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How To Dual-boot Ubuntu And Windows 10

In my previous article, I told you about the dual-booting of Windows and OS X on Mac but it was only for Mac users. For those who missed our last article, Dual-booting means installing and running two different operating systems on the same device. Some Windows users want to run Ubuntu on their PC at the same time. They need to dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows 10 for this.

Dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows 10:

Windows 10 comes with many exciting features that Ubuntu don’t have. Similarly, Ubuntu also has strengths that Windows 10 don’t have. So you can dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows 10 to get everything at once. In this step by step guide, I will show you that how to dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows 10 in a right way.

What you’ll need:

Nothing special & paid, to install the Windows 10 and Ubuntu together, You will need the Ubuntu Linux and Etcher. Etcher will help you in creating the bootable USB drive.

There are hundreds of Ubuntu versions available on the internet today. But the LTS version of Ubuntu is best for you because it gives you the official support of its developers for 5 years. Even if you are new to the Ubuntu operating system then it should be your first choice because it up to date and you don’t need to update it after every six months. Follow the below steps to dual-boot the Ubuntu and Windows 10 quickly.

1. The first thing you need to do is create a bootable Ubuntu live disk with the help of Etcher that you can download from here. Select the Ubuntu IOS file from the Ubuntu Linux that you’ve downloaded recently. Now attach the USB flash drive(on which you want to create the boot) with PC. Open the Etcher > select that USB and click the flash button as shown in the below picture.

Dual-boot Ubuntu 1

2. The boot has been installed on USB flash drive now. To load it, attach the USB flash drive again with PC/laptop and go to the PC BIOS. Change the boot order from here to load the Ubuntu live disk.

3. Two options “Try Ubuntu” and “Install Ubuntu” will now appear on your screen. If you’re new to the world on Ubuntu then select the try option to see that how Ubuntu actually works on PC.

4. Now select the “Install Ubuntu” to start the installation. Check all the alert boxes on the screen and click on the Continue button.

5. Ubuntu will now ask you to select the installation type. If you have Windows 10 installed on your PC, then choose the “Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10”. If you have Window 7, then there will be an option “Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7”, If Window 8, then the option for Window 8. Click the continue button now.

Dual-boot Ubuntu 2

6. A new Window will appears now. Select the partition where you want to install the Ubuntu alongside with Windows 10. Keep in mind that the partitions should me set up correctly. Choose the install now button.

Dual-boot Ubuntu 3

7. Fill all the required information like your timezone and click the continue button to continue the installation process.

Dual-boot Ubuntu 4

8. The installation process will start now. It can take up to 30 minutes in completing.

9. After finishing the installation process, restart your PC by clicking on the restart button. Now you will see the GNU Grub bootloader instead of Windows logo.

Dual-boot Ubuntu 5

10. From here you can select the operating system you want to load. To load Ubuntu, choose the Ubuntu and wait for 5 seconds. To load Windows, select the Windows and wait for 5 seconds. That’s it!

This is a simple ten step guide that you can use to dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows 10. Don’t be afraid of anything. This process will not damage any single thing from your PC and data. Dual-boot the Ubuntu and Windows 10 right now, if you want to enjoy the features of both at the same time.

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