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How to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak

It was not easy to record iPhone screen in the past. People used to use the Jailbreak tweaks to record the screen of iPhone. But Jailbreaking the expensive phones was not a solution at all. Apple has changed too many things when it comes to record the iPhone screen. As the technology is improving vastly so now you don’t need to jailbreak or use any risky methods if you want to record the screen of your iPhone. Today, I am going to teach you that how you can do this.

How to Record iPhone Screen:

Apple has made it so easy to capture and record iPhone screen. Now there are many free and paid apps & methods that you can use to record the screen of your iPhone. Let’s take a look at three various methods that you can use in this matter. We all know that finding things for iPhone has always been complicatedm, so I created a list of top 5 best remote desktop clients for Mac OS X.

1. Using Mac OS X and QuickTime:

The first and most recommended way to record iPhone screen is using the QuickTime. This option is available for iOS 8, OS X Yosemite and above. QuickTime app presents the most simple way to record the screen of iPhone to tutorials, demos, presentations and anything else. You will need an iPhone with IOS or above, Mac OS X Yosemite or above and a USB cable that comes with the device in the box. You don’t need any third-party app, jailbreak or anything else to use the QuickTime app. Follow the below steps!

Download QuickTime player

1.  Connect your iPhone to your Mac with the help of USB cable.

2. Now open the QuickTime App/player (It comes free with all the devices that work on iOS 8 and above).

3. Click on the File button from the above button and select the New Movie Recording.

Using Mac OS X and QuickTime 1

4. Now a new window will appear with the front camera recording. Click on the small arrow button(Next to the record button) from the top menu of your screen and select your iPhone from there.

Using Mac OS X and QuickTime 2-Recovered

5. Select the Mic of your iPhone if you want to record the voice over.

6. Now click on the record button and it will start recording your iPhone screen.

Using Mac OS X and QuickTime-Recovered

That’s it, Is it not easy?. If you press Cmd + T then you’ll be able to edit the video a bit before saving it.

2. Reflector 2:

Using the reflector 2 is a second most recommended method to record iPhone screen. Reflector 2 will cost you about $15 but it is really amazing. It comes with many features and frames that you can use to give a realistic look to your videos. It does not need a cable or Mac for it; you can use it with the help of PC too. Follow the below steps to use this app.

1. First of all, check that your iPhone supports Airplay or not. Reflector 2 works only with the devices that support Airplay.

2. Now buy and download the reflector app on your PC.

3. Connect your iPhone to PC with the help of Wifi network.

4. Now open the reflector 2 app and connect your iPhone to the reflector as an Airplay with screen recording (You will easily see this option once after opening the reflector 2 app).

reflector 2

5. Click on the start recording from the device menu in order to start the recording.

Buy the Reflector 2 app

Done! You can use the reflector 2 app to record iPhone screen up to 60fps. This app also allows you to record the multiple devices screens at the same time. The video resolution of reflector 2 is not good as compared to QuickTime.

3. dr.fone:

The 3rd software I want to share with you people is dr.fone and it is created by Wondershare. It is available on both desktop and app versions. Follow the below steps to record iPhone screen with the help of screen recorder.

1. Download and install dr.fon the iOS screen recorder app on your PC and select the screen recorder option.

2. Now connect your iPhone and PC through the same WiFi network.

3. If you have iOS 7 or above then swipe up your iPhone screen, click on the Airplay, select the and click on the mirroring.

4. Now click on the circle button that will appear in the middle of the screen and it will start recording your iPhone screen.

Download app

4. Record Directly From Your iPhone or iPad:

If your iPhone is jailbreak then you can record the screen directly from your iPhone without any cable, PC or Mac. You can do this by using the display recorder app on Cydia. This app is not free and will cost you about $5. Follow the below simple steps to record screen directly from your iPhone.

1. Buy and launch the Cydia on your iPhone that is jailbreak.

2. Search for the Cydia app from your iPhone menu.

Record Directly From Your iPhone

3. Install the display recorder app from here.

4. Now go to the settings of your iPhone and click on the display recorder to change the configuration. From here you can change your video quality, frame size and anything else.

Record Directly From Your iPhone 4

5. Exit the setting and go back to the main menu of your iPhone. Open the display recorder app and click on the camera icon from the top of the screen.

Record Directly From Your iPhone 5

6. It will start recording your screen. That’s it!. Open the app and click on the stop recording button at the bottom of the screen to stop it.

Get Cydia for your iPhone

These are the few method that you can use to record iPhone screen. Choose the one which seems best to you. If you iPhone is not jailbroken and you’re looking for a simple and best method then the QuickTime should be good enough for you. For more features and professional screen recording, the reflector 2 is best but it is a bit expensive.

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