Now Recharge the Battery In Just 60 Seconds

Nowadays, the companies manufacturers are presenting the latest smartphones with great and updated features. These unique and impressive features make the smartphones more famous than older ones. If we differentiate between today’s smartphones with older ones, what is the most common thing we are gonna find?. The answer is that they both have the same battery. Older smartphones have limited features, and the colors of their screens looks dull. On the other hand, the latest smartphones are looking more beautiful rather than older phones. Today, I am gonna tell that how to recharge the battery in just 60 seconds.

Now Recharge the Battery In Just 60 Seconds:

The battery plays an effective and important role in smartphones. Every manufacturer wants to make such a phone which has a long life battery life. Some good manufacturers are also providing the smartphones with large batteries such as 3000mAh and 4000mAh. But the problem occurs when those batteries take longer time in charging. In other simple words, the batteries are old and don’t have any revolution in the last couple of years.

Owing to the serious issue regarding battery charging time, the scientist of Stanford University has invented such a different smartphone battery which can be recharge in just 60 seconds. This is the big news regarding battery up-gradation of this century. This new awesome battery is created with the material of Aluminum Graphite. The Aluminum Graphite are available in most of the countries so that these batteries can be manufactured easily. So now you will be able to recharge the battery in just 60 seconds.

The scientist says that those Aluminum Graphite batteries that they have invented can be used in place of alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are not friendly with respect to the environment. On the other hand, the lithium batteries also have the risk of blasting or firing. The scientist said that the Aluminium batteries risk-free.

Aluminium batteries have two kinds of charge with them. One is anode which carries the negative charge. The positive charge is based on graphite and called as the cathode. The scientist has filled these both charges in a small pocket with electrolyte process. Aluminium is known as best material but has some difficulties regarding its manufacturing.  With the help of this, cheap and longer time battery can be created.

Nowadays, we use lithium batteries in our smartphones, which takes a couple of hours to charge. Some of the manufactures like Samsung and HTC are also providing the batteries which take only 10 minutes for recharging of batteries. The fast burst mode gives 25% charging in just 15 minutes.

The Aluminium Battery will take only 01 minute or 60 seconds to recharge fully. This battery is checked in lab approximately 7500 times in charge & discharge mode, and the result found is 100% satisfied. On the other hand, lithium batteries fail down after 1000 times of their testing in lab.

The scientist says that these batteries can be effective in all sorts of its application such as smartphones batteries, Storing Electric Power, Electronics, and Automobile etc.  After satisfactory lab testing, these batteries will be available in the market soon. Battery alert is the best app that you can download to get alerts about your smartphone battery.

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