide

Online advertisement is the best part of promoting business. Facebook is the largest social media site and the best-recommended platform for business promotion. It is a dream of every newbie to promote their FB pages, but they don’t have enough budget for it.Your Facebook page can be one of your organisation’s richest sources of interaction, R&D and lead generation. It is a great place to promote Facebook page and get thousands of fans with timely and focused effort. But do you know that Facebook allows you to promote your page for free? You can promote Facebook page free for $25.

How to Promote Facebook Page for FREE

Promoting Facebook page for free is not a trick basically, it is a legal method. Facebook allow you to promote your page totally free for the first time if you didn’t advertise from that account before. Large companies and brands spend too much money resources on their Facebook marketing efforts. I am here for those newbies who want to promote their FB pages for free. Today, I will tell you that how you can promote Facebook page for free and this method is 100% legal.

Tutorial outlines:


  • Facebook account(from which you’ve not advertise before)
  • Facebook page.
  • A Payoneer credit card or any local bank credit card that allow internet banking.
  • An attractive post that can attract more audience.

Steps for promoting page for free:

1- First of all login to your Facebook page by clicking on the small icon on the right side of the screen .
2- Click on the “Boost Post” under the post you want to promote. Or click on the Promote Page or Promote website, If you want to promote them.

click on boost post

3- Now select your Audience, add you budget under $25 and click on boost post.

select your budget

4- Enter the detail of your credit card with $0 and click on Boost.

add payment info

That’s it. Now it will start promoting your Facebook page or a particular post in just a few minutes.

My Personal experience:

Let’s talk about my personal experience about promoting FB page for free. My experience is excellent with this great feature of Facebook. I boosted my Facebook page a few days ago for free and got a perfect result. I got 65,000+ people reach, 4.5k likes and 308 shares from that boost. Here is the proof in below picture.


The above trick is 100% working, and you can use it anywhere. It is not necessary to spend money on promoting FB pages.  You can promote facebook page for free first, and if it is working and giving a good result, then you can start investing money. If you have any question or confusion related to this article, feel free to ask in comments below.

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  • Wow! That’s a helpful journal…. I will try it for my page
    I get back n leave a feedback after trying… Hope it works.

  • I am doing facebook promotion for my clients, Here my quetion is how many times I can use my credit card for my different clients (Different Pages) ?

  • Hey, bro
    Facebook Page Promotion, as well as free ahref account post, is great.But, I can’t grab those deal because of I’ve no Payoneer Credit Card as well as Credit Card.So, can u help me how can I get a Payoneer Credit Card.
    Please reply to my email.

  • This is great trick, you are having a great knowledge, I appreciate your efforts and thanks you for such an awesome tricks.
    Do look at my facebook page boosted from your trick from website

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