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How To Install Mac OS X Updates on Multiple Macs

Mac is an operating system same as Windows but for Apple devices. Every Mac user should know that how huge Mac OS X updates are when merge with the installation files running into the gigabytes.

The technology is very fast now. The best example is that now you can dual-boot the Windows and OS X together on one Mac. If we can merge Windows and Mac together then why we can’t install on Mac OS X updates on multiple devices.

Install Mac OS X Updates on Multiple Macs:

One of my friends owns multiple Mac devices(One computer and one laptop). He is a traveler and doesn’t have enough time to install Mac OS X updates every single time on both devices. He asked me about the solution and here I’m with the best solution.

Upgrading Mac OS X on multiple devices separately don’t only take too much time but consume your bandwidth and electricity too.

Mac OS X Updates

Mac now allows its user to make little customizations like creating floating desktop web pages using specific browsers and installing Mac OS X updates on the multiple devices at once.

Whats Special in it?

You may be thinking that’s what magical in installing Mac OS X on multiple devices at once.  Lemme share some facts about Mac updating.

  • Let take an example, If you download 7 GB Mac OS X installer from the Apple store. Your Mac is not updated with latest versions and now you have to restart the system. However, in normal, the installer will disappear after restarting.
  • Mac users to delete installer after upgrading your system to give you some free space. Now to update another computer or Mac laptop, you have to download the OS X installer again.

How To Install Mac OS X Updates on Multiple Macs:

So the main thing to don’t let the Mac delete installer after updating one system. Here is the solution.

  1. Once the OS X installer is downloaded successfully, turn on the routine and don’t restart your system.
  2. Go to the Applications folder on your Mac device > installer file.
  3. Simple copy the Installer file from here and paste it somewhere else on your system. Now the file will not be lost even after restarting the computer.
  4. For 10.10.8 and 10.10.9 OS X updates, Apple had released .dmg standalone installer that allows you to install Mac OS X updates on multiple devices with the just one-time install.
  5. These updates are known as combo updates. You can easily download its .dmg files from the Apple’s official website.

Is it not easy?

How to Install the Mac Applications from Apple Store:

The case is same when you try to install the Mac applications from Apple store. You had to download them separately in every of your Mac devices but now not. Just like the above-shared method, you can install the Mac applications from Apple store just once, and then install it on multiple devices.

  1. Once after downloading the application, just go to the Applications in your Mac computer and you will see .app files there.
  2. All you have to do is don’t restart your Mac after downloading. Copy those .app files from the Applications page and paste it anywhere else.
  3. Now you can copy that .app files and paste it on any of your Mac devices to install the application without downloading again.
  4. Keep in mind that you must have Installer(.pkg extension) in your every Mac in order to install applications.

You can also grab the Installer files from your Mac and paste it on another Mac to save data and time. I hope this article will help you learn something new about the Mac devices.
If you are planning to upgrade to the latest version of Mac OS X. Just open the installation screen and press Cmd+L from your keyboard. This will automatically pop up the installation log and you will see everything behind the installation.

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