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How To Make YouTube Kids-Oriented with the YouTube Kids App

YouTube has now re-launched in Pakistan. So the parents must be worried about their kids as YouTube has so many videos that are not good for them. To avoid this, YouTube introduced a Youtube Kids App that makes it easy to set up kids-safe videos on all Android and iOS Devices.

Introduction to YouTube Kids- App which can make YouTube Kids-Oriented:

YouTube is a great platform for video lovers as they can find videos of their choice. You can find everything under the one roof. If you want to watch and listen to music, comedy clips, TV  serials or anything, YouTube is here for you. You can also watch and download so many educational and tutorial videos on the topics of your choice. But there are also thousands of videos on the Youtube that are the adult and not good for the young kids. 

YouTube is incredible for nosy adults, but we should take over kids away from these types of content because it is unsuitable at their age level. That’s why most of the parents keep their children away from YouTube or have a close look worriedly to make sure that their kids are probing about to inappropriate video content.

Google also know about this situation. That’s why thanks to the Google which has introduced a new way which can make Youtube kids-oriented through the Youtube kids app. This app has a huge variety of videos for children that can keep them away from inappropriate and sexual videos and make the Youtube kids-oriented. This Youtube kids app is available for both Android and iOS. YouTube Kids app has four easily navigable categories having content appropriate to the age of kids. This app works well with the Google Chromecast and smart TVs.

Customizing The YouTube Kids App:

The YouTube Kids is very simple to use. You can easily download it from Playstore or iTune to install it on your device. After installation, launch the App and a parental lock mechanism will appear. As a default, the passcode system will be accessible by a kid who can read. They can easily decode the combination of numbers that generated randomly on each time when the app controls are accessed. This combination of figures can be changed.

Now the app will ask you to set the age group of your kids. This setting will affect the homepage videos and search engine suggestions for the kids. Once you have set the age group of your kids, now you have to turn the Search option of the app “ON” or “OFF”. I will suggest you don’t off the search option for them because it can help then in searching things that are good for them.

Cushioning The Suggested Videos:

After finishing setting, the main screen of YouTube Kids app will appear. You can use the icons at the top to navigate the screen. These icons can help your kids in finding videos according to the setting. To watch the videos of every section, scroll the side-wise and tap on video or channel you like. At the top most of the right corner there are Chromecast and Search icons.

Customizing the Setting:

In the settings menu, you will see the two options i.e. timer and settings. The timer setting allows you to set the timing for your kids from 1 to 120 minutes so that the app will get locked after that time. To open the app again, you have to enter the parent passcode.

There is a variety of ON/OFF switches you are going to see in the setting. If you are willing to switch off the background music and sound effects, you can do it under the Audio Tab. But this music and sound effects might be pleasurable for the kids. Here you can also manage the content control like casting and search options as well. Set the search to OFF so the kids will be able to watch only the suggested videos. In this section age group of kids can be adjusted.

You can also customize the passcode of Youtube kids app. I will recommend you to do this if you kid can write the simple number or he/she know that how to clear the search history and recommendations. Once you have made all of the above, you can give your Android or iOS device to your kids and let them watch.

Is it not an awesome app? Now you can handle over the smartphone to your kids. It will keep you kid away from getting involved in bad activities.  Do share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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