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Make Your Smartphone as a Remote Control for PC

Controlling PC from a mouse and keyboard is a suitable but a traditional way. Why you don’t try a new method to control your PC. Most of us know that we can control PC from the game controller but do you know that you can use your smartphone as a remote control for PC  too? Yes you can, you can use your smartphone as a keyboard and mouse for your PC. In today’s article, I am ging to tell you how you can do this.

Make Your Smartphone as a Remote Control for PC:

You have to install the Smartphone app and PC app called Unified Remote in order to make the smartphone as a remote control for PC. This app connects your Smartphone to the server app installed on your computer and allows it to send inputs regarding keyboard, mouse or any other remote control type inputs.

YouTube offers a pairing feature by which you can use your Smartphone as a remote control for YouTube playback on your PC. There is also an option to use your Smartphone as a remote control for VLC playback, but these solutions provide you very limited remote control options. The ideal option would be to use your Smartphone as a wireless mouse and keyboard. The unified Remote app is the best option to do this. The standard version is absolutely free while paid version offers many additional and specialized remote control functions.

The free version of Unified Remote allows you to make your Smartphone as a remote control for your PC. This app can easily be installed on an iPhone, Android phone and even on a Windows Phone. You can control a computer having Windows, Mac, or Linux as an operating system with the help of this app. This app communicates with your PC via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Below is the complete guide to making your smartphone as a remote control for PC.

1) Install the Server on Your Computer:

First of all, you have to download and install the Unified Remote server software according to the operating system you have, such as for Windows, Mac, or Linux. On Windows desktop, the app will install as an input driver which allow Unified Remote to control your PC.

The app will be launch automatically once after completing the installation process. You can also launch it from the start menu of your PC. It appears in the notification area. If you want to change its settings, right-click on it and select “Manager”.

2) Install the App on Your Smartphone:

After installing the server on your PC, now you have to install the app on your smartphone from Play store. Now you will see the option “I have installed the server” after launching the app, click on it and it will start scanning the to connect it with the PC that has Unified remote app. Your PC and smartphone should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network at the time of processing. It will show you the options after connecting, select the “basic input” from here to make your smartphone as a remote control for PC.

You will see many options there but the “Basic Input” function works perfectly. It will make your smartphone’s screen like a trackpad from where you can control the mouse cursor. This app completely works like a trackpad such as a single tap to click and a two-finger drag to scroll up and down will also work. Click on the keyboard icon in the basic input options to switch your smartphone to a keyboard from the mouse. Now whatever you do on this keyboard, it will send the input to your PC.

You can also try the more functions of Unified Remote app, they are also perfect. It also has the file manager option that allows you to control files on your PC from a smartphone.  You can also control the volume, mute, previous, next, pause/play and stop key presses to your PC through the media remote option of the Unified Remote. The Power remote let you restart, shut down, lock and log off your PC.

The game is not finished here, you can add more remotes by pressing the Plus button on your Unified remote app. For example, you can add a start remote that allows you to launch apps quickly from Start menu, Task Manager remote facilitates you to manage the running processes and a VLC remote gives you the facility to control the playback in VLC media player. You can buy the premium version of this app to add more remotes. The free version is best for you if you only want to make your smartphone as a remote control of PC.

There are hundreds of apps available that allows you to make your smartphone as a remote control for PC but they all are not perfect. Some of them are not fully featured while some don does not offer the cross-platform facility. The best thing about Unified remote is that is functional on all the operating system. It also allows you to connect more than one devices to the server.

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