Pakistan is Under Attack Of WannaCry Ransomware, July 2017

WannaCry, A new virus shutting down the computers globally.  Hundreds of countries and organizations are attacked by this virus and Pakistan in one of them. WannaCry Ransomware in Pakistan? Yes, it is, your personal data is not saved anymore.

It is actually a malicious software which attracts the systems, locked up your personal and important data then they will demand the few hundreds of bugs from you. Wanna get back your data, simply pay them and they will restore it.

Ransomware in Pakistan:

As per a report, more than half million systems worldwide are attacked by this malware and Pakistan is maintaining 1st in the list. Pakistan’s  government insurance firm also updated an alert about the Ransomware in Pakistan.

WannaCry Ransomware is active since the middle of July 2017. It is based on one of the NSA developed tools and the group managing it is popular for the name “Shadow Brokers”. Many of the large companies, media networks and organizations advised their works to not use the computers in the absence of IT experts.

WannaCry Ransomware

UK, USA, Russia, China, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Vietnam and Taiwan are the other countries affected by this virus.

Recently, Microsoft0 took the step against the WannaCry Ransomware and blamed one of the USA spy agency which played an important role in creating those massive problems.

What is WanaCry Ransomware?

Well, It is a computer virus which can cost you in hundreds of dollars(Bitcoin). The virus is created by a group of unknown hackers in NSA developed tool. These tools are designed by NSA(US national security agency) to attack and control Windows PCs. NSA developed tools were laterally leaked by a group “Shadow Brokers” for a public.

WannaCry Ransomware can encrypt and lock up all of your computer systems until you pay them some bugs in Bitcoins.

How WanaCry Spread?

No body is actually sure about it but there could be many ways. It is one of the most dangerous cyber attacks of all the times. According to the researchers, WannaCry malware spread automatically through a self-spreading program. The virus attacked ATMs machines in India recently, so the government had to close all the ATMs for 2-3 days.

The second possible reason is that it can attack a computer when the user mistakenly clicks on a link or download the file containing this malicious.

It can automatically any Windows system which is outdated or not installed a new update released by Microsft recently.

How WanaCry affected SKMCH:

The focus of WannaCry is to attack the hospitals and government organizations. WannaCry Ransomware in Pakistan is spreading vastly. It is reported that the virus tried to attack different computers in SKMCH(Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Lahore) in the middle of the day when they all were switched on. It was a Red pop-up messaged appeared on those computers.

Luckily, the Authorities took action on time and requested all the staff of SKMCH to switch off all the computers immediately without taking any action.

In Russia, few of computers in many police station were attacked by the WannaCry. Moreover, It causes shutting down all the operations in different hospitals of UK.

How it Effects Your Computer?

It’s simple, The virus will encrypt and lock everything on Your PC including its database and all of your important data. Then the virus will ask you for few hundred dollars in form of virtual currency Bitcoin. If you pay them, they will free your system, If not they will wash it.

Is Your Computer on Risk?

Yes, It is, If you are running in Windows operating system and don’t have the latest update released by Microsoft recently. The new update was released by Microsoft after the massive increase of attacks.

What Microsoft release Virus update?

I already told you about the action taken by Microsoft. They also released a new update for Windows after this. This massive update by Microsoft will try to save you and fix the issues of vulnerabilities and other hacking tools leaked by “Shadow Brokers”. Also, Microsoft released an update named “various security hotfixes” to fix the WannaCry Ransomware issues. Using this update is more than easy to use. Just download it, extract files and run every file one by one.

Download NSA Windows update.

How to Protect Your Computer?

Well, you actually can’t protect your PC from WannaCry Ransomware 100%. Below are the few tips that may help you in getting rid of viruses.

  1. Install paid and high-rated Antivirus software on your PC, Setup firewalls and run intrusion detection programs.
  2. Never click on the links which look untrusted.
  3. Update your Window regularly and never use a nulled version.
  4. Block all the RDPs and SMBs.

WannaCry Ransomware in Pakistan is increasing very vastly and your PC is not saved at all. I actually don’t want you to lose you data and money because I care about you guys. Follow the above steps and apply them on your PC if you were sleeping before.

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