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Best Online Payment Methods in Pakistan

Online business is getting too much popularity in Pakistan from past few years. Daily hundreds of people are stepping into this field. Even the number of freelancers in Pakistan is increasing every single month. But due to lake of interest by the government, Pakistani freelancers are facing too many problems. One of the biggest problems is that Pakistani online workers have very few options to send or receive money in the internet market. Some are not even aware of online payment methods available in Pakistan. The best thing in your business is receiving payments. But what to do, If you don’t know how to receive your payments.


If you are facing the same problem, then keep reading this article. It will help you a lot in finding online payment methods in Pakistan that are best for you.

Finding a right gateway for e-commerce services is also a serious matter in Pakistan. Local banks in Pakistan are also providing payment gateways/Merchant account services. But they are very expensive and unfortunately the beginners can’t afford it. There are only a few cheap payment gateways and best alternatives to PayPal are available in Pakistan. So friends from e-commerce business can also read this article to choose right online payment method for their business.

Best online payment services in Pakistan:

Every online worker knows that PayPal is the largest platform to send and receive money online. But unfortunately, PayPal is not available in Pakistan. Therefore, I’ve decided to write this article to tell about some alternatives to PayPal that you can use to send and receive online payments.

There are many online payment methods in Pakistan, but they all are not trusted. Some are very expensive and some are slow in processing. I will tell you about those best online payment methods in Pakistan which are trusted, affordable and best for you.

Best Alternatives to PayPal:

You must have a bank account, credit card, National Identity card and all other necessary things to complete the registration on that websites I’m sharing with you.

1) Payoneer:


Payoneer is a USA based online service that sends you a Master Card on you mailing address. You can directly receive money through that Master Card and withdraw money from it using the Fasial Bank, MCB, Askari Bank, Allied Bank ATMs. Over 90% of Global online companies and earning sites pay through Payoneer. They also give you a USA based bank account that allows receiving companies payments.

Now you can download money from Payoneer to your local bank account directly by just few clicks. The minimum account you can withdraw to your bank account is $200. Over 150,000 webmasters are joining Payoneer every month. To receive your Payoneer Master card, you just need to create an account on Payoneer; then they will send you Payoneer Mater card on your address. After having received that card, you can withdraw money from your Payoneer account anywhere in Pakistan.

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Payoneer card allows a total limit of $10000. You can spend daily $5000 online shopping from that card and withdraw limit is $2500. If you have $5000 is Payoneer, then you can withdraw $2500 and spend $2500 online in a single day. They will charge you $3.15 for per ATM withdraw and there is no fee to withdraw money in bank account directly. So In my view, Payoneer is on top in online payment methods in Pakistan.

2) Skrill/Money Bookers:


Skrill was previously known as “Money Bookers” got the second position in the list of best online payment methods in Pakistan and alternatives to PayPal. You can use Skrill service online purchasing, sending money, and receiving money online. Skrill services are available in 150+ countries and almost 70% of freelancing companies accept Skrill. You can use Skrill in your e-commerce business as a merchant account to enable “Pay through credit/debit card“.

You just need to have a bank account, credit/card and postal address to starting sending and receiving money online.

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You can sign up for a Skrill account using your legal name, email address, postal code and phone number. After signing up, you can attach your bank account to it. To verify your bank account, they will debit the amount of $3 to your account. Make sure that you have at least 500 PKR in your back account. Once after verifying your bank account they will attach it to your Skrill account. Most of overseas Pakistanis are using Skrill to send money to Pakistan. So Skrill/Money bookers are also one of the best online payments methods in Pakistan to send, receive money.

3) 2Checkout:


One of the best online payment methods in Pakistan is 2Checkout. The fee and rates of 2Checkout are same exactly as PayPal. This service allows you to accept payments globally. You can integrate 2Checkout in your in WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magneto as a payment merchant to enable “Pay through credit/debit cards”. It accepts all the main payment methods like Credit card, Debit Card and PayPal. For e-commerce, you can choose from 80+ currencies. You can connect a merchant account with payment gateway too in 2Checkout. The good news that there are over 300 security rules for each transaction, so It is safe and secure too.

Sign up for 2Checkout accunt
There is no setup and monthly fees in 2Checkout, even if you are processing more than $50,000 per month you can apply for a volume discount. They take only 1% of every payment you receive from outside the USA and 2.5% of currency conversion.

4) Payza(AlertPay):


The 4th one in the list of online payment methods in Pakistan is Payza. It is also known as AlertPay, the best alternative to PayPal for sending and receiving money online. It is available in more than 190 countries including Pakistan. The minimum amount you can withdraw to your bank account from Payza is $100. You can also add your ATM card with Payza issued by UBL and SCB. To attach your ATM card with Payza you just call your bank helpline and tell them to enable your card for usage. Now you can easily attach it. They will just deduct $3 from your card to verify it.

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Payza will cost you $20 for every single transaction to your bank account, and it will take up to 4 days in the transaction process.

5) Easypay:


The last gateway in Best online payment methods in Pakistan is Easypay. It is the first Pakistani Payment solution introduced by EasyPay (Telenor) to receive money online. It uses Easypaisa account for direct payment. You can integrate it into your e-commerce sites to accept payments online. Easypay accepts all types of multi-branded credit and credit cards transactions. They are using USSD technology to make all the payments safe and secure. You can make online purchases from Easypay supported e-commerce sites using your EasyPaisa mobile account.

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You can create Easypay account by visiting Telenor customer center too. There is no setup, monthly, yearly and transaction fees of Easypay. They only take 3% from credit/debit card payments and 2% from Easypaisa shop payments.


All of the companies mentioned above are providing best online payments services in Pakistan. All of those sites are free to join, and they don’t take single rupee for registration. They all are the best alternatives to PayPal, providing safe and secure transactions. They will only charge you few percentage of the money you are receiving.

If you’ve any question related to online payment methods in Pakistan, Let us know in the comment section below.

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