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How to Dual-boot the Windows and OS X on a Mac

The title may look complicated, so let me explain me in simple Words. Dual-booting means installing more than one operating system on one device. Yes, you heard it right, now you can easily install Windows on your Mac using the Dual-Boot camp.

It could be a bad moment if you are using a Mac device, but you need Windows for few minutes or hours to do something. For example, you are using one operating system, and now you need another operating system. Dual-Boot helps you in this case. Today, I am going to teach you that how you can Dual-boot the Windows and OS X on a Mac easily and quickly. Let’s get started without wasting a single minute.

Dual-boot the Windows and OS X on a Mac:

Now you can use the two different operating systems on a same device/PC/Mac. Is it not interesting?. Dual booting is the new technology that allows you to install two different operating systems on the same device and enables you to choose which one to boot.  You can also call it Multi-boot or dual-boot. Below are the few requirements that you will need to dual-boot the Windows and OS X on a Mac.


  1. A 30 to 40 GB empty partition on your device.
  2. You will need to 4 GB or larger USB flash drive too in this process.
  3. A Window 10 iOS disk image that you can download from here.
  4. You will also need a valid Window 10 licence. So if you don’t have a licence then don’t try this method.

Completed all the above requirements? Now click here to check out either that your Mac device supports Dual-boot or not. Normally, All the Mac devices from 2012 and above supports Dual-boot the Windows and OS X. Now follow the below steps to Dual-boot the Windows and OS X on your Mac device.

1. First of all, Download the Windows 10 ISO image from Microsofts website and choose the 64-bit Window.

2. Go to the utilities folder of your Mac and click on the “Boot Camp Assistant”. You can also open it directly by pressing the CMB + spacebar from your keyboard and then search for Boot Camp Assistant. An introduction screen will appear by opening it.

dual root

3. Click continue, and a new Window will appear. Options will be selected automatically so click continue again.

dual boot 1

4. Now choose the Windows ISO image that you have downloaded. Attach USB flash drive with your Mac and select it(The USB drive you selected should be empty).

dual boot 2

5. Click on the Continue button two times, and It will start formatting that USB drive & create a Window installation media automatically.

6. Click on the Divide equally button now. It will share same space between both Windows and OS X. Now click on the install button.

dual boot 3

7. It will take few minutes for installation. Restart your Mac now, and the system will automatically boot into Windows once after finishing.

That’s it! You have successfully Dual-boot the Windows and OS X on a Mac. Now you can quickly set up the default operating system for every single time when booting your Mac. Go to the Settings> Startup Disk preference setting of your Mac to set up the default operating system.

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