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Create Telenor Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card (Master Card) in 5 Easy Steps

As a Pakistani, It was always hard to buy the services online with local debit cards. Though most of the citizens in Pakistan are not capable to get a credit card as they don’t have the bank account. I’m a webmaster and I always need to buy software online and boost my Facebook pages. It was very costly until Telenor launched their Easypaisa virtual credit card.

Pakistan is the land of freelancers and most of those freelancers have a dream to get a debit card that can be legitimate everywhere.

Telenor introduced a new and easiest way to get Easypaisa virtual debit card within minutes. Technically, it’s debit card but functionally we can also call the credit card as it can be used online.

The main difference between debit card and credit card is that credit card can be used online but debit card may not be. However, you can download the credit card management app to lear more about credit cards.

Why Telenor Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card?

There are countless benefits of using Easypaisa virtual debit card. It is the best alternative to all of the VCC and master cards like Payoneer to make online transactions. The user doesn’t need to be a bank account holder to get the Easypaisa virtual debit card. The only thing you need is a smartphone(Android as their app is not available for iOS yet). Below are the few features of this debit card.

  1. Easypaisa virtual debit/credit card can be created within one minute.
  2. Telenor allows you to set up your own expiry date and daily spending limit for the card.
  3. The card is completely free and you can make two active cards at a time.
  4. Delete, pause, freeze your card with few clicks.
  5. They only charge 2% for online payments and there is no annual fee or setup fee.
  6. You can also boost your Facebook pages with Easypaisa card.

This virtual credit or so called debit card can be used for both online and offline transactions. It doesn’t need any physical swipe and they charge the amount from your Easypaisa account.

How Does it Work?

It’s pretty easy, the card consists of a 16 digits number, Expiry date(you can set it manually) and a CVV. Go to any online website to make purchases, select credit/debit card as the payment option and put your Easypaisa virtual credit card there. There must be enough fund available in your Easypaisa account to buy something through its card. You can deposit money into your Easypaisa account easily by visiting the nearest Telenor outlet.

Creating Telenor Easypaisa Virtual Debit Card:

Telenor allows you to create the Easypaisa virtual debit card on your own. Follow the below steps to get your master card right now.

1. First of all, go to the play store of your Android device and download>install Easypaisa app from there. Now launch the app and sign up for the Easypaisa account with the mobile number you have in that Android phone. Simply login if you already have an account.

Easypaisa card 1

2. Accept all the terms & conditions, the main screen will appear now. Here you can see your account balance, payment history, pay utility bills and transfer money. Click on the “Virtual card” button from the right bottom menu.

Easypaisa card 2

3. Now accept the terms & conditions again. Then click on the Create Virtual Card button and select the time duration for your card, choose daily limit and click create a card. Your card is ready now, click on the card picture to see the back side.

Easypaisa card 3

For your more information, this card is not only powered by Telenor but also MasterCard. There is a pause and delete button on the top right side of debit card picture, so you can disable it anytime within 5 seconds. To load your card, just visit the nearest outlet, pay him in cash, give him your mobile number and he will add funds to your Easypaisa virtual card. Below is the video tutorial for creating Easypaisa virtual debit card.

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