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How to Increase the Website Traffic in Some Simple Steps

The big challenge for every blogger and online business is getting traffic. I see hundreds of bloggers, marketers and online business persons asking the only question on social media “How to increase the website traffic”. Because traffic is the main and only thing that you will require to become a successful person on the web. Search engine optimization is the main key to increasing your website traffic. But SEO is not a one day game, it takes a lot of time to learn and give you benefits. So in this post, I am going to share some basic tips that you will you to Increase the website traffic without knowing too much about SEO(search engine optimization).

How to Increase the Website Traffic:

Search engines are a big source for the internet users to get information and get websites which can help you in what you are searching. It is impossible for a person to remember all the website addresses on all the topics of his taste. In such a situation, a search engine is the only option by which the user can access the different type of information, very easily. So the search engine plays a vital role in generating the traffic to your website or blog. Google, Yahoo, Bing are the most popular search engines. You must have to make your blog or website search engine friendly so that you can get more and more traffic on your website. Keep in below tips in mind and they will help you in getting some more traffic to your website

1) The importance of Meta Tags In Search Engines:

As I said above that it is very difficult for internet users to remember long web addresses. That’s why they take the help of search engines by searching their required topic. When the user types his required information in the search bar of any search engine and presses Enter, the search engine looks for the titles and Meta tags of websites that are in its database. They are actually the snippet of your text that describes the entire content. So keep in mind that meta tags can be one of the things that can help you in increasing your website traffic.

2) Name Your Website Pages According to The Contents:

Naming a website page in the right way can also be a great factor to increase your website traffic. You need to name the each page of your website/blog according to its content. For example, if your website is about Smartphones and you have created five pages, never name these pages like page1, page2 etc. Page names create a great hindrance for search engines in identifying the information available on your web pages. You can name your web pages like mobile tips, mobile wallpapers, mobile downloads and so on. Using the page names which are not related to your content can reduce your traffic.

3) Less Use of Frames:

Simple and clean content is very important for getting more traffic and making the site search engine friendly. Avoid using too many frames to make your website search engine friendly because search engines can’t read the contents of frames. Hence the pages containing frames are neglected by the search engine that might reduce traffic to your website. is a perfect example for that. It is a names finder site with a clean and simple design which is helping them in getting more traffic.

4) Less Use of Java, Flash in Webpage Development:

Where the Meta tags and web page names are crucial to making your website search engine friendly, the usage of Java, Flash and another modern language may beautify your web page. But it is difficult for search engines to read these pages which can ultimately reduce the traffic on your site. So don’t Avoid using of unwanted things and it will help you to increase the website traffic.

These are the few tips that you need to apply while building your website/blog and starting it. Now I am going to share some more tips with you that will also help you in getting more traffic. You need to apply those methods once after starting the website/blog.

1) Update Your Content on Regular Basis:

The more content on your website/blog, more traffic you will get. Updating the contents on regular basis is the most important and search engines also highly recommend you update your content on daily basis. What does it mean by updating the content? it simply means, Edit and add more useful information, videos, images and update your post time by time once after publishing it. You will see that search engines bots are coming back to your post and crawl the updated version of your post.  In this way ranking of that particular post will be much better. It is recommended to edit and update your posts little bit once a month to get better ranking and it will increase the website traffic and can help you in analyzing and tracking the progress or your article before updating it and after updating it. You can use WP Last Modified Date plugin in WordPress to tell the search engines about your post updates.

2) Create Presentations And E-books:

Creating e-books and presentation on the topics that you discussed on your blog or website will be more helpful in getting better ranking. Create a simple e-book containing at least 15 – 20 pages and upload it to all the platforms that offer free e-books such

Never forget to include URL of your blog or website in the e-book so you will get a backlink from that e-book and presentation. You can Google for free e-books services.

Besides creating e-books, another easiest step is to create PowerPoint presentations on a topic you know, no matter the presentation is long or short, always includes your website/blog links in the presentation. Backlinks are one of the most important factors that can help you in high ranking and increase the traffic of your website.

3) Don’t Forget To Use Fetch As Google:

If you want the Google crawler to know about your website/blog very soon and index it quickly, then you can do it with the help of Google webmaster tools. In Webmaster Tools, there is an option named as “Fetch As Google” that allows you to put the URL of your website or a single post and it will index it immediately.

  1. Go to your Webmaster account.
  2. Select the website your want to see.
  3. At left side find Crawl.
  4. Under this category find “Fetch As Google”.
  5. it will already have the main URL of your blog/site, if you want to crawl your main site then leave the box empty and click on “Fetch“. Google will inform you that your site has been accessed or not within few seconds

This procedure is helpful for new websites or new articles/posts, because normally Google crawlers take some time to index your site or post, so you can instantly do it yourself.

4) Submit your Website to Top Search Engines:

Here comes the main thing from which you can increase the website traffic and index it in the search engines. Thousands of search engines are present here to serve you but three of them are the most popular which are being used all around the world. Submitting your website or blog to these engines might be a great step. To submit your website follow these URLs:

Google Webmaster



Once you have submitted your website to these search engines, wait for two to three weeks and the search engines will index. Don’t try it again and again, Just do it once and then wait. By trying too much They will blacklist your site and everything will be finished. Submitting site to the search engines will help you to increase the website traffic. You can check here as an example. They have submitted their website on Google and now their hundreds of keywords are ranked and Google is sending the huge traffic to their site. Do submit your sites to these search engine if you want more and more traffic.

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