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How to Withdraw Funds from Fiverr in Pakistan

Fiverr provides you with an easy way to make money online with minimum skills.  The main problem every new freelancer face in Pakistan is how to withdraw the online earned money. This is just because PayPal doesn’t operate in Pakistan. Some of the newbies are looking for the PayPal alternatives while some are searching for the possible ways with good rates to withdraw funds from Fiverr.

withdraw funds from Fiverr

Payza is one of the best PayPal alternatives that provides transactions in minimum rates. But unfortunately, It is not integrated with Fiverr, so you can’t withdraw money from Fiverr using Payza. So we need to find something else.

Withdraw Funds from Fiverr:

If are the one who is about the make money online and looking to cash your work hard then you just step on the right page. Today, I’m gonna teach you how you as a newbie can withdraw funds from Fiverr living in Pakistan.

I never take Fiverr as a serious business. But I see many people taking Fiverr is a permanent full-time job and making millions from it. What I love about Fiverr is that you don’t need any special expertise or pass the interview to get started with this it.

Recently, I shared the easiest way to make money with WhatsApp. If you’ve read that article then you can easily offer these services on Fiverr. You can offer anything on Fiverr from professional web development to Dancing.

fiverr services

It is a completely different topic to discuss the ways to earning money online. So here I’ll be just talking about the best methods to receive your Fiverr earning.

Three Different Ways to Withdraw Money from Fiverr:

There are three different possible ways for Pakistani freelancers to receive money from Fiverr. You can check them by logging into your Fiverr account > Sales > Earnings.

Fiverr payout options

We all know that PayPal doesn’t operate in Pakistan and there is no legal way to sign up for PayPal using a Pakistani IP address. So let’s kick the PayPal out of our guide. There are now two methods remaining, Fiverr revenue card and Bank transfer.

In both methods you will need the Payoneer account and here is the complete guide to use Payoneer in Pakistan. Let’s talk about the back transfer first as It is more reliable for quick payouts.

Withdraw Money from Fiverr Using Bank Account:

Well, I always prefer bank transfer on both Payoneer card and Fiverr revenue card as you don’t need to wait for many to get the plastic card.

If you have at least $20(available for withdrawing) then you can use the bank transfer option to withdraw money from Fiverr. Let’s get started with the guide.

  1. The first thing you have to do is log in to your Fiverr account > Seller > Earning and click Bank Transfer.
  2. A new page will appear now, click on the Get Started button and they will as you to answer the security question. Always remember the Answer, I recently forgot it and still having issues with Fiverr to recover it.
  3. It will now redirect you to the Payoneer as I mentioned above you will need Payoneer in every case. Sign up to the Payoneer with the correct info.
  4. After signing up, they will ask you to add your bank account. Fill everything carefully, It can’t be changed later.
  5. Enter your bank name, branch name/code, IBAN(international account number), swift code and every other required information.
  6. Both Fiverr and Payoneer will send you a confirmation mail for further processing once your Payoneer is approved.
  7. You will receive the money with 10 days after confirmation email. Sometimes it takes up to one month to withdraw funds from Fiverr for you. So be patient.

Withdraw Money from Fiverr using Card:

Payoneer gives you multiple cards options to withdraw money from Fiverr.

1) Fiverr Revenue Card:

This card is also issued by Payoneer but has a label “Fiverr” on the top of it. Fiverr revenue card can be used in various ATMs and almost anywhere on the internet.

It will take between 20 to 60 days to arrive the card and it can be used only to withdraw money and make online purchases. However, It is a bit cheaper than the Payoneer master card.

The activation fee of this card is just $5(one time) and then it will cost you just $5 every year. Follow the below steps to order Fiverr revenue card.

  1. Log in to your Fiverr account > Seller > Earning and then click “Fiverr Revenue Card”.
  2. It will redirect you to the Payoneer website, fill all the information with correct shipping address.
  3. Your account will be approved within 2 days and the card will be sent on your address free of cost.

2) Payoneer Card:

The second card to withdraw funds from Fiverr in Pakistan is to use Payoneer Card. It is same as the Fiverr revenue card but comes with little more features.

It will take no more than 1 month to receive Payoneer card. The main advantage of this card over the above one is that It can be used to send and receive money to other Payoneer cardholders.

The activation fee of this card is $30 and It will also cost you $30 a year which is quite expensive. Follow the below steps for Payoneer card.

  1. Go to and create an account first.
  2. Log in to your Fiverr account > Seller > Earning and then click “Fiverr Revenue Card”.
  3. When It takes you to the Payoneer page, click on the I already have a Payoneer Account.
  4. Enter you Payoneer account login details and that’s it!

One you received the card either Fiverr revenue or Payoneer card, activate it and now its time withdraw your money. Go to your Fiverr account > Seller > Earning and then click “Fiverr Revenue Card”. They will send you a confirmation email. Your funds will be added to your card within 2 days. You can use this card in the top banks of Pakistan to withdraw money. If you are a freelancer and looking to start your own service providing site then you can apply for HBL payment gateway.

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