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30+ Open Source Android Apps to Develop Your Skills

Want to be an Android app developer? Turn your Android device into a learning tool right now. I always talk about the technology and positive ways to utilize the smartphones. The craze of Android apps is moving toward the peak and many beginners want to learn Android development but they don’t get the right path.

I prefer practical work, not theory. I believe that learning is good to learn Android development using the open source apps, not papers. Basically, Android Itself is an open source operating system. But most of the Android apps are not available in open source as they developers behind those apps don’t want to showcase the code behind their apps.

What is Open Source Apps?

Apps simply mean applications and Open source is something (software, apps or anything) that people can modify in the way they want because their designs are publicly accessible.

Open source apps are those publicly designed apps with open source code, so anyone can edit, modify, enhance and inspect it.

List of Open Source Android Apps:

I suggest every beginner who wants to outclass his skills in Android development to go with open source Android apps. The main advantage is that you don’t need to start from zero, this is what I call smart work. All you need to do is edit the existing apps, modify, enhance them and redesign them in the way you want.

There is a huge range of open source Android apps are available on the web, but it is hard to find them out. Below is the list of some best open source Android apps that can help every individual to develop skills in apps.

1) AntennaPod:

AntennaPodIt is mainly a podcast listening app and I love using it on mine phone. Not because it is a podcast listening app but just because It has the open source option too. The app is same as the BeyondPod with fewer features but modern design and giving anyone the access to edit its source code and redesign it the app you want. AntennaPod is designed by podcast-enthousiast and it is available for free and there are no ads.

The main purpose of this app is to enable the Android users to manage their podcasts and help the beginners who want to learn Android development.

Download it right now.

2) Simple Calendar:

Simple CalendarOne of the best open source Android apps to go with if you are a starter. It is a simple calendar built with Kotlin. The simple calendar can help you get hands dirty in coding if you purely want to learn Android app designing via Kotlin. It is the completely new and one of the easiest languages to design Android applications.

You can one-Handley create setup reminders using the simple calendar. This open source app is entirely free and available in Play store.

Download it right now.

3) Orbot:

orbitIf you are the one who loves to create Android web browsers, then no open source app can be better than Orbot. Introduced in 2008, Orbit is same the Tor browser. Mainly, it is a VPN browser giving the users access to browse the web securely.

Orbit browser also gives anyone to access its source code and modify it. It is one of the best open source Android app to start your practice.

Download it right now.

4) Muzei:

Muzei Live WallpaperOne of the best wallpapers apps available out there, Muzei now allows its users to do practice on the source code behind it. Moreover, It allows you to choose photos from your gallery, adjust the amount of blur, focus on a specific point and use it as the wallpaper on your home screen.

The source code of Muzei is available and you can get it for free. They also enable the users to build their own wallpaper source using their simple API.

Download it right now.

5) LeafPic:

LeafPic GalleryGalleries are the most widely used Android apps these days. It must be a happiness if you get the source code behind any top class gallery. Yes, It’s non-other than the great LeafPic Android gallery. LeafPic is material-designed open-source Android app under the license of GPLv3.

I personally preferred this app for the beginners as it is simple and easy to understand. The best part if LeafPic is that the implement dynamic theming for which a lot of developers struggles.

Download it right now.

6) Firefox for Android:

mozillaI’m not kidding, Firefox for Android is actually an open source Android app. Not only for Android, but It is also open source for Windows. The disclose their source code with the release of Firefox 54. With more than four content processes, the open source of Mozilla Firefox brings multi-process.

Download it right now.

7) Easy Sound Recorder:

Easy Voice RecorderI’m trying to include then open-source Android apps from different categories, that’s why I’m listing the Easy Sound Recorder here. It is simple and easy to use open source sound/voice recorder app for Android. If you are a starter and interested in Android manipulation then start your journey with Easy Sound Recorder right away.

Download it right now.

8) PhotoAffix:

PhotoAffixPhotoAffix is a photo stitching app which is also available for anyone to get their Android development career started. Using this app you can easily stitch your apps from vertically or horizontally. Their coding is standards and recommended for every beginner who wants to learn the basics of Android app development. Talking to the developers behind the PhotoAffix app, they said they kept practices in mind while creating this app.

Download it right now.

9) Signal:

signalSignal is one of the most used Open source Android apps by beginners. It enables the users with end-to-end encryption for voice calls and messages. Those who are interested in encryption can give a try to Signal Android app. The app was initially available for the Android developers only but you iOS users can also take benefits of it.

Download it right now.

10) MovieGuide:

MovieguideI’m using this app over a year, not for the practice but for movies recommendations. They simply list the top trending and upcoming movies with trailers and reviews. What makes this app best is the elegant design and a worthy look. They have showcased the  RxJava, Dagger 2 and MVP pattern. Do give it a try if you want to earn some bucks through Android development.

Download it right now.

11) DuckDuckGo:

duckgoduckIt is a search engine just like the DuckDuckGo claims that it is the best search engine after Google because it works anonymously and doesn’t track its users. It is also available in play store with source code for free. So if you looking to make your own searching app but don’t know where to start then here is the DuckDuckGo to start with.

Download it right now.

12) AnExplorer:

anexplorerOne of the best open source Android apps, AnExplorer is specially designed for the tablets. It is minimalistic and a well-looking Android manager has a lot the things to start your career with. You can learn, modify, erase file handling, root management, loaders, custom views using the source code of AnExplorer.

Download it right now.

13) Timber:

timberYou might be thinking that It is a social app but actually, It is a beautifully designed music player for Android. If you are the one who always wanted to create his own Music player, then the source code of Timber is always here to help you out. You may face some difficulties with Timber as a starter because it is a big project and not easy to handle. But most recommended for the intermediate or advanced level Android developer.

Download it right now.

List of Some More Open Source Android Apps.

  1. AnotherMonitor: It is an Android processor and performance monitoring app with open source.
  2. InstaMaterial: A social sharing app for those who want to learn Material Design skills.
  3. CoCoin: It is a personal accounting and finance management app with free source code.
  4. OmniNotes: Just like the Evernote, It is a not take app but with free source code for learners.
  5. Clip Stack: A clipboard managing app allowing the students to use its source code without any cost.
Name Download Free/Paid
Pedometer Download Free
 Wally Download Free
 Turbo Editor Download Free
Kiss Download Free
Travel Mate Download Free
Super Clean Master Download Free
 Clip Stack Download Free
 OsmAnd Download Free
Muzei Download Free
Dash Clock Download Free

I shared the different open source Android apps above and all of them are from different categories. These source codes can be useful if you want to start your career with Android apps developments. Once you learn, It has a lot of potentials to make thousands of bucks. Mention any other app in the comment section below if you want me to include it in this list.

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