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DocFetcher, The Best File Finder for Windows

There is a built-in feature of Windows through which you can find files on your Window by typing their names. But if your PC/laptop has thousands of files then this built-in feature don’t help in finding the exact file you are looking for. This can happen if your PC is not organized perfectly. You can use a DocFecther, the best file finder for Windows in that situation.

DocFetcher, The Best File Finder for Windows:

It can be so difficult to find the files on your PC if they are not organized in a right way and you don’t know their location. It is also normal for today’s generation to forget the past things. DocFetcher is the best file finder for Windows that can help you in finding your important files quickly.

It helps you searching and peek the documents for the exact word you are looking for. With the help of this software, you can easily and instantly find any search including text inside the found-able document. This best file finder is not only available for Windows but also for Linux.  If you are a Window user then you’ll get two options for DocFetcher, one is installer version and second is a portable version.

How to use the DocFetcher:

  1. In this best file finder for Windows, first, you will need to create the index of those files that will be searchable.
  2. You select the types of files that you want to include in this index and click on the “Create Index” on the right side of the software.
  3. Now select a folder and the software will create the index of all documents in that folder.
  4. Note that it can make too much time on indexing depending on the numbers and size of files.

Indexing the files will help the software in identifying the files that are searchable to give you the accurate result. You can easily search anything once after creating the index.

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“DocFetcher” can find files from KB size to GB easily and quickly. File browser is the best app for Android that you can install on your device to search the files quickly.

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