How to Make WiFi Hotspot On Your PC

Nowadays, WIFI networks are available almost everywhere such as in homes, markets, shops and hospitals. However, few people still have yet some devices which are not yet been facilitated with wireless networks. Dow know that that Windows allow you to turn your PC into a Wireless hotspot? Yes, you can make your WiFi hotspot on your PC share a wireless connection with other devices. Today, I’m gonna tell you that how you can do this.

How to Make WiFi Hotspot On Your PC:

A verity of software available on the web that you can use to make WiFi hotspot on your PCs and smartphones. It is recommended to buy the devices with built-in wireless hotspots because third party tools do not work correctly every time. Connectify is one of the major best examples for it. It is outstanding at the start but after some time it will stop working perfectly and will ask you to pay. But if you don’t have a hotspot on your device or have some problems then you can use third-party tools for it. Be aware of bad people, Here is the guide to save your Wifi network from bad people.

If you need such a program which can make Wifi Hotspot on your personal computer using your wireless network or cable network, then you can use Wifi hotspot by Baidu company. Now, if anyone asks you for your WiFi password, then you can give him/her a temporary password by creating a Wireless network on your PC. This software gave you a temporary password. You can change this password anytime. You can also see the active number of users that are using your internet. It also allows you to find their details of them. You can also add any user to the blacklist anytime you want.

Download Wifi Hotspot Baidu Software free.

WiFi hotspot by Baidu works perfectly as a virtual WiFi network that allows other devices to connect to it. It automatically detects the WiFi adapter and makes Wifi hotspot on your PC once after launching it. What you need to do is set a password for it, if you want to make it limited to few devices. If you do not create a password, then anybody will be free to use it. You’ll see a control panel after launching the software. You can see the active users, set the password and block the users from that panel. Wifi hotspot by Baidu also works as a file transfer app. You can share files between the devices that are connected to your network. If you are an Android user then you can try the Wifi Hotspot for Android.

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