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Hajj & Umrah Apps for Guide & Step by Step Procedure

Hajj & Umrah is essential for those once in a life who can afford it. If you are planning to perform an Umrah or Hajj soon then this article is right for you. It is a very special experience for everyone to visit the house of Allah. But you must need some guide if you’re visiting and performing Umrah Or Hajj for the first time. We always talk about the technology which helps us everywhere and in every field. Just like the other fields, Developers have developed many Hajj & Umrah apps for guide and step by step procedure. These apps can provide you with a comprehensive guide to everything that you’ll need in performing Hajj or Umrah.

There are local guides that are available in Saudi Arabia to guide you about the Hajj and Umrah procedure. But they can’t help you everywhere 24/7. So you should not rely on those local guide at all. The Hajj & Umrah apps I’m gonna share today can help you manasike hajj, prayers, Umrah and everything. Some of those Hajj & Umrah apps can also help you to know the best hotels, shopping malls and much more. Let’s get started with those Apps for Hajj and Umrah guide.

Hajj & Umrah Apps for Android:

Umrah apps for Android

We all know that Android is now the world largest operating system for smartphones. More people in Muslim countries use Android as compared to other operating systems. That’s why I decided to share the best Hajj & Umrah apps for Android first. Let’s talk about them!

1) Zia-e-Hajj and Umrah:

Zia-e-Hajj and UmrahThis app is developed to help the Pilgrims by providing them with a proper guide and knowledge of Hajj and Umrah. Zia-e-Hajj and Umrah app is specially designed for those who are going to perform it for the first time. From putting Ahram to the final stage of Umrah/Hajj, it got a detailed guide for you. You’ll not need any local guide once after installing this Hajj & Umrah guide app on your Android phone. It will teach you that how to perform Hajj/Umrah in the right way without making any mistakes. Also, Zia-Hajj and Umrah app have the list of Historical Places that you should visit in Makkah and Madina.

Download it from Playstore.

2) Hajj and Umrah:

hajj and umarhHajj and Umrah in a guide app developed by the IT department of dawat-e-Islami for Pilgrims. It comes with a bunch of useful features and guides such as how to wear Ahram, how to and proper for to leaving for Marafat and Mina. Hajj and Umrah also have an exclusive list of places that you can visit, hotels and restaurants that are near to you. More one that, This app tells you about the prayer timing and all the things that you gonna need in Makkah and Madina. The video guide of this app can make your Hajj and Umrah easy to perform.

Download it from Playstore. 

3) Pocket Umrah:

pocket umrahAs it looks clear from the name, this is one of the best apps for Umrah guide. This app will equip you with the knowledge how to perform Umrah without any mistake. If you are not aware of namaz timing in Saudi Arabia then you can also download pocket Umrah app because it comes with a list of namaz timing. Pocket Umrah include the exclusive guide of preparation for Umrah too.

Download it from Playstore.

4) Hajj and Umrah Guide Urdu:

Hajj & Umrah Urdu guideThe best app in the list of Hajj & Umrah Apps for guide. And yes, it is only for we Pakistani people because It gonna teach you everything in the Urdu language. This amazing app comes with a step by step instructions to perform Hajj and Umrah. It includes the list of what to do and what to avoid during the Hajj. Not over here, this app has a complete list of Duas, the importance of Hajj in Quran and much more.

Download it from Playstore.

5) Umrah Guide in Urdu/Hindi:

Umrah guide in Urdu hindiIt is a book which is available in the form of Android app for those who want to perform Umrah. Umrah guide in Urdu/Hindi is a 93 pages book which has step by step guide for performing Umrah. This app has more guide than any of Hajj & Umrah apps available on the internet like how to enter in Masjid-e-haram, how to complete the Umrah and much more.

Download it from Playstore.

6) Umrah & Hajj Guide:

Umrah and hajj guideOne of the best Hajj & Umrah apps I ever was seen. Umrah & Hajj guide app helps the Pilgrims from all over the world to perform this holy act in a right way. It has the complete information related to Hajj and Umrah such as step by step guide for Hajj, requisites of Umrah, description of Umrah & Hajj, Ahram instruction, supplications and much more. One of its best features is hajj map and destination map that can help you in finding right places during the Hajj.

Download it from Playstore.

7) Salam: Hajj & Umrah Guide:

salamIf you going to perform Umrah now or planning to perform Hajj, then should download this app right now. Just like the above apps, it also has all the essential guides that you will need in performing Hajj and Umrah. This app is on number 1 and most downloaded app in Hajj & Umrah apps. Its features include Namaz timing, Qibla directions, a list of Islamic events, a complete guide for performing Hajj and Umrah, Map for Umrah and much more.

Download it from Playstore.

Hajj & Umrah Apps for iPhone:

Umrah apps for iPhone

Apple also got millions of users from all over the world. If you are one of them and going to perform Hajj or Umrah soon these below is the list of some best Hajj & Umrah apps for iPhone:

1) Medina Explorer Pro Hajj and Umrah:

Medina Explorer pro Hajj and UmrahThe best app that every iOS user should download when going to perform Hajj & Umrah. It can help in every matter when you are in Media. The GPS feature of Media explorer pro Hajj and Umrah app allows you to find the best places to visit in Medina. You can also watch the live Medina channel on this app. For Pilgrims, it has a complete guide to performing Hajj and Umrah.

Download this app.

2) الحج و العمرة:

الحج و العمرةThis app is created for those Pilgrims who can read and understand the Arabic language because this app is in Arabic. Just like the above apps, it also has a complete guide that you may need in Hajj or Umrah. This app includes a book with benefits of Hajj and Umrah, Prayer timing, best places for Dua and much more.

Download this app.

3) Al Hajj & Al Omrah:

Al Hajj & Al OmrahAl Hajj & Al Omrah apps come with a complete instruction for those who want to perform Hajj or Umrah. It is the most recommended app for those who are going to Saudi Arabia for the first time. This app is completely based on Quran and Sunnah. It has a map that shows Makkah, Medina and your current location but it does need an internet connection.

Download this app.

4) Hajj:

HajjSpecially design for those who want to perform Hajj. It almost includes everything about Hajj from A to Z. The best feature of Hajj app is that it has an audio guide feature. It has everything from Hajj preparation to Hajj seminar notes. Do download this app if you are planning to perform Hajj in the near future.

Download this app. 

5) دليل الحج و العمرة:

© دليل الحج و العمرةThe list app in our list of best Hajj & Umrah apps for Android and iOS is دليل الحج و العمرة. It is in Arabic language having everything that you will need during Hajj and Umrah. It main features includes how to put Ahram, the day of departure, Hajj rituals and much more.

Download this app.

These are the best Hajj & Umrah apps for everyone that everyone should download on their smartphones before getting into the plane. Now you don’t need to depend on any local guide because of the future in there. You can download any of above apps as per your interest.

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