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The Easiest Way to Transfer Data from Android to iOS

Android and iOS are two different operating systems for smartphone and the top competitors of each other. Both companies are doing their best to beat the opponent. However, the users of both operating systems face too many problems because of this competition. They both don’t have any similar app or features for sharing data. So It was very difficult to transfer data from Android to iOS in the past. But now you can transfer data from Android to iOS with the help of some third party apps.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iOS:

If you bought a new iPhone and switching from Android to iPhone or want to transfer data from Android to iOS for any reason, then this article is right for you. It is not more than easier to transfer data like videos, music, images, contacts any anything from Android to iOS. Today, I am going to share few apps and methods with you through which you can transfer data from Android to iOS. Let’s start!

1) Using Move To:

Move To is the first app that makes this easier than ever. You can use it to transfer data from Android device running on OS v4.0 or above to iOS device running iOS 9 or above. Move To can transfer your images, videos, calendars, contacts and text messages from Android to iOS. Apple introduced this app with the launch of iOS 9. It can also install the free apps on or iOS that are also available on Apple store like Twitter and Facebook. Move To connects your Android device with the iOS device with the help of WiFi connection and transfer the data. Follow the below steps and fly.

1. The first thing you have to do is go to the play store and download Move to iOS app from here.

2. Now open the app and click on the “Continue button” and then “Next”. It will ask you for the 10 digits code.

Move to iOS app

3. Now pick your iPhone, Go to the app & data screen and select “Move data from Android” from here. Your iPhone will now create a private WiFi network automatically and start searching the nearby Android device that has Move To iOS app. A 10 digits security code will appear on your iPhone screen.


4. Enter the code on your Android device and select the data you want to transfer like messages, contacts and camera roll(videos and images). It will start transferring data to that iPhone.

Move to iOS app 1

5. You can check the data on your iPhone once after completing the transfer. That’s it!

Download it from Play store

You can also transfer those common apps that are available on both Android and iOS stores for free like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Chrome and more. It is a very straightforward and easy process, but if you are facing troubles, then you can use a free personal step up service by Apple. It is available with Apple retailer near to you.

 2) Send Anywhere:

The second method and app I would love to share with you is using the Send Anywhere app. But it is a bit lengthy and takes some time in processing. It is available free of cost for both Android and iOS. It allows you to transfer images, videos, contacts, music and much more from Android to iOS. Follow the below steps in order to start using Send Anywhere app.

1. First of all, download and install the Send anywhere app of your both Android and iOS devices.

2. Now open the Send anywhere app on your both devices. Tap on the send button from your Android and select the files that you want to transfer.

send anywhere

3. The app on sender device will generate a PIN code. You will see it on your screen.

send anywhere 1

4. Now click on the Receive button on your iPhone and enter that PIN code. It will start sending the files wirelessly. That’s it!

Download Send Anywhere app

3) Phone Transfer:

The third best and easiest way to transfer data from Android to iOS is using phone transfer app. It allows you to transfer files between any smartphones such as blackberry, iPhone and Android. You can transfer videos, images, music, calendars, messages and contact list from Android to iPhone with the help of Wondershare MobileGo file transfer app. Follow the below steps!

1. Buy, download and install MobileGo on your PC.

2. Now run the app, click on the super toolkit from the top menu. A new window will appear, click on the phone to phone transfer from here.

mobilego 1

3. Connect your Android and iOS device to the PC with the help of cable wires. MobileGo software will detect them automatically and a new window will appear.

mobilego 2

4. Now you can easily transfer from one device to another device easily.

Buy MobileGo

You have to sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account to transfer data from Android to iOS or opposite through MobileGo. Calendars can’t be transferred sometimes.

4) Syncios:

It is not a free application but one of the most recommended apps to transfer data from Android to iOS. It has support for all the Android devices working on OS v4.0 or above and iOS devices working on v10 or above. Follow the below steps if you want to use this one.

1. Download, install and open Syncios on your PC or Mac.

2. Click on the start button under the phone to phone transfer from here.


3. Now connect your Android device and iPhone(should be at least 6 or above) with the help of data cables.

4. Now a new window will appear just like the MobileGo phone transfer app.

syncios 1

5. Select the data you want to transfer and move/copy it directly from your Android device to iPhone. Enjoy!

Download it.

5) Using Gmail:

This one may look like something unbelievable but you can transfer few things from your Android device to iOS device using Gmail. Keep in mind that your iOS version should be 7 or above. You can transfer contacts and calendars with the help of Gmail.

1. Go to the settings of your Android, search & click Accounts & sync and enter your Gmail account here.

2. Select Sync contacts and Sync calendars from here and click on Sync now button. All the contacts and calendars from your Android devices will be transferred to your Gmail account.

3.  Now pick your iOS device(v7 or above) and Tap Setting〉Mail, Contacts, Calendars〉Add Account〉Google.

4. Login to your Gmail account from here and sync all the contacts and calendars to your iOS device.

These are the 5 best methods to transfer data from Android to iOS. You can try any of free or paid methods from here. Zapya is yet another great app to transfer files between two devices.

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