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Mobile repairing is one of the profitable businesses in Pakistan. You can also get into that business easily by learning mobile repairing. To repair smartphones, you must need to have the in-depth understanding of smartphones. You will need to find out how cell phones and their internal component works. If you want to learn mobile repairing, then you don’t need any rocket science for it. Even you can learn it if you don’t know English or you are uneducated. There are many online mobile repairing books in Urdu, courses and Youtube tutorials. And today, we are going to share them with you.

Mobile repairing books in Urdu:

In this article, we will share you the best courses, tutorials and mobile repairing books in Urdu that allows you to learn mobile repairing in a structured and simple way. Those mobile repairing courses are created by people who have expert knowledge of repairing smartphones. The courses/tutorials we are going to share covers all the major faults of mobiles. Let’s take a look at them.

Mobile repairing online resources:




It is a website by MM Tahir. They provide mobile repairing course in the Urdu language through video tutorials, notes and diagram. gives you a course with over 65 lectures included. This institute is also offering offline mobile repairing course so if you are in Islamabad or Rawalpindi then you can visit their institute to learn practically. Below are the few free tutorial and notes by

Watch the video tutorials of
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This is another best website for those who want to learn mobile repairing online. Muhammad Asif is the trainer of this online mobile repairing course. Their book includes all the basic things about mobile software and hardware.

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This is mobile repairing website that provide tutorials in urdu language. They designed this site to help those Pakistanis who want to learn mobile repairing but can understand English. They will help you through video tutorials, pictures and hints to learn mobile repairing easily.

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It is a website which provides mobile repairing book in Urdu written by Muhammad Asif. This course was created in 2011 and having a large number of students. Mobile repairing book by Muhammad Asif is not free, and you need to pay full fees in advance to get it. The book of this tutor is available online and the course is available both online and offline. It includes almost every sort of mobile hardware and software.

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5) Sheikh Ali Hassan

Sheikh Ali Hassan teaches mobile repairing in Urdu through Youtube video tutorials. His video course contains 33 video lectures which can help you in learning mobile hardware repairing. His course almost cover all the problems related to mobile software and hardware. Below are the stepwise video tutorials of this great course.

6) Nicon:

Nicon is a highly trusted technical institute in Karachi. They are offering many courses, but you can learn mobile repairing for them. They developed a course for you to develop skill in the field of mobile software and hardware repairing. Their course includes repairing keypad, battery, charging, on/off Button, signal Reception, LCD, LED, Bluetooth, WiFi, Power, microphone, mouthpiece, speaker, earpiece & solutions and all the major problems of smartphones. If you want to learn mobile repairing from them, click on the below link to visit their website.

Visit the official website of nicon

7) IPED Institute

Institute of professional education and development (IPED INSTITUTE) one of the leading institute in Rawalpindi Islamabad. They are offering mobile repairing course from a to z. The mobile repairing course in Urdu is basically offline, but if you are outside the Rawalpindi and Islamabad, then you can buy their online course also.

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 These are the seven online available courses for mobile repairing. We all know that mobile repairing is the high earning business in Pakistan. So you can get into this business easily by learning mobile repairing in Urdu from above courses, books and tutorials. Urdu Text Supporter is the best app that allows you to write Urdu on your smartphone. Click here to download it.

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