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How to Use and Withdraw Money from Payza in Pakistan

Payza, formally known as Alertpay is one of the best alternatives to PayPal in Pakistan. It’s an online international banking system covering hundreds of countries. You will need it if you are making money online and PayPal is not operating in your country. Payza in Pakistan got huge attention by users after they introduced their prepaid credit card.

Payza can be used as your default online payment method in Pakistan. It doesn’t matter in which country your business is based in. This online banking system provides to users multiple ways to withdraw money.

Payza in Pakistan:

Not only PayPal but the credit card issued by Payza is also one of the useful alternatives to all the best credit cards available in Pakistan. There are hundreds of online payment gateways available around the globe. But why I’m writing about Payza here is just because it is trusted by millions of users as an alternative to PayPal.

Payza in Pakistan

You may need some legal documents to use Payza in Pakistan professionally. They will ask you to verify your account with the ID card issued by Nadra and any utility bill with the same name. All you have to do is go to the support page of Payza, click Account SupportAccount Verification Inquiries and upload your documents. They will take about 4 days to verify you and after that, you are free to use Payza in Pakistan.

Withdraw Money from Payza in Pakistan:

They offer a number of ways to withdraw money from Payza in Pakistan. You can choose the right and easy method depending on your location.

Withdrawals in Bank Account:

The most common and easy way to withdraw money from Payza in Pakistan is the bank account. There are many top banks in Pakistan that allow you to integrate it with Payza.

The first transaction to your bank account will charge you $20. Mainly this $20 is verification fee. Once they verify your bank by sending money to your bank account then you will be charged only $15 per transaction. Payza in Pakistan usually takes between 2 to 4 days to send funds to the local bank accounts.

There are two different options Bank Transfer and Bank Wire to withdraw money. You will need to attach your bank account with Payza in order to use any of those methods.

  1. Login to your Payza account, select “Wallet” from the top left menu and click “Bank Accounts”.
  2. Now select Pakistan in the country to go forward.
  3. Now enter your bank account details which they ask like bank Name, Address, ABA, Swift code, and account number.
  4. Check all of your entered details carefully and click “I Accept” button.
  5. Now you can withdraw money using Bank Wire or Bank Transfer option.
  6. Your bank account is connected now, Just go to the “Withdraw Funds” option from the top menu and select any of Bank Wire or Bank Transfer option.
  7. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and select the saved bank.
  8. Click Next, enter the Transaction PIN they provided and click Withdraw.

That’s it! It will take no more than 4 days to transfer funds to your bank account.

The Payza Card:

Yet another easiest way to withdraw money from Payza is using the Payza credit card(Payza Card). This is one of the greatest additions to Payza which was introduced a few years back. Unlike the Payoneer, this card will cost you $20 for the first time and it can be used on almost any ATM.

Your account must be verified through your ID card if you want to receive this credit card. Just click on the “Order the Card” button from your Payza account, select USD PrePaid Debit Card and then click “Next”.

They will ask you to verify your account, just submit your national identity card, a utility bill and then enter your home address to receive the card. Make sure that the address should be same on everything. Once you received the card, now follow the below steps to withdraw the funds.

  1. Click “Withdraw Funds” from the top menu of your Payza account and select “Payza Prepaid Card”.
  2. Select your currency and enter the amount you want to withdraw with your credit card.
  3. Now click the Withdraw button to confirm your transaction and it will not take more than a day to do it.


Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and worldwide payment system. It allows you to make transactions worldwide without a credit card. But why I’m talking about the Bitcoin here? Well its just because now Payza allows its users to withdraw money through Bitcoin. Is it not amazing?

If you have a Bitcoin wallet then you can use it to buy Bitcoins with your Payza balance and send it to your wallet. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Click “Withdraw Funds” from the top menu of your Payza account and select “Bitcoin”.
  2. Select the currency like USD, or anything else and enter the amount to withdraw.
  3. Enter the address of your Bitcoin Wallet and click Next.
  4. Enter the transaction PIN you received and click Withdraw.

That’s it! These are the three most reliable ways to withdraw money from Payza in Pakistan. There are the couple of more methods to withdraw money like E-currency Exchanger Withdrawals. But it is a third part transfer service, so I’m not listing it here.

I hope this guide will help you to withdraw money from your Payza in Pakistan. Feel free to ask any question in the comments section below.

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