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How to Learn and Speak English Easily

English is the most needed and widely spoken language. You must need to know that how to speak English if you want to travel anywhere in the world. Most of the people can write English but feel nervous when it comes to speaking English. If you’re one of them, then you don’t need to go any institute because your home is the only peaceful place where you can do anything you want.  Learning to speak English is not easy at all, but there are a bunch of things that you can learn to speak English quickly. This tips will can’t help you in learning A to Z English, but you’ll be able to solve fundamental problems while travelling to other countries. Today, I’m going to tell you that how you can learn and speak English to avoid the underlying communication problems.

Why You Need to Speak English:

People from countries like Pakistan and India must need to speak English. Because their countries operate 80% in English. Or if you are on a trip to any Western country and can’t speak English then you have to hire a professional translator. But if you learn some basic things about English then you’ll not only able to communicate with people there, but it will also save your money.

Imagine, What you can do if you can understand and speak English. You can work online, communicate and chat with people from all over the world, make videos in English to target western people and make money. Simple, you need to learn spoken English to do something if you are in English nations. In this article, I’ll share some English sentences that are enough to communicate with someone, also the most common sentences and the sentences you need to avoid.

50 Most Important Sentences Enough to Speak:

English is not easy to talk, and we all know that. Below are the 50 English sentences that you can use to communicate the necessary things with people in our daily life.

The sentences that we use in your daily routine.

  1.  Set the table.
  2. Fold the clothes.
  3. Clean the bathroom.
  4. Hang up the clothes.
  5. Water the plants.
  6. Clean the table.
  7. Out the trash.
  8. Brush my teeth.

The sentences that we can use about food.

  1. I am starving.
  2. I am stuffed.
  3. Let’s grab a bite to eat.

The situations in which we can use “Neither”.

  1. Neither he is married nor he is single.
  2.  He is not a kid nor a man.
  3. Neither I like you nor I want.

Where we can use the word “use to”.

  1. Please reconcile him.
  2. We are not in good terms.
  3. There it used to be trees.
  4. We used to sit here.
  5. They used to fight with one another.
  6. We used to talk with each other.
  7. We are used to sleep late night.
  8. I am used to this phone
  9. They are used to sleep in public place.

What we can speak English in a hotel.

  1. Do you have any room available?
  2. Is breakfast included?
  3. Is this room air conditioned?

Where you can use the word “Get”.

  1. I have to get my car washed.
  2. We have to get a haircut.
  3. I am getting sweat.

The use of a word “Make”.

  1. Make my dress iron.
  2. Perform the ablution.
  3. Help me to get rid of this problem.
  4. Make my bed.
  5. Respect your elder.
  6. Do the dishes.
  7. Be serious.
  8. Take tea.
  9. Take rest.

What we can say in our home.

  1. The chair is lying upside down.
  2. Take off the shoes before you come in.
  3. His shoes are torn.
  4. Where do you belong to?
  5. How do you know about it?
  6. Who told you about me?
  7. Why you entered in this area?
  8. What you made you reminded?
  9. What made you late?
  10. Make sure you are not late.
  11. Do you remember me?

These are the 50 sentences that you have to use in your daily life. Now watch the below video to know about the meanings on them and learn where to use them.

Top 100 Most Spoken Sentences:

Above was the list of best sentences that you can use in your daily life. Now I am going to list the hundred most common English sentences that we hear many times. Let’s get started!

  1. Absolutely not.
  2. Are you coming with me?
  3. Are you sure?
  4. Believe me.
  5. As soon as possible.
  6. Do you mean it?
  7. Congratulations.
  8. Come with me
  9. Call me tomorrow.
  10. Buy it!
  11. Have a nice day.
  12. Do you understand?
  13. Have a good trip.
  14. Do you want it?
  15. Go right ahead.
  16. Do you want something?
  17. Don’t do it.
  18. Give me a hand.
  19. Don’t exaggerate.
  20. Don’t tell me that.
  21. Have another one.
  22. He is on his way.
  23. How are you doing?
  24. I can do it.
  25. How long you are staying.
  26. I can’t believe it.
  27. You are wasting my time.
  28. How much?
  29. I can’t wait.
  30. I don’t have time.

These are the 30 most common spoken sentences in English. Watch to below video to see all the 100 sentences. Do learn these 100 sentences because they will help you a lot to speak English.

20 Confusing English Sentences You Should Avoid:

New to English? There are a lot of confusing sentences in English. Most of those confusing sentences have completely different meanings than what you are thinking. Below are the 20 confusing English sentences that you should avoid if you are new to English.

  1. She is so beautiful that I fell for her.
  2. It was 6 in no time.
  3. No words are enough to compliment you.
  4. I wish well for him.
  5. This is a used glass.
  6. Why you don’t listen to me.
  7. I miss him.
  8. Let me comb your hair.
  9. He seems to be a nice person.
  10. I am not one of those who lies.
  11. I am one of those who sleeps a lot.
  12. Who is that girl sitting beside you?
  13. Will you stand by me during the tough time?
  14. You know it, right?
  15. What is for lunch today.
  16. My head is spinning.
  17. If you hadn’t asked her to come, she would have never come.
  18. Nothing is greater than self-respect.
  19. Lisa is taller than me.
  20. I don’t consider it necessary to tell you.

Let me share a secret tip with you here. Don’t focus too much on grammar if you want to speak English. More on that, Start believing in yourself. Don’t be afraid of speaking English. I see many of people who got the ability to speak English but they are afraid and think that people will make fun of them. Keep your ears open and focus when watching an English movie, show or something else. Try to speak English and make mistakes because you’ll learn from it.

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