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How to Play PTCL Smart TV on Browser

Did you ever used PTCL smart TV on your PC? PTCL smart TV app is free for the users using 4 MBs internet. If you are a 4 MB internet user then you can also enjoy it for free. You can watch this free smart TV on your mobile, laptop browser. To use this Free PTCL smart TV on your smartphone you have to download their app from play store or iTunes and install it. Then run the app enter your username & password and start watching TV for free. Is it not easy? I already have explained PTCL Smart TV app download in my previous post.

Yes, It is. But the trouble comes when you want to watch the PTCL smart TV on your browser. Almost every user I know failed to run it on PC/laptop browser. According to the officials of PTCL, you can run PTCL smart TV only on Mozilla Firefox but it actually doesn’t work on Firefox too. Is it not surprising 😛 ?

Follow me and get the job done!

Play PTCL Smart TV on browser:

PTCL smart TV doesn’t work on the simple Mozilla Firefox. I did a lot of searches to play and watch PTCL smart TV on my laptop browser and finally, I got success. This smart TV can actually run in the ESR Version of Firefox. So you have to make sure that you are using the ESR version of Firefox if you want to play PTCL TV on it. Before going ahead, download and install the ESR Firefox version from here and install it on your laptop/PC.

If you have already installed Firefox on your laptop then follow the below steps to check that the browser you installed is ESR or not.

1. First of all, open the Firefox that you just installed on your laptop and click on the menu button from the top right corner of the screen. Click on the circled question mark from the menu as shown in the pic below.

check ESR version firefox

2. A new Window will now appear on the right top side of the screen. Click on the About Firefox from here.

Watch PTCL smart TV on browser

3. From here you can say and check that either the Mozilla Firefox you downloaded is ESR version or not.

Firefox ESR

That’s it! now you can run the PTCL smart TV on your browser(That ESR Mozilla you downloaded). Below is a complete and step by step guide to install, download and watch PTCL smart TV on the browser. Let’s get started with the guide.

1. Open any web browser on your laptop and go to the  & click sign in.

2. Now enter your username and password here. Make sure that you have installed the  “verimatrix view right”.

3. Click on the download button from the main menu and the app will start downloading.

PTCL smart TV app download

4. Open the setup once after downloading, install it and click finish after completing the process.

5. Now the main part comes, Open the ESR version of Mozilla Firefox that you installed recently and go to the

Watch PTCL live TV on Browser

6. Click on the sign in button, enter your username and password and start watching PTCL live TV for free.

This is a complete guide that you can use to watch PTCL smart TV on the browser. You can also pdf guide for installing PTCL smart TV on your PC from here. With the help of this guide you can download, install and setup the PTCL smart TV on your PC.

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