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How To Backup Android Apps and Data Without Rooting

Backup Android apps and data
Written by Pedro

It is very easy to backup Android Apps and data once after rooting a device. But not everyone wants to root their Android devices and potentially run into issues with voided warranties. We all know that the competition between Apple and Android is very tight and Apple allow their users to back up the data very easily. Andriod has nothing like that. But do you know that Now you can backup Android data manually without rooting the device? This method is not officially by Android companies, but it’s 100% safe and you don’t need to root your device for it.

Backup Android Apps and Data Without Rooting A Device:

In this article I will guide through the process, how to backup Android Apps and data to your computer smoothly without losing anything. If you got a rooted phone, then there are so many Apps which facilitate you to backup your Android apps and data on your computer. But if your device is not rooted then this article is right for you. Today we will tell you how to save all of your mobile data such as images, files, apps videos and songs on your computer.

You will need only Windows PC and USB cable to backup your Android data to computer/PC. It’s a simple process and will take only a few minutes to create a full backup. You can use this method for any Android device without any worry. Follow the below steps.

Make a Backup of Android Apps setting on Google Cloud:

The first thing you need to do is backup Android Apps settings through Google Cloud. All of your Apps data, Phone settings and passwords will be saved to your Google account through this process.

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts & sync from the main menu of your Android device. 
  2. Tap on your Google account, and check “Auto-sync data”. Tap on Google then on the Gmail ID you are using.
  3. Go to the Settings > Backup & Reset and check “Back up my data” and “Automatic restore” options. Now all of your data will be saved on Google server.

Backup Android Media Files on Computer:

By using this method, you can backup all the Android media files on the computer. Connect your Android device to the PC through a USB cable. Now double-click on the Phone folder and select the all the File you want to move to your computer. Copy the selected folders(You want to backup) to your computer and restore them easily on your phone when and where required.

Making a Backup of Android SMS, Contacts:

You can take the backup of all your installed application by installing a free app, named as “Super Backup”. This free app allows you to create a backup of your contacts, SMS, Call Logs, installed apps, Bookmarks and Calendar events to your SD card, Gmail, Google Drive or to your computer. You can share this backup with your Gmail account, Google Drive and PC/laptop. If you want to copy it to the PC what you need to do is Connect your Android device to the PC and copy the “SmsContactsBackup” from your phone’s file manager.

You can restore the data to your Android phone by installing “Super Backup App” again on your phone. Move the “SmsContactsBackup” folder from your PC/laptop and Run the “Restore Phone” on that app. Your will data will be restore within few minutes.

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