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Free Download iTools for iPhone for iOS 9.3.5, 10.2

We already know that iTunes is must to make the Apple devices operational. iTune is a software which comes with Apple devices and it helps you in managing your device. But what is iTools for iPhone?. In simple words, iTools is the best alternative to iTunes. So you don’t have to rely on iTunes anymore because the solution is here. iTunes looks much frustrating sometimes and makes the user confuse. If you are one of those users can iTools for iPhone/iTools for Windows could be the best option for you to use.

iTools for iPhone:

iTools for iPhone or iTools for Windows is a complete solution that you can use to manage your iPhone, iPad, iPod and any Apple device. The best feature of this software is that it allows you to manage your iPhone from Windows PC. As per my experience, the interface of iTools is hundred times better than the Apple’s own iTune. You can access the entire filesystem of your iPhone with the help of this PC without depending on iTunes at all.

iTools for iPhone comes with some more features and improvements than the iTunes. The simple and user-friendly interface of this software is also making it more easy to use. Some of the primary features iTools got is managing apps, importing media, sync and backup data. More on that, iTools for iPhone allows you to edit, manage and delete your contacts, calendars, messages and call history. Now you can record the screen of your iPhone without jailbreak.


iTools has support for those devices, iPhone 7 /7 plus, iPhone 6/6s/6 plus, iPhone 5/5c/5 plus, iPad mini 2/3/4,  iPad Air 1/2/4 and all the iPad pro models. While you must have Mac OS x10.8 and above or Window 7/8/8.1 or 10 to use the iTools for Windows.


  1. It has all the basic and advanced features of iTunes.
  2. You don’t need to create any account or link your iTunes account to use this software.
  3. The user-interface is very friendly and the software is very easy to install.
  4. Allow you to backup, restore and manage your iPhone/iPad just like iTune do.
  5. Got some interesting features that are not included in iTunes.


  1. It takes some more time in loading as compared to the iTunes.
  2. iTools for iPhone do everything on its own. It doesn’t have any access to iTunes.

iTunes for iPhone is completely free and it also has a feature to delete unwanted data and clear cache from your device to speed it up.

Download Sources:


iTools Main Features:

iTools can play a remarkable role in controlling and managing your iOS device. It has many versions and you can download any of your favourite versions from the above links. Initially, iTools for Windows was not able to support the devices up to iOS feature but now the latest version of iTools allow you to manage any iOS device through it. Below are the few most talked features of iTools for iPhone.

  1. It has a media file management option for you which is easier than ever to use.
  2. iTools also allow you to install and uninstall apps & games from Apple app store.
  3. You can create a backup of your complete data using the iTools software.
  4.  Allows you to share data between iSO and any other operating system fastly.
  5. Clean/delete the data from your device and restoring feature is also there.
  6. It also has the feature of battery optimisation.
  7. Manage/edit contacts, messages, calendars and much more.
  8. You can also manage your jailbroken device with the help of iTools. Is it not amazing? can you do it through the iTunes?.
  9. It also allows you to upgrade and downgrades your iOS firmware.
  10. You can use your iOS device as a portable disk with the help of iTools for iPhone.
  11. The last awesome and unique feature includes ringtones, wallpapers and themes making for your iOS device.

How to install iTools:

Downloading and installing iTools on your PC is something more than easier. Just follow the below steps if you want to install iTunes for iPhone on your PC.

  1. First of all, download the iTools on your PC from any of above links I shared.
  2. Now open the setup and install the app(It will take less than 5 minutes).
  3. Connect your iOS device to PC with the help of cable wire and open the iTools.
  4. Now iTools will connect to your device automatically and start using the alternative of iTunes. That’s it!

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